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  1. Practically speaking I don't care about the margin that Origins (or any other game that similarly) misses the 4k mark. I'm not going to easily be able to tell the difference between near 4k and native 4k. But calling Tomcat out for getting the facts wrong is always a good time.
  2. Native 4k is 2160p. Assassin's Creed Origins runs, dynamically, at 1656p - 2016p. Most consistently, between 1700p and 1800p. It never hits a native 4k. ... I leave you guys to argue about BF2 crow, since I didn't hedge any bets. But it's poetic that you swung and missed in the previous post.
  3. Microsoft Store Digital Sale

    Wolfenstein and Evil Within 2 both look like flops. That's pretty... sad.
  4. Metroid Prime is 15 years old

    https://twitter.com/NintendoAmerica/status/931583056712003585 https://twitter.com/NintendoAmerica/status/931583056712003585 Still one of the very best games Nintendo has made.
  5. I'm definitely not of the mindset that $60 games today aren't long enough without season passes. It doesn't feel like games are any shorter today than they were. And reviews do tear into a game if it does feel incomplete at that price, especially if they end on a cliffhanger. Multiplayer-focused games are mostly where the exceptions are. But for as many games handle it poorly, there's more that do it well. Not to mention the burgeoning genre of mid-high grade F2P games, which provide another option. So things today are pretty good, or were, before lootboxes started gating out so much on-disc content with RNG. I just follow a few ground rules: 1) Wait for reviews of expansion pack DLC before considering season passes. 2) Avoid micro-transactions. 3) If you suspect the publisher will be greedy, or there's fuckery already at launch with digital deluxe editions, don't buy the game at launch. Wait for whatever GoTY/remastered/complete pack they'll sell a year or two later.
  6. Woah, I didn't see this before I posted: https://venturebeat.com/2017/11/16/star-wars-battlefront-ii-microtransactions-go-offline-until-ea-can-make-changes/
  7. I bet it was Disney who put on the most pressure here. EA's brand will always be known as shit, but to have Star Wars brought down with it probably didn't make their execs happy.
  8. Free DLC is a better approach for a partially complete game with a planned roll out of content. Like it should have for Battlefront 1. And those games should still be $60, at most. If Battlefront 2 feels complete enough as is, it'd be better to sell expansion packs/season passes. And probably roll out some of it as free DLC anyways, due to the nature of the game.
  9. Polygon Ranks the Core Mario Games

    No, they just got really good at making linear 3D Mario games. I do think there's things 64 does better than them all. Especially when you compare it to Odyssey and realize it didn't need challenge rooms. ... Ok, except for the igloo.
  10. Rate my haul for the day

    OCD / 10
  11. Polygon Ranks the Core Mario Games

    Oh, and this is Jeremy Parish's list, who isn't a Polygon editor. His biases skew retro, so it's not necessarily a surprise. I can dig his reasons more than his choices.
  12. Polygon Ranks the Core Mario Games

    Stick a 2 next to Galaxy and put Mario 3 on top and we've got a winning list.
  13. The underlying issues with their systems aren't fixed by reducing hero prices. Again, they're not the only thing credits are used for. As bad as that was, I wouldn't consider it predatory in the way these gambling systems are. No person is going to be dropping hundreds of dollars on 3ds chargers. The people buying $100 lootbox packs right after booting up the game - I'm sorry, crystal packs - are netting 25,000+ credits in an instant. The more cards you already have, the more those boxes will net credits. You probably are better off grinding. But that doesn't change that people are paying for advantages in multiplayer you had/have to grind to. Everyone isn't bitching about gun craft price. (and if it were a problem, RNG is a stupid solution to) They're complaining, quite rightly, about EA's response on reddit. And to the game's P2W advantages in general. Plus EA's penchant to say "we fixed it" when it's still just a bullshit economy they'll continue to tinker with. It shouldn't matter if the bonuses are minor, because they stack as those cards are higher level. If they didn't matter, there would be no incentive to get higher level cards. Which matters just as much to those purchasing lootboxes. Unless they're as skilled as you, but have higher level cards that make it easier to kill you / harder for them to die. Which they might have paid for. The frustration of losing to people you perceive to have better cards will entice some to buy more loot crates so they can keep up. This is how P2W economies typically work. There's just enough of a carrot dangled to take advantage of the vulnerable.