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  1. Enough Jack to bang a white chick?
  2. http://www.smbc-comics.com/comic/citations-needed @legend
  3. I'm not so sure that what Nolan did with Batman would work for characters like Aquaman or Wonder Woman.
  4. At least on looks she could easily pass for Jewish. I'd bet her voice is a giveaway, though.
  5. Her name is all Italian doe. Marisa Cazanave
  6. Actually he's gone even crazier.
  7. He's still posting crazy shit on IGN, there's a thread on Community General about it.
  8. DVD:
  9. Just because DVD is Jewish doesn't mean he's made of bling, racist.
  10. DVD is basically saying it's our fault for not playing the Rorschach test game that you're apparently supposed to play when listening to Trump. He's all things to all people if you just believe it in your heart.
  11. First off, cute attempt at pretending to be an American. Second, so basically what you're saying is that it's on us for not being able to understand the literally incomprehensible stream of consciousness that comes out of his mouth? Okay. Whatever you say, snowflake.
  12. It certainly looks bad when I have a note in your handwriting planning out the murder.