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  1. Bye, D1P

  2. Bye, D1P

    It's been fun.
  3. Happened in my state, about 20 minutes from where I live.
  4. People seem to not take black bloc or far left Marxist Leninist seriously, despite the violence they've already committed on a multitude of occasions. I can't tell you how often I see thousands of people agreeing with, spreading or even cheering calls for the deaths of white people, cops, centrists and right wingers, etc. But no, it's only the Nazis we have to be concerned about.
  5. Both sides (Antifa/Nazis) are racist assholes who practice/espouse extremist political and social ideologies. Both sides are responsible for a multitude of injuries, property damage and the death of a person. You all need to get your goddamned heads out of your collective asses. Both extremes are the problem, but you're only concerned about scoring virtue points and professing that your side has the moral high ground due to the bad actions perpetrated by your opponents. Hillary had nothing to do with this, it was all Trump. Radical leftists had nothing to do with this, it was the alt right Islam had nothing to do with this, it was geopolitical in nature Black Lives Matter isn't a bad organizations, despite the fact that the celebrate cop killers like Ashata Shakur Intersectional Femnism isn't bad, despite the fact that they celebrate women who's actions, beliefs and associations are entirely antithetical towards the goals of feminism. Social Justice isn't bad because I really don't see it in my personal life and I doubt professors in the humanities are indoctrinating their students into becoming radical activists. Evergreen and Berkeley are one offs. Besides, Milo and Ann Coulter are literal cancer and don't deserve platforms to spread their filth. I'm okay with/apathetic towards violence against another if I don't agree with the ideology of the person I disagree with. Never heard of this political or activist figure that you're putting a lot of stock into, I probably don't have to worry about their bad actions. Besides, no matter what, Trump and his supporters are worse. If you constantly challenge people concerned about human rights (SJWs) then you're literally worse than racists. The right is bad The left is good Fuck the center for trying to have nuanced takes on controversial topics involving the right or left.
  6. Am I? I'm willing to discuss in context with the addition of bullshit that's going on with the left to try and drill down to the root of the problem. But it's difficult to do that with one track mind idealogues.
  7. Literally the same thing is occuring with marxism, but let's not discuss that because White Nazis are worse than White Commies.
  8. You didn't see my edit and thank you for confirming that you're not in this for a discussion or being honest, you're just looking to score points.
  9. Context and Intent matter. You seem to have trouble with nuance.
  10. I'm not cool with internet vigilantism (doxing) for anyone, period. Whether it be shitty rad fems, race realists, black supremacists, white supremacists, full blown nazis or antifa. Shits not right unless you're trying to assist law enforcement.
  11. Literally nobody is doing that here.. Pretty sure most of us don't give a fuck of racist assholes get beat down for being racist assholes towards other people. To simply put the blame solely on white supremacists is to miss the forest for the trees. There's a fuck ton of blame to go around.
  12. That's literally their MO these days. Antifa Combat Training Antifa Self Defense Antifa Showing up to protests with crude explosives Antifa singling out and ganging up on individuals. Antifa using hit and run tactics Antifa beating dudes down with bike locks, chains, mace, etc. Ever since the first Berkeley riot, Antifa hasn't been shy about using violence against their opposition. This was exacerbated by other left leaning extremist groups like "By Any Means Necessary" This has been escalating for a long time now and the left threw the first punch. Now the right has become emboldened enough to fire back and it's only going to become a bigger shit show from here on out.