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  1. ~~Rate the last movie you watched~~

    Black Mass   Good performances but I don't think the plot flowed as well as it should and the back and forth relationship between the two main characters could have been fleshed out better   6/10
  2. XCOM 2: Review and Discussion Thread

    The "stop wasting my time" mod is a must have, it removes all those stupid 3 second pauses after every action. Overwatch ambushes take half the time to play out with it.
  3. with those requirements this game better look amazing compared to the xbox version 
  4. Leave a rose for GameTrailers.

      the E3 of dreams, never to be topped 
  5. XCOM 2: Review and Discussion Thread

    there is a mod for 100% to hit on melee attacks
  6. Daniel Bryan announces retirement

    well fuck everything 
  7. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 11 |OT|

    room full of garbage never being mentioned was the best part 
  8. Guess we will be riding out Broadwell-Es till 2025
  9. Why didn't you tell me about Rick and Morty

    I'm all caught up now... the waiting begins. Overall season 2 is better but I really became RICK and morty   I wonder how much of the budget of the season went to licensing the song in the finale 
  10. I had to buy xcom 4 or whatever its called.

    I think I've hit the first wave of my guys being more powerful than the enemies. I have magnetic weapons on a squad of lieutenants and Sgts and I just finished the first black ops mission.   The thing that is bugging the most about this game is endless number of missions/alerts that pop up while you are trying to scan an area.
  11.   Correct, different districts. Technically the MD ban hasn't been overturned yet either, the circuit court has just ordered the lower court to redo their opinion but they have to use strict scrutiny this time.
  12. Has anonymous delivered on anything in the last 5+ years
  13. A judge one step below the supreme court actually used the phrase "let's be real" in a ruling?        Good to see though a court ruling that strict judicial scrutiny should be applied to the 2nd like it should be to all amendments