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  1. Yes, but not for being called names like "slut" that are practically in the job description of being a porn star.
  2. Didn't he run unopposed?
  3. He pretty plainly said he wasn't going to concede if he lost to Hillary.
  4. Trump’s national security advisers warned him not to congratulate Putin. He did it anyway. http://wapo.st/2pwF9az
  5. Holy shit, Putin really does have Trump cucked.
  6. Man, it's a damn shame Senators can't introduce legislation and can only beg the POTUS to get what they want.
  7. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/checkpoint/wp/2018/03/20/veterans-health-care-reform-hits-roadblock-jeopardizing-one-of-trumps-legislative-priorities/
  8. Ben Carson Defends Buying $31,000 Dining Set to Congress: ‘I Left It to My Wife’ So either he illegally put his wife directly in charge of this, or he lied to Congress about what happened by claiming he illegally put his wife directly in charge of this.