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  1. Detroit: Become Human review thread

    If I could get a refund for my time I’d consider playing this game.
  2. How Many Souls and Souls-Like Games Do You Own...

    All of the D* Souls games, Bloodborne, Salt & Sanctuary, and Lords of the Fallen. I plan on picking up the Surge during the summer steam sale.
  3. Samsung Adds Freesync to 2018 TVs

    Now AMD needs to make a GPU worth buying
  4. Was Harvey on the Lolita Express too?
  5. It’s hard to have a social network with zero women
  6. Musk is in great company a little something for the fanboys
  7. How would he rate this article: https://www.revealnews.org/article/tesla-says-its-factory-is-safer-but-it-left-injuries-off-the-books/
  8. Philip Roth dies at 85

    Trump is the new Lindbergh