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  1. Tesla Has Begun Making All Its New Cars Self-Driving

    The video is awesome, though probably filmed under ideal conditions. Watching it find its own parking spot with no one in it was great. 
  2. Perfect song choice for an Old Man Logan trailer, obviously the movie will deviate substantially from the comic but that song works so well for it
  3. Not sure I get the point of this. It is going to be likely under powered by livingroom console standards and it is too big of handheld to fit in your pocket. It is like it is trying to be the best of both worlds but missing the most important points. 
  4. Civ VI preview from Ars UK

    yeah when you go to check out you get the discount 
  5. Civ VI preview from Ars UK

    @Jason   GMG has Civ 6 for 20% off right now. I canceled my amazon order and grabbed it from there.
  6. Looks like the era of the 2500k has ended.

    I finally upgraded from my 2500k this summer 
  7. ~~Rate the last movie you watched~~

    Central Intelligence   A lot better than I was expecting but it does contain the mostly laughably one sided fight scene match up I've ever seen   7/10
  8. Civ VI preview from Ars UK

      I think pretty much all "physical" copies of games now are just steam codes in a box
  9. Civ VI preview from Ars UK

      i got it off amazon early today, the 20% off is only for physical copies so hopefully it gets here on friday
  10. Newegg Now Owned by Chinese Company

    Concerned to see how this goes. I still get almost all my PC hardware from newegg because they do not charge sales tax so that is an automatic 8% off right there
  11. Civ VI preview from Ars UK

    Get yourself pumped up for new Civ by returning to the GOAT videogame theme, done live with what looks to be a 100+ piece chorus/orchestra. Also this was the first piece of music that the composer ever wrote for a videogame, he is doing the main theme to Civ 6 as well        
  12. Probably be one of two movies I actually see in the theater this year