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  1. Ok how about the 4v1 gameplay was better in Dead By Daylight than Evolve
  2. I enjoyed playing in the beta, I found it more fun than the Friday the 13th game.
  3. also It's not like mentally unstable people have easy access to firearms
  4. The Inbetweeners is amazing

    I thought the second movie wasn't bad either but definitely the weakest of all of it.
  5. loved the first season, but couldn't get into the second season. I watched the first 2 episodes and couldn't keep going.
  6. I'm in for a chance to get Destiny 2 for the PC
  7. Humble Bundle Game Give Away

    I've been wanting to get The Wolf Among Us, thank you kindly.
  8. Stranger Things 2 trailer

    yeah I noticed that too
  9. I thought this was going to be free to play?
  10. I quit my old dojo if someone can invite me to the d1p one
  11. gonna patch and hop on tonight if anyone on pc wants to friend me, I will also figure where I am dojo wise and get an invite if im not on the d1p dojo
  12. Dead Cells

    from what I understood was that the save wipe just ended a current run and not all of your unlocked items
  13. Red 5 Studios pulls the plug on "Firefall" today

    Remember this...