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  1. Best possible place for it to land   http://blogs.wsj.com/speakeasy/2016/07/23/netflix-lands-crowd-funded-reboot-of-mystery-science-theater-3000/   Some of the old cast is returning but it sounds like it will just be a guest star thing to hand over the reigns to the new guys. 
  2. Star Trek TV Show Teaser - ship looks meh

    That is some rough CGI
  3. Hillary picks Kaine for VP

    the obvious choice
  4. 5th anniversary of the Breivik's attacks in Norway, might be a coincidence might not
  5. yep, expect it to settle in the 20-25% range in the next couple of weeks barring anything unexpected happening which is still much higher than the sub 5% I would have guessed at the start of this year.
  6. So no riots or out of control protests during the whole convention, surprising 
  7. It's the DRAFT!

    they managed to make two shows I do not want to watch out of a roster containing probably the overall best in ring talent the company has ever had, congrats WWE that is in accomplishment. Cesaro had an awesome almost shoot interview about it      
  8. Anyone watch Preacher last night?

    That was certainly the most comic booky episode of the series so far.
  9. What would it take for you to switch to AMD GPU

    a top end single gpu card that beats nvidia's offering
  10. Anyone try Raw Data?

    I haven't but I heard it is really good, I'm waiting for it to get out of early access
  11. DX12 3DMark benchmark "Time Spy" is live!

    at the end of the day when you look at an unquestionably direct x 12 bench like ashes of singularity a nvidia card sits at the top of the charts in terms of single gpu performance. Is AMD killing it in the $200-$250 range, yes absolutely but if you want the best performance they do not have a card(as of July 2016) that competes with the 1080
  12. ~~Rate the last movie you watched~~

    Batman vs superman extended ultimate oh my god why is this 3 hours long edition   I had heard all the horror stories about this movie, I was not prepared. What an absolute mess. I guess murder-Batman was occasionally entertaining    2/10
  13. Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Thread

      :heavy breathing: