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  1. Eggs are the best food

    Delicious, easy to make, good protein, good cholesterol. They taste great on their own but you can dress them up too. Eggs are the best.
  2. NPH performs "Smooth Criminal"

    Wtf? Homophobic much? Geeze.
  3. 12 step programs are stupid

  4. My fwb

    It can go on for years. 10-15 years even. The TV show catfish has covered this more than once. It's often closeted gays or in one case, a troll. But yeah there are many other types of catfish scenarios. This could also still be a woman (probably not since they won't at least voice chat). But yeah.
  5. My fwb

    And the fact this dude has been living this lie regularly for FIVE YEARS!
  6. TFW you read a kittykat thread.

    No he said a VIDEO. We even hired a professional ( @TomCat ) to do the score. It's gonna be incredible.
  7. TFW you read a kittykat thread.

    I don't watch videos sorry
  8. My fwb

    Or a malamute
  9. My fwb

    Nubiles.net = unreliable People on the internet who refuse to verify their identity for 5 years straight = reliable Got it!
  10. FFS why are people this dumb?

    Lol I was expecting the OP to be a link to the thread
  11. My fwb

    Idk man. I've got him on multiple networks.