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  1. I still don't like Daenerys. She is the only character in the show I dislike. I'd love to see Cersei win before Daenerys does. Literally, the White Walkers taking over the world would be a better outcome. I don't care who sits on the Iron Throne as long as it isn't Daenerys. Arya, Sansa, Little Finger, Melisandre, Grey Worm, Rob Zombie, I don't care. Hell, give it to Hot Pie. He can save the world with dragon glass pies, and Valyrian butter. I think Sansa isn't going to let Jon return to Winterfell for one reason for another. Forcing him to go hook up with Dany. Maybe Arya will have to kill her sister.
  2. Man, I don't know what you guys are talking about but these old people are hella ugly. Makes sense they are politicians then.
  3. No hype. Horde/Tower Defense games suck. I don't like horde mode at all. I find it incredibly boring. I couldn't believe people loved Nazi Zombies. I though people were joking. Horde is a bit better in gears, and the only game where I like it was R6:V2 with it's terrorist hunt.
  4. Hey, man... Theon had a hard life. Also, that was the mos realistic fantasy illness I have seen. Fuckin perfectly gross. I'll be upset if Yara somehow make it out of everything alive. She is captured, so her death should happen. Getting out of it would feel like plot armor.
  5. Ciri became a witcher Geralt + Yen Sided with Roche
  6. I like ME, but this is also true.
  7. I'd prefer if they just had you starting after the end of ME3. Like, ME4 is getting new Mass Relays up and running. The enemies are races that are trying to prevent them from being built. There could be like two factions. One for raciest/Independence reasons and the other's is because they fear the reapers might come back. They don't even have to change the endings of ME3, just don't make them a big deal. If all synthetic life was destroyed(red ending) then much doesn't need to be done in terms of story. If the merging of synthetic life and normal life (green) ending was chosen then there could be people outraged that they aren't fully human anymore and/or that people are finding ways to undo the merge on themselves/all life forms. If the reapers just left(blue ending) then the faction that fears the reapers could have more supporters or something. Or they could just retcon the endings. I don't give a fuck. Red ending should have been the only option, but only the reapers die.
  8. The videos have been deleted, but this one guy was having a bad time teaching in Japan and then went to china and had a better time. He also didn't really know any Japanese and that made things worse. His coworkers made up lies about him. I'll just list his issues with japan. - The people in charge of placing him in a place to teach sent him to, uhh, not the city despite signing on to work in the city - Coworkers were cunts. Made up lies about him like he told a 5 year old that he hated them or something. He didn't remember something about a meeting so they accused him of sleeping thru it. Turns out that meeting happened before he was even in JP. - No one would even be friendly - He walked into a bar and the bar went silent before only talking in whispers while he was there. Bartender received his order but didn't speak to him and slammed his drink down He then when to china and had a good time. Made friends and shit. But that was one guy. Two guys said that guy just had a bad time because he got unlucky. Also, don't listen to the people here about foreign countries. I am not saying they are wrong about their experiences, but everybody has a different experience. While that guy who had a bad time in JP but had a good time in china videos got deleted, the people who were saying he was just unlucky still have their videos up. I know this has nothing to do with china but I'm posting these because of what I previously said, "Everybody has a different experience." You can check out Ryan Boundless for the more negative side of japan. Note: I don't actually watch these people. I came across the deleted video and when down the YT rabbit hole for a bit.
  9. Like with Transistor, it looks and sounds great, but I don't care for this kind of gameplay. It is a shame. I'd love to play something more like a JRPG from them. The music and artstyle of SGG would make for an amazing oldschool JRPG.
  10. Some people may not care, but it does suck. I am just imagining if Destiny 1 came out first on the Switch. Trying to do voice chat for raids would suck, even if you used skype or something.
  11. Stole my post! But yeah, this is 100% correct. It is a shame that aside from feeling extremely super, Prototype was a bit lame. I mean, it WAS fun, but it still wasn't very good. It is about a 6/10 game.
  12. Haven't played any of those, but heard great things about Doom. On the other hand I have only heard bad things about The Order. Destiny 2 will be out at some point in the future so you might want to look into that.
  13. This. There have been a few other threads on here and reddit where a whitey got wrongfully killed by da cops. They all said the same thing as this thread, and they were wrong. Nothing happened.