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  1. Yeah man, I am never taking them off! If you use the strafe jump, your airborne mobility is amazing. The other two give you a little bit longer in the air (a few tenths of a second, I believe), but I love being able to just kind of fly where ever it is I want.
  2. I just got one this morning. Haven't even fired one bullet out of it yet, though.
  3. Doesn't really matter if you use it or not, it looks great. At this point, D2 is just a really expensive fashion game!
  4. This may be the case. I know with the clan at rank 6, one of the perks was randomly getting faction tokens while doing things. I figure I'll test this out for the next time. I've already done all 30 packages on PC, so I'll go snag some more faction tokens and just hold onto them.
  5. Yep, and for the second time people are getting super pissed that out of 30 packages, they aren't even managing to get a full set of armor. I got a TON of dupes when I did it, but for me, each dupe was raising my LL. If you are already 305 and only looking to get a full set, I could see how immensely irritating that would be. Edit: One thing to note, though, the tokens don't disappear after the rally ends. You could theoretically farm another 600 and just do turn-ins immediately after reset during the subsequent rally.
  6. I did 600 tokens on PC in around an hour.. It took about 2 hours of real time, but I was also doing some work at the same time. I managed to go up more than 20 LL from mid 240s to upper 260s and got a full set of gear for my PC titan. It kind of reminded me of the old D1 material harvest runs where you were just doing laps on a given planet. In this case, though, the lap is REALLY short. Also, it's still working as of right now.
  7. https://www.reddit.com/r/DestinyTheGame/comments/7bd6yo/bungie_we_dont_want_you_farming_faction_tokens_so/
  8. This is very true, but now the mode won't even be supremacy. People can literally only play clash and ignore crests in order to win where before you still at least had to pick crests up to get the credit. It's a really dumb change IMO, and it's just going to lead to what @eggydoo described.
  9. I earned mine some time back, and I'm not sure I've even equipped it yet, let alone fired a shot.
  10. I have, and it looks gorgeous. The framerate is so smooth, and MKB control feels great. I haven't fiddled with the FOV slider yet, but that's happening when I load it up next. This is what is killing me the most and has prevented me from playing it more. I'm bummed about having to go through the entire story again just to get back to a stripped down version of my PS4 chars. That plus the whole crew is on PS4.
  11. If you never play anything but a hunter, how would you even know?
  12. Every time I would see the wipe screen, I’d have some number of psionic charges, but Mo would have maybe 1 at best 90% of the time until it finally clicked for that dude. It was making me laugh purely from the “holy shit this is not that hard” perspective. I had even sent Bru a text towards the end saying I didn’t know how much more I could deal with before logging off and passing out. At that point, I had been up since 2:30am MDT with only a fairly brief nap mid afternoon.
  13. Probably end up with just too much salt, TBH...