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  1. Blank thread

    (>b_b)>/ Penis \<(e_e<)
  2. Anyone watching Punisher?

    I FORGOT ABOUT THIS!!! Welp, there goes my weekend.
  3. New Site Theme: Retro 2600

    I saw what it looked like when the side bar was on the side. It did look fine there. I don't have much preference on that, but I can easily see others not using the theme due to the lack of side bar.
  4. New Site Theme: Retro 2600

    @Emblazon Guess you need to make the logo 20x the size
  5. New Site Theme: Retro 2600

    No, but you can return your bad taste.
  6. New Site Theme: Retro 2600

  7. New Site Theme: Retro 2600

    Yes, you win access to best theme.
  8. New Site Theme: Retro 2600

    sounds dumb
  9. New Site Theme: Retro 2600

    People should at least try out the theme. The side bar stuff is now placed at the bottom, and the theme is full width meaning there isn't any empty areas on the sides. It also had the best Logo as it has wood paneling. Literally the best theme on the boards. The only flaw is that, like with the other non-animate themes, is that you can't have a transparent background.
  10. I literally had a dream last night that included an OoT Remake. Like, not just HD, but Like REmake.
  11. Polygon Ranks the Core Mario Games

    My point was that the clunkyness doesn't matter. It holds up the best despite this. Dark Souls 1 is pretty fuckin clunky, but it is also the best souls games and tied with BB.
  12. Polygon Ranks the Core Mario Games

    Here's the thing about that. In 10 years, people will still be playing SM64 and people won't even bother play SMO.
  13. So, this season doesn't feel much different than the last because of the Cartman and Heidi stuff and how it is carried over from each episode. Now, only the last two have really focused on them, but, for me, their bits have been unwanted. Not that all of their scenes aren't funny, just I wish it was something else.
  14. I bet if Obama banned Mexicans Trump would literally break. He agrees with the ban but he must reverse it! Whatever will Trump do?!?!?!?!
  15. Polygon Ranks the Core Mario Games

    Polyshit are fucking hacks. Their links should be banned from D1P.