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  1. So it seems with Dominion, so long as you hold one single point (I held C the whole match), you're pretty much guaranteed a win so long as your opponent doesn't do the same thing. My strategy in Shipyard that round was to just hold onto C as it's easily defensible and have my team go around capping and preventing caps. It worked beautifully. @skillzdadirecta @Xbob42 @JPSoccer4 Also had some productive PvP Was back and forth for the most part, mainly due to the fact that I had a bot and they kept trying to gank me whenever the opportunity arose. That being said, I fell in love with the Conqueror @Runny
  2. This game is too good. Put in over thirty hours already and I don't see any sign of me stopping anytime soon.
  3. Absolutely untrue. You will bleed out faster than you can regen. They only need to hit you with enough bleed attacks until the last portion of your health bar is completely red. Then they can just wait till you die.
  4. This. A good player can combo the fuck out of Nobushi. Her strength lies in hit and run tactics and not in your face combat.
  5. Valkyrie is getting buffed, so stick with her.
  6. I'll be mining for salt all weekend
  7. @JPSoccer4 @skillzdadirecta @Xbob42 @Mercury33 you don't even need to throw people off of cliffs to get salt. Just winning is good enough sometimes. Also, patch notes: I'm so happy that Valkyrie is getting a huge buff. Great character but she had so many problems.
  8. I really don't care if I'm knocked off, it's a sign of my carelessness or inability to properly defend/expect it. A lot of people get really salty over it though.
  9. I had no intention of throwing people off the ledge (I enjoy playing honorably), but the players in question just begged for it. The second we were loading into the fight "PLAY HONORABLY! DON'T THROW US OFF THE LEDGE!" and I instantly knew they were referring to me as I was the only character capable of decent throws. So I did what any self-respecting Raider would do and just threw them off the ledge. The whole ordeal barely lasted 3 minutes.
  10. The amount of salt people throw your way for dishonorable kills (ledge kills, drop attacks, killing a hero that was fighting someone else, etc) is absolutely astounding lol. So much rage.
  11. He keeps saying he don goofed and that he understands that he went too far for some people's tastes. He literally has a video out explaining his intentions and that he understands that his actions have consequences, intended or otherwise. The reason you initially received pushback is because your statement amounted to "I didn't find this guy or his brand of humor to be funny, so he deserves whatever is coming to him. Fuck that guy" You honestly came off as a petty kid.
  12. You also don't insert your own meaning into a situation where the context of the actions and intentions of the individual performing those actions are clear as day. You are looking for a reason to make a mountain out if a molehill and you're just not getting it.
  13. - you're going to get content updates for free. - season pass is only early access/cosmetic shit, you're not missing anything. -everything in the game shop can be bought with in-game currency, no additional cash needed outside of the initial purchase. - Tutorials have never been great in fighting games.