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  1. You'd get fired if you tried to edit it because Trump knows words, he has the best words, unlike the staffers.
  2. https://www.cnn.com/2018/05/24/politics/donald-trump-letter-kim-jong-un/index.html
  3. Tom Cotton plants his lips directly on Trump's asshole. We all know this was YOU CAN'T CANCEL ON ME I'M CANCELING ON YOU!!!
  4. So he called it off because they said out loud what he thinks privately about Pence?
  5. YOU CAN'T CANCEL ON ME, I'M CANCELING ON YOU! Trump cancels summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un https://wapo.st/2KRaP3i
  6. Tell the Irish you can distill aborted fetuses.
  7. Sometimes I think you miss the point on purpose.
  8. Analysis of the decision (just a sample, I'm trying to avoid just pasting the whole article in here):
  9. In a wide-ranging conversation about the new season, cast members got emotional as they discussed accusations of sexual misconduct against Jeffrey Tambor.
  10. Tesla CEO in tweetstorm lashes out against media coverage, calling it biased
  11. Initial dramatic weight loss followed by a harder slog is fairly common. The heavier you are, the easier it is to see very fast results by just cutting back, due to how high of a sustained caloric intake it takes to support being 230 lbs vs being 300 lbs.