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  1. bigger news is this was the end of session and Kennedy did not announce his retirement
  2. actually bought this yesterday morning
  3. Life unentertaining Alien movie 4/10 The Great Wall Future MST3k fodder/10
  4. Good, I've been getting a ton of these over the last 6 months
  5. grabbed the serious sam collection for $12
  6. Only bought Dishonored 2 and Cosmic Star Heroine so far
  7. yeah number 1 is certainly the biggest issue. I think 2013 or 2014 might have been the last of the truly great sales where you could pick up 6 month old games for 66% off or year old games for 75% off or maybe even more, or entirely catalogs for insanely low prices, publishers are never going to go back to that so you can't blame steam. I remember getting a Civ V expansion that came out literally two days before the sale for 66% off, we will never return to those halcyon days. Issue two won't ever be fixed either though because of the refund system, they aren't going to going to keep popping out new sales throughout the two weeks only to be inundated with tons of refunds for people that bought the games on the regular sale. I did enjoy checking on the daily deals and voting on the community choice games, there was always a sense of excitement about what was going to pop up.
  8. the sales suck nowadays, most of my wishlist is 20% off at most
  9. Gingrich probably thinks that Trump believed he would.
  10. you are off by a century. First contact was 2063, Enterprise started in 2151, TOS starts in 2265, TNG starts in 2364. So that makes Sarek 100 at the start of TOS which lines up pretty well with what is said/shown on screen.
  11. Sarek was 202 years old in the TNG episode where we was mind melding with Picard, that would have him born in the 2150s roughly around the time of the events of Enterprise so he certainly wasn't ambassador to Earth from just after first contact. Actually double checking the encyclopedia it says he was born in 2165 so that is 100+ years after first contact.
  12. Just realized setting this 10 years before TOS they aren't going to be able to do much of anything with the Romulans. Hopefully a lot of the other lesser seen federations races get bumped up, lets see more Tellarites and Andorians.
  13. we are about 10% into it if he makes it till his full term
  14. Wow that was some impressively bad endings to a lot of matches. Corbin chasing Jinder with the MITB case is sure going to put butts in the seats.
  15. jesus, the curse is real