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  1. Next Games You're Buying Day One...

    Rare Replay and Persona 4 Dancing All Night.
  2. Satoru Iwata has passed away

    RIP Iwata, I really enjoyed watching his directs over the years.
  3. Tales from the Borderlands is the most enjoyable game I have played all year, my favorite telltale game so far.
  4. LTTP: Saints Row 4 is fantastic.

    Both Saints Row 3 and 4 were incredible games, makes me excited to see how crazy the next game in the series will be.
  5. Shenmue prices are skyrocketing

    This is why we need HD remasters of Shenmue 1 and 2, the games were going for dirt cheap just a few years ago.
  6. Just got this for $13 during the steam summer sale, such a steal for this amazing game. They captured the Alien atmosphere perfectly.
  7. Suikoden and Castlevania, basically any Konami franchise that isn't Metal Gear.
  8. I will play this eventually but I really got burnt out on the series.
  9. The new star fox looks bad

    I'am intrigued that Platinum is involved but the game looks really basic graphically, definitely not picking this up for full price.
  10. This makes me want another Skate game even more.
  11. I have to say it...

    The game has aged poorly but it was mind blowing for its time, going from FFVI on the SNES to this was one of the greatest gaming moments of my life.

    I'am still in shock from the Sony Conference, most surreal one ever.
  13. LTTP: The Evil Within

    Really enjoyed it, this is how RE5 and 6 should have played.
  14. Destination America Planning to Cancel All TNA Programming

    TNA has been trash for years, I'am surprised they are still in business.
  15. Suikoden 2 on Vita, classic game.