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  1. Yeah the main main event is obviously going to be Goldberg/Brock which I am guessing will be for the title, Owens and Jericho I don't expect to be for a belt.
  2. are they 400 hundred years in the future all of sudden, wtf was that last night
  3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dereliction_of_Duty_(1997_book) seems exceptionally unlikely he will be a yes man, guess we will see where this goes
  4. Looks like they are actually running with Mac is fully out of the closet
  5. Do any of you have an inexplicably buff old guy at your gym? Mine looks like a mob enforcer from the 1950s, I would guess he is in his early to mid 60s about 5'9" and a rock solid 230. He walks around the gym for an hour doing about 5 seemingly random exercises at moderate weight and he is built like a fullback, he must have won the genetic lotto.
  6. I would agree with that but Firefly aired in 2002. Best case scenario is that the new show would air in early 2018 and that is if they started work right now, that is 16 years after the fact, that is a huge jump in time for the characters who are in constant life threatening situations and or ready to leave the crew. Also need to take into account the rate a which River was developing her abilities, she would be a straight up superhero at this point. If they do a new show it would either have to be Abrams-like Trek reboot or just a different cast of characters set in the same universe.
  7. I do think Batman's parents have died on screen more times than any other characters in cinema
  8. yeah but when Trek came back as TNG they set it so far ahead of TOS that it could be considered a soft reboot, all new characters, all new ship, fairly minimal call back to TOS
  9. Petraeus shouldn't be allowed near classified information ever again
  10. Jack Reacher Never Go Back This was an entirely acceptable generic action flick 6.5/10
  11. are there 1080p pro enhancements for this game?
  12. Not changing out the 1080 in my main PC, might get rid of the 290 in my HTPC if the price/performance of Vega is worth it
  13. Does the press understand that trump THRIVES on this shit, they are giving him everything he wants. How many times did he extend that conference and keep taking questions? This was a straight up Rorschach "you are locked in here with me" moment, the man is nuts and he loves it
  14. someone has to eat the pin