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  1. Battery breakthrough achieved

    I'm skeptical of double the energy density but hopefully it is true, going to be huge for electric cars if it pans out. 
  2. The D1P Gym (stop the fighting)

    this is his best one in a while but not as smart as the other ones posted        
  3.   https://www.humblebundle.com/sierra-bundle        
  4. This model made me hard....

      They auctioned off the real used for filming the show Enterprise D about a decade ago, it went for $500,000
  5. Vega: 1st half of 2017

    Wasn't this original rumored to come out in October?
  6. ~~Rate the last movie you watched~~

    Keanu   the George Michael bits were pretty funny   6/10    
  7. The Miz GOES OFF in a promo with Daniel Bryan

    These are the absolute best kind of promos where they are able to mix in elements of truth to it, it makes it feel so much more genuine. Also Renee is either a god tier actress or they did not let her in on how far they were going to go with it, she looked incredibly uncomfortable.  
  8. MSAA is an absolute performance destroyer
  9. NXT Brooklyn

    Once again NXT puts on a show that will likely demolish what the the main roster puts on on Sunday.   Every match except the tag match was great, i just can't get into the revival, they just feel like create a wrestlers.   I thought Roode's entrance was amazing than an hour later Nakamura came out with what might be the single best entrance I have ever seen in my 30 years of off and on watching of pro wrestling. I love how theatrical NXT gets with their takeovers. The main event while fairly stiff was not quite as hard hitting as expected, I thought these guys would beat the absolute shit out of each other.    
  10. I've gotten the majority of my new releases from CD keys over the last year or so without a single problem, only drawback is you usually don't get your key till launch day so no preload. I usually just start the downloads before I go to work in the morning.   Really disappointed in the performance here, hopefully there is just one setting that is murdering it or we will get an optimization patch. 
  11. My employer has ate the cost of plan increases which has been about a total of  about $3000 over the last 4 or so years
  12. New Rogue One trailer

      insufficient references to meatbags though clearly inspired by him
  13. This is supposedly with the latest patches and drivers all around. A $1200 card can't even get 60fps @1440       
  14. does it still run like complete shit?