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  1. I wasted 6* hours of my life on

    It is a dumb tip, because at that point it makes no difference if you cook it in the sauce for 6 hours or just bake that shit for 20-30 minutes then add sauce. Or literally just dip the fucking chicken in the sauce.
  2. Goodbye Brother. Avicii Dead at 28

    This music video for this next one has over 1 billion views
  3. So does this mean Pewds can play Firewatch again?
  4. This: https://www.sweetbabyrays.com/recipes/crock-pot-chicken but it was a shredded chicken version that somebody posted on reddit. It didn't even taste like BBQ sauce anymore. Like, I would have been better off boiling the chicken, shred it, add the sauce, and then put in the oven for a few minutes. Because I had something similar to that and it was way fucking better. Now, I am not hungry but I am so unsatisfied. I fucking hate making food as it is so when shit is shit it fuckin sucks.
  5. I am a kind soul

    what a cunt
  6. I am a kind soul

    No ur not. Ur a human.
  7. I have HD vision

    4k HDR
  8. I have HD vision

    Old Glasses New Glasses
  9. I have HD vision

    I mean, I got new glasses.
  10. The problem with Jews controlling the weather is that the government controls global warming. That's the reason spring is still fighting winter.
  11. So, I know people have said this game's combat isn't like the old GoW's, but is it like the Batman games? I hate the Batman combat. I also looked up some spoilers to address concerns I had(nothing major), and the game doesn't seem to have those so if the combat isn't like Batman's I might pick this up at some point down the road.
  12. Rolling Gaming Trivia Quiz

    I'm buttering you're right.
  13. https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/dance/8358389/avicii-dead-tim-bergling