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  1. Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 soundtrack

    Yeah I saw it on youtube; I more meant the actual digital album. I appreciate the help though!
  2. Does anyone have the Magic 2013 special edition soundtrack? I bought the basic game back when it came out, but now I'm really craving that soundtrack, and it doesn't seem to exist on the internet.
  3. Guess the Screencaps - November, Part 2

    I only got Fight Club. :'( TBH, I like this format. It's more fun when the shots are obscure or abstract, because otherwise it's just "Have you seen this movie?".
  4. I don't think Star Trek was horrible, but one could easily argue that they traded the intellectual depth and quiet poise of Star Trek for a shiny wizz bang action sextravaganza.
  5. I think he just meant "they were morons", as in he is way smarter than Plato, Aristotle, and Socrates.
  6. If you're unaware, All You Need Is Kill is a novel. It's quite an unusual story and should make for an interesting movie.
  7. Rank Pixar movies!

    Finding Nemo Toy Story Ratatouille Up Wall-E The Incredibles Bug's Life Toy Story 3 Monsters Inc Cars Not seen: Brave, Toy Story 2, Cars 2
  8. I certainly believe in the power of movies in this regard, but I can't think of any that have obviously changed me. But no doubt, all the movies I love have altered my perspective (or built upon it) in some way. I believe this is why we love certain movies in the first place. Because they show us a perspective and/or a truth that we had never considered or imagined. For some reason I find it a lot easier to point to books that have directly affected my worldview.
  9. ITT: Your Favorite Game for Every Genre

    Stealth - n/a Racing - Jet Moto 2 Real Time Strategy - Dawn of War II Survival Horror - Dead Space Adventure - PoP: Sands of TIme Sports - Dirt Platformer - Mario 3 Action/Adventure - PoP: Sands of Time Fighting - Dead or Alive Flight (Simulation or Arcade) - n/a Rhythm - Amplitude Shooter - Dark Forces SHMUP - n/a RPG - Mass Effect Action RPG - Diablo MMO RPG - Age of Conan
  10. Dredd RT score plateaus at 78%

    This movie was awesome. I'm amazed by how tasteful and beautiful it was. Feels like a classic sci-fi movie.
  11. Amazon Kindle Fire is sold out. Forever.

    I looked up the book I'm currently reading and it's not even on Kindle! I thought just about everything was on there by now...
  12. Amazon Kindle Fire is sold out. Forever.

    I'm pretty good about resisting shiny new tech, but the Kindle Paperwhite is tempting me something fierce.
  13. Dark Knight Rises is the only one I really connected with, though I liked them all. In the first two, for me, the philosophical core and purpose seemed contrived to suit the narrative, and beyond some great performances and cool Batman stuff I found nothing to really take away from them. Bane, on the other hand, I was actually able to identify with and believe. I remember empathizing with Bane to a degree where I was revisiting my own worldview and ideals outside of the film, which is really the best thing I can say about a movie. Bane represents some uncomfortable truths about power of the individual that I found somewhat provocative.
  14. Help find a pop song

    Justin Beiber - As Long As You Love Me
  15. Help find a pop song

    LMAO. I found it. The chorus has suddenly lost a lot of its appeal to me. I liked it better when I thought it was a sexy girl...