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  1. Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Discussion

    Yeah, I'm hooked too. They made the game so much better with the expansion. Unfortunately the game is still fundamentally broken in certain areas and you can see that they tried to make the best of it. Pretty much everyone right now only has stats in their primary + vit because of Loot 2.0. Usually in the 4-7k range. The other stats are 77. This is a sign of a broken mechanic. The other thing is how weapon DPS + critical hit is the only thing that matters. As such, any weapon with out a socket + emerald is worthless. That said, the game is still really fun. Got my HC Wizard decked out with +50% CHC and +34% damage to Disintegrate. Melting faces. This update is crazy. I can attest that the drop rate of legendaries in rifts is definitely higher now. I've gotten 2 of them in a single rift several times since the update.
  2. 1080p scales perfectly to 4k. So it is future proof in a way.
  3. The story is pretty awful. Looking back, these games are fairly overrated.
  4. Nintendo Holodeck confirmed.
  5. newbie to dark souls

    Hah, I must have made it difficult on myself because I went to Demon's Ruins first before going all the way through Londo or the Catacombs. Those Minor Taurus Demons are a bitch.
  6. This just makes me want to play FFVI.
  7. newbie to dark souls

    So a while back when I first came across the female undead merchant I attacked on sight thinking she was an enemy. She's been telling me and my family off ever since.
  8. newbie to dark souls

    Ceaseless slaps you with a floppy tentacle.
  9. The Zero Theorem trailer.

    Looks like Brazil on shrooms.
  10. newbie to dark souls

    When Maneater Mildred invaded I was able to dispatch of her easily. I thought she was a player at first. lol I want to use so many weapons I have but I ain't got the stats. Choosing between vit/end or str/dex is difficult. I'm sporting a Battle Axe +9. Decent damage but it's kinda boring.
  11. newbie to dark souls

    Hmmm, yeah. I was planning on trying something like that. Had to take a break after he killed me a second time. Also, screw people who invade right as you're getting ready for a boss. (I suck at PvP)
  12. Gameplay looks awfully similar to Skyrim. Minus the dragons and magic. If the melee combat is deep enough and there is a good progression system then...it may have a chance. I'd be cautiously optimistic.
  13. newbie to dark souls

    I don't think that works for Ceaseless. When I ran back for my body I tried going around the left bend and he was right there next to me and still used his fire tentacle.