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  1. The Tick, it was extremely meh. Not really bad in any way just nothing remotely special.
  2. yeah at this point I am of the opinion that something major has happened in NK so that turtling up and being the crazy kid on the block is no longer a sustainable option.
  3. Ash vs Evil Dead Cancelled

    the ratings have been terrible but I will miss it
  4. don't, there are so many infinitely better shows to spend your time on
  5. Just watched the Leftovers for the first time. Wow was that a fantastic series, I saw the reviews going in but it blew me away. The last season is as good as the last half of the final season of breaking bad which I think is the best television ever made.
  6. That is an average of $13.67/hour for 40 hour weeks
  7. Are You Ready for M.A.S.K.?

    I had the semi-truck and the badguy's helicopter/plane
  8. Finished The Next Generation. Onto Deep Space 9

    I have never done a rewatch of DS9, I would like to get around to it but there is so much new media being produced right now that I just don't have the time to go back and watch or play things I have already been through. That being said though DS9 is excellent and actually has the extremely rare Trek trait of character development, DS9 Worf is so much better than TNG Worf it isn't even a contest. The way they handle secondary and even tertiary characters is also miles ahead of any other Trek series.
  9. ~~Rate the last movie you watched~~

    The Last Jedi On rewatch a lot of the humor either falls flat or is misplaced. The Finn plot is wholly unnecessary. Luke got done dirty in this film and you will never change my mind on this. The highs are so high though. The last 1/3 of this movie is perfectly put together and the ramming scene is without question the most visually spectacular moment in any Star Wars movie. 8/10
  10. ~~Rate the last movie you watched~~

    Andre the giant - hbo documentary I wished they focused more on his life outside of wrestling but it kind of seems like he didn't have one. 7/10 Jumanji - the new one entertaining for what it was 7/10
  11. Going to hopefully finish the main quest in Ni No Kuni 2
  12. Give me more Doom, I have a 144hz monitor now I am ready
  13. time to pull up the 9 million tweets where he raged against it
  14. “During that time, the NRA received a total of approximately $2512.85 from people associated with Russian addresses (which may include U.S. citizens living in Russia), or known Russian nationals living in the United States.” “Of this total, about $525 was from two individuals who made contributions to the NRA,” Frazer continued. “The rest consisted of routine payments from about 23 individuals for membership dues and additional magazine subscriptions.” doesn't exactly seem like massive oligarch money