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  1. ~~Rate the last movie you watched~~

    Independence day resurgence   this a bad movie, you should not watch it   3/10       Hell or High Water   This is a good movie, you should watch it   9/10
  2.   there is no method of forcing people to believe the correct news so the best we can do is to have politicians strengthen their cyber-security 
  3.     Since we likely do similar things around the world, probably not.   There is no suggestion they directly hacked voting machines or stuffed ballet boxes, just that they released apparently true emails through a 3rd party.   i'm sure there will be a full report released before the inauguration that will hurt trump and to a degree delegitimize his presidency but he is still going to be the 45th president 
  4. The WI recount is moving along fairly smoothly it seems, Clinton has picked up 61 votes   http://fox6now.com/2016/12/08/wisconsin-elections-commission-recount-82-complete-hillary-clinton-gains-61-votes-on-president-elect-trump/    
  5.   The hosts are programmed to protect the guests from fatal injury. If a guest tried to stab another guest the hosts would intervene even if was going against their character or story, like when the MiB took out his knife at Ford and Teddy grabbed it. If it happens out the middle of nowhere with no hosts around, well it is just a show try not to over think it. 
  6. They were going to make him a mule for the data to be smuggled out of the park but I don't recall if they did that or not. I think he was still in storage so theoretically he is part of the group at the end.
  7. I was just going to wait for the Pro patch that is supposed to come out this month but know I am going to put this off for quite sometime 
  8. All I know is season 2 better have more of this guy     I cannot recall the last time I have seen an actor completely knock it out of the park like he did in the pilot. 
  9. probably the easiest choice they have ever had to make 
  10. While he would have easily beat trump this year the democrats need fresh young blood for 2020. I doubt they will be able to recapture the magic of 2008 but they won't need to, just someone good enough to get a fair number of young voters to turn out along with the democrat faithful. 
  11.   this will be seen as opposing Mattis though not as opposing trump