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  1. 1st: Anything Intel 2nd: Faster OS, Faster Software, Faster Everything Really, it's just games that don't really take advantage of more than 4 threads but that has been changing. A lot of more recent games (including Windows Store games) have been using 6 to 8 threads on my core i7. Ram is fine for gaming. Your performance will increase by leaps and bounds going 1080/1080ti. In terms of raw performance, the 7700K should run laps around your i5 in everything.
  2. Modded Fallout 4 (Extreme Survival) and Monster Hunter Generations. Also have family visiting so quite a bit of Gang Beasts as well.
  3. To be fair, I think a Division movie would be much easier to write, direct and act for. Not to mention the fact that there is a shit ton of quality material that that can be drawn from.
  4. Doesn't surprise me. He teeters on the line between great writer/tweep and full blown socjus retard. Just depends on what the subject matter is.
  5. Anathema was filmed at the inauguration today
  6. Seriously, I'm not a huge fan of the X-Men/Wolverine movies, but everything I've seen and heard about this has me a bit hyped.
  7. Will Hilldawg Crypt Keeper memes be sexist then?
  8. Nah, the Clintons are garbage.
  9. @legend @SFLUFAN
  10. Last year there was talk of Fallout New Orleans. Fudgemuppet (Bethesda YouTuber) made a pretty good video about this rumor. Now we have this: http://www.pcgamer.com/obsidian-teases-something-called-project-louisiana/
  11. Everyone hated skater kids in my high school. It was always the super skinny ones that wore JNCO's too.