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  1. You underestimate wanting to be perceived as fit, beautiful and successful, even if you're not. This isn't some new fangled notion, even my Puerto Rican grandfather was parroting similar sentiments to my dad back in the 50's and then to me in the 90's: "Even if you only have a dollar to your name, you must dress professionally, carry yourself professionally, stand up straight with your shoulders back and your chest out. Speak properly, be charismatic and avoid hanging around degenerates. Only by doing this will you be perceived as someone greater than you actually are. People will flock to you, people will want to do business with you and they won't have a clue as to how poor you really are." This is something that seems to be common place in any western society that is relatively successful. Insecurity and vanity are powerful enough to draw people to trends that will make them appear more successful or give them better social opportunities (new friends, groups, potential mates, etc). Edit: I should correct myself in that insecurity isn't the only reason, but it's definitely a large part of why people adopt trends.
  2. Nah, people do it for both reasons. Americans are stigmatized as being some of the fattest and laziest people, so walking around in fitness wear and shopping at trendy food outlets that specialize in health foods gives off the appearance that you're at least trying to be healthy, even if you're absolutely disingenuous about it. Insecurity makes people to do funny things. I'm personally fine with it so long as attractive women keep walking around in that popular "skin tight" yoga pants/sports bra/vibrams combo.
  3. Most everything was thin. The bolded has been obvious for years and I'm sure that @kaberle could write his dissertation in rant form regarding this. It's just hard for me to take a marxtard seriously, especially when the article essentially amounts to "ugh, people with money are bad or create societal norms that I deem to be bad." Plus it's a Jacobin article. So about a paragraph into any of their articles it becomes difficult for me to not just go " shut up Bolsheviks!" That said, Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods are filled with people dressed in workout gear with no sweat in sight. So I think that I'd enjoy a rant about bougie whole foods shoppers that wasn't coming from a marxtard.
  4. Jacobin is reaching for new reasons to be mad at yuppies. When it's difficult to inspire enough rage for revolution, you gotta get mad at crossfitters and people who shop at whole foods. It's a waste of text tbh.
  5. This. I've seen even minority accounts banned for anything that is remotely misogynistic or anti islamic. If anything, the policy is protect women, marginalized groups and religious groups that aren't white or christian. But to be honest, the policies companies like Twitter and Facebook use to enact punishment are very haphazard and just bad in general. I've seen people say vile shit and get a pass while people who are rightfully criticizing that person get banned because they called said person a shit head. They simply have no idea how to handle speech, criticism and dissent.
  6. If you're into competitive gaming or enjoy running your games at the highest framerate (smoothest) possible then build a rig for 4K/60 gaming and pair it with a 1440p/144hz Freesync or G-Sync monitor (depending on your gpu choice) If you want the highest quality possible and don't really care for performance above 60fps, then get something like this http://www.frys.com/product/8809082?source=google&gclid=Cj0KEQjwp83KBRC2kev0tZzExLkBEiQAYxYXOt8QoISaHMcHLvwmaVJUsa1JpgIjWlkkmBO1MxfTxbgaAkWz8P8HAQ Or wait for the same, but HDR compatible as well.
  7. A few things. - Canada LOVES to draw in immigrants through express entry. However, if your LMIA fails to get processed in a timely manner, you tend to get the boot. It's not uncommon at all for international students and economic migrants to get the boot because of this and pre-existing students and workers who may have met some or most of the criteria of the old system didn't get any preferential treatment in the new system. - A lot of people got caught in a system change in 2015 that kept them from getting their LMIA applications in a timely manner. Those people had no recourse and having scores as low as 380 could set you back significantly if you're looking to reenter Canada. - Canadian Colleges and Universities depend on International student fees as the government doesn't provide enough transfer payments to these institutions. Basically, Canadian immigration policy is designed to accept more immigrants legally while dovetailing with the economic interests of the country. Let's not pretend that Canadians are just more Kumbaya than Americans, especially considering that their policies are more stringent than the US (which in turn is more stringent than the EU) It also helps that Canada doesn't share a border with Mexico or North Africa. Canada is really getting the best of the best when it comes to immigrants without having any remotely significant issues of illegal immigration. It's absolutely easy to be pro immigration when your average immigrant is more liberal, educated and skillful than what the US or (especially) Europe see. It probably also helps the Centrist parties whenever the far right and populist parties propose what amounts to purity tests, as if Canadian immigration isn't already strict enough. Canada might be a mosaic, but it's a very selective mosaic.
  8. I go to the play area at the Trumbull Mall every once and a while and I'm often the sole "dad" in the group. The area happens to be next to a well used entrance and it's not uncommon for kids to start wandering towards the parking lot. Often times I find myself rescuing kids from parent's who are too absorbed in whatever they're doing (social media, talking to friends, etc) and telling them to stop coming to public play areas if they aren't going to watch their goddamned kids. I mean fucking hell, you're probably going to be there for what, 20 minutes? I'm sure you can put your phone down for at least that long.
  9. I've seen Gay Communist Muslims on social media before (legitimate accounts) and they are far and away, some of the most confused people on this planet.
  10. Probably, I'm almost 6 hours deep and just got into the championship.
  11. He isn't incorrect to point out that Muslims make up the majority of those who are displaced, injured or killed by Jihadist organizations like ISIS. However, I do not think that shouldn't be used to take away from the fact that non-Muslims, atheists, gays and apostates who live in or near Muslim majority countries are actively targeted by such groups. It's really just a very bad day for everyone when an organization like Isis comes knocking on your door.
  12. It's because Islamophobia has almost always been used in the context of X person is racist against brown people from the Middle East.
  13. A lot of Oldrim (Skyrim 2011) mods work for SE as well. So you have potentially thousands of graphics mods to work with.