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  1. Destiny 2 Discussion

    I had hope at the beginning..
  2. Destiny 2 Discussion

    Sadly, for the most part it doesn't even matter. Pick some guns you enjoy using, and that's generally all that matters unless you are running a raid/raid lair.
  3. Destiny 2 Discussion

    I can do that, especially since "reset night" is not exactly a thing right now.
  4. Destiny 2 Discussion

    I was bummed when I saw they moved weapons and blessing of light to the warlock. It essentially made ward of dawn useless in the vast majority of circumstances, but I guess at least you can get the effects without the need for popping in and out of a bubble. I guess that's a difficult thing to do if you are truly terrible at playing this game (e.g. DeeJ & other bungie staffers)? Oh, also @eggydoo, I'd love to join in on the battlefield fun as long as you're cool with me likely being pretty terrible at it.
  5. Destiny 2 Discussion

    2 of my 3 are still level 20
  6. Destiny 2 Discussion

    There is no crucible without mayhem!
  7. Destiny 2 Discussion

    I watched a few trials matches earlier, and 100% of the people playing had it equipped.
  8. Destiny 2 Discussion

  9. Destiny 2 Discussion

    Xur is selling Promethean Lens. I guess that's how you "fix" trials this weekend rather than turning it off.
  10. Destiny 2 Discussion

    Well this killed me:
  11. Destiny 2 Discussion

    They did, but I think with D1 you could still get the platinum trophy for the vanilla game without DLC. I don't actually remember, though.
  12. Destiny 2 Discussion

    It's really good. I switched to the 2nd sight, and I'm liking it more than the default one, largely from just a visual standpoint. I don't think it changed the guns feel in any noticeable way. Also, since they changed the sound of Nameless Midnight, it's like I'm using a brand new primary without having to switch.