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  1. In as similar vain of your roommate my father keeps having these various rituals to help his digestion problems like not eating after 7pm and putting flax seed in just about everything he eats. He's tried some weird things but none that ever would hurt him as bad as three days of fasting.
  2. Into The Breach Reviews and Impressions

    was watchin a streamer I like play this last night, looks good
  3. I propose it's time to make a new batch of Soylent Green
  4. biggest let down: most anticipated game that did not come out:
  5. Hunt: Showdown - now in Early Access

    Thanks for the reminder, just signed up
  6. 1. 38 2. 34 Funny story, I started dating my wife when she was 15 and I was 20. A week later she turned 16 and I had turned 20 just the month before, so we are really just 4 years apart. My only other girlfriend before my wife was 6 months older than me. #notapedo
  7. The Alpha is until tomorrow and anyone can get a steam key here https://www.deeprockgalactic.com/
  8. Anyone watch Frontier?

    I'Im pretty sure It's maple syrup.
  9. Will I still be able to buy Hob at a later date (I've had it on my wishlist for a while now)?
  10. Humble Bundle acquired by IGN

    I got some free games from it for being an insider for a while.
  11. I would like to play the actual fortnight game, perhaps they should open beta that part of the game.