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  1. 1. 38 2. 34 Funny story, I started dating my wife when she was 15 and I was 20. A week later she turned 16 and I had turned 20 just the month before, so we are really just 4 years apart. My only other girlfriend before my wife was 6 months older than me. #notapedo
  2. The Alpha is until tomorrow and anyone can get a steam key here https://www.deeprockgalactic.com/
  3. Anyone watch Frontier?

    I'Im pretty sure It's maple syrup.
  4. Will I still be able to buy Hob at a later date (I've had it on my wishlist for a while now)?
  5. Humble Bundle acquired by IGN

    I got some free games from it for being an insider for a while.
  6. anyone want to help me get past pluto tonight?
  7. I would like to play the actual fortnight game, perhaps they should open beta that part of the game.
  8. Anyone have a invite for the pve mode for fortnight?
  9. Guy cusses out his mom during stream, geez

    My daughter refused to eat so I let her starve to death.
  10. I thought it was what LOL players called fans of DOTA2
  11. Rick & Morty Season 3 starts July 30th!

    But we missed the mermaid puss.
  12. What 20-25 games should be on the N64 Classic?

    If this is on a mini N64 I will absolutely want to buy it.