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  1. Mychael Knight dead at 39

    Never heard of him.
  2. Let's reminisce about the year that was... 2004

    Good times right here, I had the 9600 Pro 128MB at this time, with a XP-M 2600+ set around 2.5GHz, what a time to be alive.
  3. He should be sentenced to death, that's fucking treason.
  4. At least Samsung keeps it real and includes a headphone jack.
  5. Heh I get about 18 combined in my Z24, no mechanical issues runs great but shitty ass mpg. I do drive aggressively at times but that's maybe 25% of the time, if I do all highway though maybe 25mpg.
  6. I got a cooler with my 4790k and never used it obviously , anyone who runs a K series without overclocking wasted their money.
  7. Thoughts on Bioshock?

    Just never got around to playing it, next time it's on sale on Steam I'll buy it. Also wanna play the newer one.
  8. Thoughts on Bioshock?

    Loved the first one, haven't played any others.
  9. Some do both, but I think the real die-hards leave them de-lidded.
  10. Who cares about the turbo-boost, I overclock for a reason so I can get better speeds on ALL cores at lower voltage.
  11. Never thought it was worth it, plus I am not gonna destroy a $300+ CPU lol.
  12. I want this game bad but it won't run on my ancient gpu.
  13. Spray the pads on the outside obviously and let it dry a good 10 minutes, then you should be good. It goes on red it's good stuff though been using it for years.