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  1. Best 2DS for a 5-6 year old?

    I have both a New 3DS XL and the regular 2DS, both of which my kids (ages 7, 6, and 3) play on a regular basis. The 2DS is "theirs" but they have no problem holding and playing the XL. The 2DS has taken a beating and still works just fine, I'm a little more leery of them playing the 3DS XL just because I don't want it all scratched up. I echo the recommendation of the screen protector on either one you wind up getting and also the stylus. Ours has been lost for a while now, and every time we did find it, it was lost again shortly thereafter. Their favorite games are Animal Crossing, Mario Kart 7, New Super Mario Bros. 2 (they took to this game much more so than 3D Land), and Yokai Watch.
  2. Demo today, looking forward to playing it tonight.
  3. No kidding. I skipped through the video a bit and was confused why they were showing FH3....had to skip back and see what game it was. I haven't seen too many details on the career mode, but I hope they got rid of having to finish in the top 3 to advance to the next race. I'd rather have the difficulty a bit higher and ensure a nice battle for 5th or 6th (or whatever) rather than always having to have it set to where I know I'll finish top 3 every race.
  4. Add another to the list of those enjoying Andromeda. I love the variety of the planets and have enjoyed bringing a couple of them up to 100% viability. The weird looking characters and animations have not bothered me at all since the first hour or so.
  5. Played through Metroid Prime: Federation Force, and just started Pokemon Y last week.
  6. Is the EA Access trial screen supposed to pop up every 10 minutes or so letting you know you have X number of hours remaining during gameplay? I assume that's how they intend for it to work, but man is that annoying.
  7. Forza Horizon 3 Official Discussion

    I was rewinding the other night, and I rewinded the same corner so many times that the other drivatars on the road actually all disappeared. Certainly made that one a lot easier.
  8. I bought the Ace Attorney Trilogy and A Link Between Worlds a few weeks ago when they were on sale on the eShop, so I've been working my way through those.
  9. Forza Horizon 3 Official Discussion

    Previous expansions were a separate purchase, and the same continues for FH3. Ultimate Edition owners will get $10 off.
  10. Destiny (Year 2) - The XBone Edition

    I'm still at 281 with my Titan, progress has slowed a bit it seems. What should I be concentrating on to get to 290? Is it enough to just run strikes and get engrams?
  11. Destiny Discussion - Year 3

    Sweet, that's a pretty neat addition for the dailies. I'm not at a high enough light level I don't think to be able to give it a go this evening, but it's nice to know there will be other opportunities.
  12. Destiny Discussion - Year 3

    No cap, but you can only hold 200 at a time. Spend them then start getting more.
  13. Destiny Discussion - Year 3

    I finally started a Warlock character last night and used the Spark of Light. I hadn't really seen how it was going to work other than boosting you to level 25, but it also gave you a full set of rare armor and weapons. I half expected to be a level 25 but with level 1 armor and weapons.
  14. Destiny Discussion - Year 3

    So far I've used up 12 of 15 coins and only got one piece of armor for Warlock class, which unfortunately I don't even have a Warlock. I'm hoping one more will drop with the 3 remaining coins. The first one didn't drop until the 6th coin.