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  1. I have not read the article so this prolly has nothing to do with it, but... People need to stop getting their feelings hurt over every little bad thing said to them online. One of the best things about Halo 3 MP was being able to hear the other team when they were close by. Shit like that would never be put in games now because everybody is a little baby. Like, the fact that people actually got their feelings hurt over GG EZ is just sad. That said, the change is hilarious so it's fine.
  2. Help Me Out - Never Owned a Cell Phone

    As much as I hate apple, their products are super consumer friendly. That said, if you really don't want apple, you could always go Samsung. I have the Galaxy S7 active. It my first Smartphone and only second cell phone. It is pretty user friendly as well. You don't have to get an S7 Active, as I think you have to go thru AT&T, but like all their products are pretty similar. But I am not the best(see: worst) person to get phone advice from.
  3. Same but it is 25-35 and like 300 yards. I often see a cop car across the road from my house just waiting. This. I hate the necessity of cars.
  4. What do you think of turkey bacon?

    I thought he just said how he didn't understand liberals or something like that.
  5. What do you think of turkey bacon?

    As far as I can recall, I have never had Turkey, or tried it. Just never wanted to. Aside from deli cuts, I don't think any of my family eats or makes turkey outside of a holiday, whole or otherwise.
  6. What do you think of turkey bacon?

    No, there is deli turkey too, but I get ham.
  7. What do you think of turkey bacon?

    I eat ham on thanksgiving.
  8. Last nights EP was really good. I have never not like an EP where there is singing. Cartman rap album when?
  9. What do you think of turkey bacon?

    I have never had turkey in any way or form.
  10. My photography

    This is the one I like:
  11. We've got a trailer for The Punisher...

    This just needs to be John Wick, the TV Show and all will be good. Like, JJ was an alright show, but I only finished it cuz of Tennant. LC was good at the beginning but everything after Cotton Mouth was just boring. I also found it to just be slow type of show, which didn't help. It was the same reason I stopped watching Boardwalk Empire. IF, was shit, and was shit in the defenders. But DD was fantastic. I watched it after I watched LC and boy am I glad I didn't watch it first. DD was just awesome all around. I don't care for his religious and morality issues, but other than that the show was great.
  12. "Woman who can't let things go." More news at 11.
  13. Wasn't there an article or something that said that more people have died to cops using tasers vs guns?
  14. Guy cusses out his mom during stream, geez

    No he won't. He is just an asshole teen. There a millions of them. Some are just more awful than others, and I would bet that this isn't the first time the kid has gone off on his mother. It has probably happened often enough, and when the kid was at a much younger age.
  15. I can't help but love McD's Hash browns, fries, and nuggets. It the only things I ever get from there. And hardee's/carl's jr Sausage gravy on top of their hash rounds. Luckily, while I like that shit a lot, I don't eat it often.