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  1. Kids

    If people are this open about ogling over 18+ kids I wonder how many get excited over younger kiddos but don't say so hmm
  2. You named your dog tire
  3. Oh look another fundraiser

    Thank you AGAIN and I LOVE YOU Thank you for THE FIRST TIME and I also LOVE YOU
  4. Oh look another fundraiser

    WE ARE BACK IN ACTION http://gofundme.com/treatment-for-andrea however @Emblazon @Derek @Mr.Vic20 your donations still aren't back. They were refunded to you and they won't reinstate. You'll have to donate again if you wish but no hard feelings if you dont! I'm almost over this nonsense myself lol.
  5. Oh look another fundraiser

    I'm talking with them and they are working with me. They're gonna put it back up soon I guess. Pretty sure they just walked me right through a legal loophole lol but I appreciate it.
  6. Oh look another fundraiser

    Looks like gofundme is gonna stop being transphobic against me... we'll just wait and see their final move
  7. Oh look another fundraiser

    Can you make em into oil capsules and mail em? I know! i might set up on youcaring instead since maybe they're less homophobic against me.
  8. Oh look another fundraiser

    Friggin racists
  9. Oh look another fundraiser

    Unless that's "illegal" too
  10. Oh look another fundraiser

    And I'm gonna use their website to campaign for lawyer's fees
  11. Oh look another fundraiser

    I'm gonna sue gofundme so hard
  12. Oh look another fundraiser

    Omg they say they reply to their emails in five minutes or less THAT'S A LIE
  13. Oh look another fundraiser

    Gofundme refunded all your money @Emblazon @Derek @Mr.Vic20 they are so mean. They said I violated their terms of service. I'm emailing them to give them shit. If they even try and say it's because it's a cannibas product I'm gonna give them such shit over discrimination. I read their terms beforehand because I was worried about this, and since I'm a legal patient I'm not breaking the terms. I'm gonna try and get this sorted. Thanks guys for the really nice donations so far.
  14. Okay buddy imma hit you up. Let the sexting begin!