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  1. Did you ever run into the invincibility thing?
  2. The pitch would need to change. It sounds more like something I'd be subjecting myself to. As it stands, I have no desire to get screwed over in a game if I lose an online popularity contest.
  3. Most egregious: It's a Battle Royale-like game where observers decide when and which player should get temporarily invincibility or healing buffs. ^ where that idea belongs.
  4. I'm just super skeptical of that design, that's all. It's trusting a person who isn't technically playing to promote a good, balanced match. Not to mention is free to chat with any player individually as the match overseer. It's not just the trolling concern, but the favoritism, which the devs have admitted to as their design philosophy: "Our vision for the role of the Show Director continues to be entertainment-first, with the contestants’ ability to negotiate and win over the Show Director an important factor in the outcome of the match." - source The better design choice, it seems, is to make it AI that uses algorithms to control match variety and fairness. Wouldn't this be an improvement?
  5. So you're there to troll and screw with the game balance, but don't actually, because you'll lose permission. What's the point? Sounds like they could have made the host an AI and everyone would have more fun.
  6. Ah, the game shown in early alpha at the Microsoft conference last year. Seems like a horrible idea to me. Can't the host just pick on players they hate or want to piss off? ... I watched a stream of this where the host tried to screw over any player who didn't appreciate his PewDiePie impressions.
  7. Another stage snapshot: Raymer combo video. Some of this footage is old and outdated visually (including some stages), but it shows how neat his ricochet shot is: Against a good player, it's pretty brutal to recover when you're off the stage. He has some shortcomings at mid and close range, so it all seems to work out balance-wise.
  8. D1P's Best Indie Games by Year - 2010

    Thinking I might need to do a run off at the end of all this. Still have a 3 way tie between Minecraft, Limbo and Super Meat Boy.
  9. I will say, now that BOTW is a thing, there's going to be a gap for old-style 3D Zelda.
  10. I wouldn't defend the artstyle. But Mighty No.9 was packaged on a retail disk as a finished game and still looks worse to me, IMO. Especially considering the performance issues. Lords of the Fallen looks... alright, I guess. That game just wasn't quite where I wanted big box next-gen games to be visually at that point. Early in the generation though. They did much better with the Surge.
  11. Maybe the problem is that gamers suck. On a realistic note, plenty of games that have aped gameplay frameworks from others have found success.
  12. That, and competition is good and leads to further innovation. I only have a problem with it when there's too many copycats doing nothing better. Like most Kart Racing games in the 90's. Also, its super ironic this thread gets posted while I was preparing this one.
  13. NDA lifts today, I can finally talk more about this! Using it as an excuse to reboot an older thread. What is Icons? A free platform fighter on PC (first). It's like Smash, but tuned more for online 1vs1's. Who's developing? Wavedash Games, made up in part by Project M modders and ex-Riot Games developers. It's F2P. Could that be a bad thing? Their plans sound pretty good so far. Everything will be unlockable in-game. You'll be able buy a pack to unlock all characters immediately, including all future ones. Smash on Switch is coming. Why should I care about Icons? 1. It's free, and likely to hit Early Access on Steam before Smash Switch comes out. 2. The netcode is legit. It's proprietary tech: rollback-based (like GGPO) but specifically tuned for platform fighters. Smash traditionally opts to induce slowdown with lag. 3. There's a level of polish and fun to the fundamentals you typically don't see in platform fighters outside of Smash. (Partially because a Project M design lead was hired.) 4. Unlike SSB, they want player rankings, skill-based matchmaking, in-game tournaments, and won't limit a competitive mode to single-platform stages. 5. Many of the characters feel like a well-considered evolution of Smash's archetypes. Others feel entirely new and fresh. I'm not the biggest fan of the character art, but the in-game models work well enough. (HD mode for better framerate) In terms of visuals, they don't have Nintendo's resources and its still in Beta, but Icons is looking much better than it did when it was revealed at EVO. I'm still not a fan of some of the character art, but with the camera positioned further back than most fighters, it's fine. What's missing: Items, which they don't have plans for. Otherwise, the basic mechanics from Smash are accounted for. There's no wacky design decisions or strange corners cut compared to other platform fighters. (ie: No supers-only KO system like Playstation Allstars. You can block. You can grab. You can hold onto ledges.) New mechanics: Aside from the roster differences, everyone can now reflect projectiles with a 'gust shield' maneuver (block+special) which depletes shield stamina. It also pushes characters back with a wind box, usable in some situations to edge guard. Character impressions: Ashani - Plays like a mash up between Captain Falcon, Little Mac and Sheik. Her forward-B is a two-punch rapid fire combo, which also helps with ledge recovery (think Marth's). Raymer - Gun character whose bullets richochet like a billiards table, and can shoot out of rolls. The closest comparison in SSB might be Pit, but that's a bit of a stretch. Xana - Like if Gannondorf became more like Zangief. She's got a counter that leads into a grab. She has some nasty follow ups if she gets in. Zhurong - Very Marth-like, but has some key differences. She's got a teleport attack similar to Ike in Brawl, plus a stun projectile she shoots from her sword. It's nuts. Kidd - He'll be easy to jump in with if you like Fox. Certain moves (like forward-air and down-air) are much better than Fox's in Smash. Afi & Galu - Definitely the most unique. You scan swap between two totem characters that each have different attack properties. Some attacks change based on the positioning of the other. Future characters: #7 - Some kind of glaive wielding weapon user. #8 - A of floaty character, along the lines of Jigglypuff or Kirby. #9 - Boxing character, like Balrog. #10 - Mix up character, like an assassin or ninja. As fast as Melee? It's hard to tell. But it's a much easier game to move quickly in. Wavedashing is easier to perform. There's no L-cancelling, and the landing lag after air attacks is quicker than in Smash 4. Controllers: Any steam-supported controller should work, and gamecube controllers are also usable. There's keyboard controls too, but I wouldn't recommend it. Closed Beta: They're giving out invites more liberally now that the NDA was lifted. Sign-ups are here. Anything else? Gareth Coker, the composer for Ori and the Blind Forest, is doing the music.