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  1. Stop hero worshiping the military.

    I don't call anyone a hero unless they actually were, calling a cop or veteran a hero simply because they are serving is fucking retarded. A hero is someone who saved someone's life, like my brother who diedĀ in Iraq who saved several people from death by sacrificing himself for them, now that is a fucking hero.
  2. Post your pic!

    I'll be down Ocean City tomorrow, then brigantine for the weekend. Beach front property.
  3. Has the post frequency gone down here a bunch?

    I check in every few days, no desire to come back here daily.
  4. Nvidia relegates the 7xx series to a 'legacy' product

    They really like to stop supporting hardware that isn't even that old, kinda makes me wonder if they're personally sabotaging older hardware to make people upgrade. Would make sense why both my GTX 285 and GTX 570 have suddenly gone down the shitter and no longer work without random reboots and shit, CPU video works flawlessly.
  5. First Impressions of LG G5

    Might as well be.
  6. First Impressions of LG G5

    Sorry rep @EmblazonĀ is an asshat, moving on...
  7. PC probs

    Especially Corsair, I remember back in the Athlon XP days I had two bad sticks. The ram was rated for 2-2-2-5 timings at DDR400 speeds but it never could run at those timings, I had to relax them to a number much higher which I forget now but I sent them back for RMA and same fucking thing, pieces of shit. From them on I stopped buying their products until last year when I purchased a new case from them which I fucking hate as well, stupid side never likes to slide on like it's supposed to. I think I may forever be done with their products.
  8. Why is Windows 10 login so slow?

    Pretty much instant for me once I input my password.
  9. First Impressions of LG G5

    Gboard? lol yeah not talking about that, talking about Google Keyboard you know the best keyboard out there.
  10. I'll take a regular phone anyday.
  11. PC probs

    I've had ram pass memtest and still be faulty.