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  1. Hardly visit here anyway so pretty much a normal day for me.
  2. Scenario: You're getting married

    Dad is dead and I don't talk to my mom so nope.
  3. I was always left home alone with my sisters, different times though.
  4. GPU taking a shit

    Don't have another dvi cable unfortunately, guess I'll try HDMI and see what happens. Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
  5. GPU taking a shit

    My board doesn't have DVI which I am currently using so I'll have to find a HDMI cable.
  6. Fast and The Furious 8, 9, and 10 release dates lol

    I love the Fast series, I say bring it on.
  7. Microsoft is buying SwiftKey for $250 million

    It's been free for some time, but there were still ads occasionally and you had to pay to remove them and get more features.
  8. GPU taking a shit

    Haven't physically looked at anything at this point in time.
  9. Microsoft is buying SwiftKey for $250 million

    Couldn't honestly say I am up-to-date on ios, I left it back with my iphone 5 and haven't looked back. But damn did ios have a shitty keyboard, almost as bad as the samsung keyboard.
  10. GPU taking a shit

    So I have a hunch that my GPU is finally on it's way out, over the last few months I have been having weird things happen. Games randomly crash and or the screen goes black but I can still hear what is going on. When I am watching Netflix sometimes i'll lose signal to my monitor, this happens in games sometimes as well. Temps are fine idling at 40C, I have tried different drivers etc but no dice. Mind you this is not a huge issue for me currently as I don't play many games if at all much anymore. I just want to see what everyone has to offer on this situation, I always have onboard video with the onboard hd 4600 graphics built into the CPU.
  11. Official Guild Wars 2 Thread

    I stopped playing when HoT dropped, just not the same game anymore. And plus my GPU is taking a shit so haven't done much of anything.
  12. Microsoft is buying SwiftKey for $250 million

    Google keyboard is faster, swiftkey has a tendency to lag. And double word predictions are just as good on Google keyboard.
  13. Microsoft is buying SwiftKey for $250 million

    Has absolutely nothing to do with brand favoritism, but pure functionality. Google Keyboard is far faster and does the exact same shit without the premium price.
  14. Microsoft is buying SwiftKey for $250 million

    Swiftkey sucks compared to Google Keyboard.
  15. Android is on the rise, so not surprising at all.