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  1. Next vote set for 1 am monday morning.
  2. Also Republican Pat Meehan's House seat is probably about to open up as he hasn't been to work today and the NYTs just put up a story about him using tax payer money to settle a harassment claim. Bonus points for him being on the Ethics Committee. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/20/us/politics/patrick-meehan-sexual-harassment.html
  3. The GOP is simply full of the best people! They should probably at least make an attempt to read things.
  4. Well you see the trick is once we get them on welfare they still can't vote! errr wait a second...
  5. Yes, thats clearly the leadership we need right now.
  6. Heres where the House and the Senate stand on DACA, and HOLY SHIT is the house bill stupid.
  7. Yes we already covered the GOP using Schumer quotes from the shutdown the GOP caused in 2013, and that Schumer proposed a bill to keep the government open while they negotiate and was shot down. Keep up.
  8. There it is, theres the racism and bigotry behind all of this.
  9. Also goodluck getting dems to back down with thousands marching nation wide and world wide, for whats basically an Anti-Trump/GOP march.
  10. McConnell was one of those no votes...
  11. Theres something fucked up about Ryan quoting Schumer from the 2013 shutdown that he and the GOP caused, especially when Schumer offered to keep the government open while they negotiate for 3 days. Then you have Republicans openly saying they don't understand the Presidents position while saying they won't pass anything the president won't sign.
  12. True heros don't need to be paid!
  13. The GOP is a fucking mess, if anything McConnell should be ready at this point to pass a bipartisan bill then send it to the house and let them explain why they don't want a bi-partisan deal.