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  1. Humble Bundle acquired by IGN

    I got some free games from it for being an insider for a while.
  2. anyone want to help me get past pluto tonight?
  3. I would like to play the actual fortnight game, perhaps they should open beta that part of the game.
  4. Anyone have a invite for the pve mode for fortnight?
  5. Guy cusses out his mom during stream, geez

    My daughter refused to eat so I let her starve to death.
  6. You gonna be able to afford the taxes?
  7. I thought it was what LOL players called fans of DOTA2
  8. Rick & Morty Season 3 starts July 30th!

    But we missed the mermaid puss.
  9. What 20-25 games should be on the N64 Classic?

    If this is on a mini N64 I will absolutely want to buy it.
  10. Anyone watch Preacher last night?

    Isn't he supposed to take over after the devil gets killed
  11. You are going to be waiting a bit longer for season 2 since they still have to release the back half of the first season.
  12. Let's be clear that Donald Trump knows exactly what he is doing.
  13. Plus how will they see their grand-babies pictures
  14. Ok how about the 4v1 gameplay was better in Dead By Daylight than Evolve