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  1. Voyager just became non-stop technobabble space science magic to solve all the problems, no issue that couldn't be solved by firing an inverted tachyon beam through main deflector
  2. One thing I hated about the early seasons that they fixed with the Xindi was the lazy ass alien makeup alien in season 1 alien in season 3 Tonight's episodes did include a Coto episode, Chosen Realm that was a big step down from Similitude. The allegory was incredibly heavy handed even by Trek standards which are rarely subtle. Also Archer stop giving your dog cheese, you know it is bad for him.
  3. I don't think he is first captain in starfleet, first deep space captain yes but they have other smaller pre-warp 5 ships that had to have been commanded by someone. Based on what I've seen so far his starfleet career seems to consist of him being a pilot with no command experience, he got the job because of his dad and the fact that he is buddies with Forrest. I understand there is a learning curve to this but he had to ask T'pol who was in charge of engineering when Trip was gone, how does a commanding officer not know that especially with as you pointed out it is a small crew.
  4. Oh yeah I completely agree that the majority of Trek shows have very weak early seasons, season 1 of TNG is hot garbage but just because other shows have had issues doesn't mean I can ignore the problems present in the first two seasons of Enterprise but I plowed through 50 episodes of rough stuff so hopefully it will be smoother sailing going forward. I am excited to see Coto's influence on the show based alone on the fact that he wrote Similitude which is my 2nd favorite episode of the series so far, he is batting a thousand currently. There are definitely the bones of a good series here and they occasionally show sparks of brilliance, a few character changes and a stronger focus earlier on would have done wonders though.
  5. this bill has been submitted every year for the last 20 years
  6. I should have made this thread about month ago when I started watching since I am decent chunk through season 3 at the moment. Background, I've seen most of TOS, all of TNG probably twice or more, all of DS9 and about 2/3s of Voyager at which point the terribleness of that show turned me off of Trek for a long time. Concept - set 100 years before TOS the titular Enterprise is humanity's first true deep space star ship. Basic design of the show is as classic Trek as it gets, explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations and to boldly go where no man has gone before. Seems like it should be good fun, just one major problem, this mother fucker right here Meet Jonathan Archer the worst captain in the history of starfleet. Not even the insane evil admirals of TNG can hold a candle to this absolute cluster fuck of a human being. His dad is the man that invented the warp 5 engine that powers Enterprise so it only makes sense that his son who apparently has zero command experience take charge of humanity's most important mission that will undoubtedly result in numerous 1st contacts, hurray for nepotism. He has no diplomatic skills, makes rash decisions and seems straight up bipolar when it comes to his morals/ethics. So how the character is written is major problem, the other issue is Scott Bakula is downright awful at times in his performance, combine poor writing and poor acting in your main character and you starting your show off in a major hole. Also he has a pet dog that apparently just sits in his tiny quarters 24/7 Well that is just one character Trek has always been an ensemble piece so who else do we have. T'Pol the Vulcan science officer, because you have to have one of those Was originally assigned to Enterprise temporarily but some how becomes the first officer because reasons even though she is not in starfleet. Vulcans in this series at least in the beginning look down on humans as not being ready to join the galactic community and despite Archer doing everything in his power to prove them right she does have an actual character arc and comes around to supporting humans and has grown quite emotional by Vulcan standards. Charles Tucker III, aka Trip. Chief engineer This is easily my favorite character in the series and the most human. He has a wonderful aww shucks southern charm that is a nice contrast to T'Pol. Like all starfleet chief engineers he is great at his job and seems to be the center character in the more morally interesting episodes. Phlox, ship's chief and as far as I can tell only medical officer. This is the other good character on the show, only get two I guess. He is a Denobulan, remember them from later trek series, yeah me either. Filled with endless curiosity for new species and a affable bed side manner he makes most sickbay scenes a treat. Malcolm Reed, tactical officer He is the supposed to be the military man of the group and while he is big into regulations and postings and the like he often comes across as a big whiner. Hoshi Sato, linguist and comm officer It seemed at the start of the show she would be an important character because the universal translator wasn't up to snuff so she had to make use of her impossibly good linguistics skills and learn alien languages in 5 minutes. They dropped this about half way through season one and the universal translator does all the work now and she is regulated to being Uhara where she just answers the phone. Travis Mayweather, helmsmen He flies the ship and that is about it, really a nothing character. His dialogue consists of "laying in a new course" and "yes sir" We have our cast of would be adventures on their shiny new ship and they set off to explore and proceed to make a disaster out of damn near every encounter. It is straight up dumb luck that they survive week after week in the early goings. Archer is of course the biggest source of problems, sticking his nose where it does not belong and often getting punched in the face for it. So is the show a disaster, no not entirely. The few good characters are often able to carry scenes and even whole episodes at times and the setting does provide for some interesting problems. Enterprise outside some occasional Vulcan help is really out there on her own and that does make things more desperate than they would be in later set series. I also enjoy the fact that everyone is completely terrified of the transporter and it is only used in life or death emergencies, lots of shuttle rides for the crew down to new planets. Enterprise also feels the most like a space ship when compared with her later century counterparts. Season 1 - the weakest of the seasons so far which seems to a Trek trait. There is definitely a lot of feeling out what they want the show to be, the main arc is a temporal cold war which is as bad as it sounds and as of season 3 has gone really no where. I honestly can't remember a single great or even really good episode from this season. Season 2 - this is where things start to pick up and we get a handful of solid episodes including Carbon Creek - vulcans in 1950s America which actually works way better than you would think. Dead Stop - although this episode is designed purely as a handwave to keep the ship in prime shape despite the beating it has taken over the year they were able to pull an interesting story/setting out of it. Future Tense - a time ship is found and shenanigans ensue Judgment - Time for a Klingon courtroom drama, it felt like it could have been a two parter though with how quickly they resolved things. Cogenitor - This is easily my favorite of the series so far and I would probably put in my top 5 of all Trek. It plays out almost like an anti-TNG episode where Trip learns that applying human morals to aliens cultures can have serious consequences. The Expanse - 9-11 the episode which sets up what I am guessing will be all of season 3. there are also some awful ones A night in sickbay - Archer risks Enterprise not being able to get vital parts because his dog gets sick. Horizon - hey they gave Travis an episode, to bad it sucked. Now season 3 seems like it is going to revolve completely around Enterprise trying to find the aliens that attacked Earth the end of season 2 and stop them from coming back. Only the dominion war in DS9 has anywhere close to this level continuity in Trek and so far it seems to be working despite the fact that it has made Archer even more insane, he was torturing a prisoner by the 2nd episode. Twlight - combination of space Alzheimers and my favorite scifi trope of the future where everything has gone to shit. Similitude is the standout episode of the season so far and is one of the most morally gray episodes Trek has ever done and once again it is a Trip-centric episode. On the other end of the spectrum we have North Star because when you are out trying to save humanity from utter devastation why not go have an Old West adventure which I guess you are contractually obligated to have on Star Trek.
  7. the new years resolution crowd has already disappeared from my gym
  8. what is in the box under the bible, serious question.
  9. Bush is aging into his dad at a frightening rate
  10. once you hit subscribe the mod will download and when you launch the game a list of installed mods will pop up you just need to check the box for long war