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  1. "House Flipper" is one of Steam's top-selling games

    Screw playing a game like this, I do it for a living so nothing about this would be fun to me.
  2. Nvidia GTX 1180 Expected in July: What You Need to Know

    That 1170 is looking nice.
  3. Yeah I'm trying to hold out as long as I can.
  4. I'm seeing a big drop in prices on Facebook for used cards, $350 for a 1070. I'm going to bite one of these days lol.
  5. Bohemian Rhapsody: The Movie (trailer)

    Love Queen and Freddie can't wait to see this.
  6. Margot Kidder Dead At 69

    Saw this earlier, so sad she had a very rough life. Was quite the babe in Superman too.
  7. Luke Cage gets his ass beat. Seaon 2 Trailer!

    Looks great, loved season 1.
  8. Price of Graphics cards?

    I'm waiting on the new cards myself, I also need a new ssd I believe I'm having a lot of disk errors might try changing the cable and port but I think it's done which is sad its only two years old and the smart tests come back fine.
  9. This is very random, I just wanted to share...

    When I get a moment to watch this I will but I loved Vanilla Sky while most hated it. I thought it was a brilliant movie.
  10. Our long GPU nightmare may be coming to an end

    We can only hope.
  11. RIP Verne Troyer

    Loved this guy such a shame.
  12. More GTX-1180 Rumours

    Lack of funds to play with but working on it.
  13. More GTX-1180 Rumours

    Poor baby, try rocking a gtx 570...