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  1. Yankees president Randy Levine trashed Dellin Betances...after the Yankees won their salary arbitration case. Hopefully the Yankees will be dicks to their other young stars. http://deadspin.com/yankees-president-randy-levine-devalues-and-dismisses-d-1792515203
  2. Considering American politics occupies only a small slice of the political spectrum, it's really weird for someone to never agree with the other side on anything.
  3. I was worried he wouldn't make a drone dunk
  4. I kind of hoping Buttigieg comes out of nowhere and steals it.
  5. dvd when you try to prove him wrong
  6. What a disaster. It's a shame Kansas' Kochonomics doesn't get more attention.
  7. Maybe put them in camps until they're deported
  8. Where is the US going to store all of these bad hombres once they're rounded up?
  9. Tremendous bargain
  10. Social media will kill you