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  1. Finally started playing Uncharted 4 earlier this week, game is so damn good.
  2. The Autopsy of Jane Doe A solid horror movie 7/10
  3. Back is feeling somewhat better this morning, still going to be at least a couple of weeks before I even think of looking at a weight again but the fact that I was able to do a load of laundry this morning without collapsing on the floor in pain leaves me hopeful that this is just a muscle strain and not something serious.
  4. and I just hurt my back doing deadlifts, god fucking damnit. My own fault too, I knew my form was off but I pulled anyway.
  5. Harper has been against Orton since the beginning though, that is one bit of story telling that they did really well. Harper never trusted him.
  6. Wyatt is already kind of a tweener, probably would be more a case of Orton turning against him
  7. they hurt so good
  8. In for Horizon a Persona
  9. Contains Ian McShane, will watch
  10. The last episode might be a series high for this show, they blew through about a season of good stuff in that hour.
  11. I'm going to die of a heart attack on that step mill one of these days because of my garbage cardio. I'm trying to add 25 steps per week to my routine, currently at 400ish at 75-80 steps per minute, that holds my heart rate in 160s after the first couple of minutes which seems awfully high.
  12. So what is AMD XFR (eXtended Frequency Range) Technology this seems to be the only difference with X model chips
  13. I've read that this type of star has a lot of solar flares and with the planets being so close there is a good chance if they did have atmospheres at one point they have been blown away. Hopefully we can find out in a couple years when the James Webb telescope is online. On yeah that star is also a VERY slow burner and will probably being emitting the relatively same amount of energy for trillions of years so that is pretty neat in and of itself.
  14. yeah there is no way randy isn't in the match