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  1. SpaceX Lands Third Consecutive Rocket

    they are making landing a rocket on a barge look routine
  2. NSFW

    meh, bunch of overpriced founders editions 
  3. 1080s are up for sale

    damnit vic stop enabling nvidia
  4. 1080s are up for sale

    You bought a FE Vic?
  5. 1080s are up for sale

    EVGA's 1080 page has been down for 12 hours now
  6. Broadwell-E

    same here, I don't plan on doing SLI with all the issues they have been having over the last couple of years so no need for the extra lanes and both those chips will probably OC to the same level.
  7. Broadwell-E

    I'm probably going to build off of a 6800k but damn do those prices get up there   http://videocardz.com/60515/dont-click              
  8. 1080s are up for sale

    Founders editions on newegg and amazon   EVGA has their custom boards for presale, $649 and $679. Is there usually any difference between the SC version and the FTW or is it just slight factory OC difference that you can do yourself in 2 seconds?   http://www.evga.com/Products/ProductList.aspx?type=0&family=GeForce+10+Series+Family   here is a rundown from a german site on all the AIB cards          
  9. VIVE

    Guess I will order mine when I put in my order for everything else in my new build next month(hopefully)
  10. Definitely would be Biden but nothing is going to happen to Clinton 
  11. this is terrible and you should feel bad
  12. people are upset because just a few months ago Palmer said   “When we say ‘Oculus Exclusive,’ that means exclusive to the Oculus Store, not exclusive to the Rift,” he said. Much of that content would also work on the Samsung Gear VR. “Much like the television and phone markets,” within a few years there will be a number of hardware options, covering a wide range of qualities and price points, and Oculus software should work on the vast majority of them."  
  13. U.S. Ends Decades-Long Arms Embargo On Vietnam

    We are going to sell to everyone inside China's sphere of influence. 
  14. Vive setup process

    Don't have one but from what I have read the lighthouses should be opposite each other about 6'6" off the ground and they need to be plugged into an electrical outlet. Probably should use the space where that step ladder is, put one lighthouse on the column if you have a plug nearby and one in the corner with those boxes
  15. Extreme Rules thread

    The 4 way was fantastic. The asylum match was a cure for insomnia until the thumb tacks came out. Main event was actually really solid despite the outcome