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  1. I believe all they've said about what's carrying over from D1 to D2 is the look of your characters. That and you'll get an emblem for playing the beta.
  2. You're given a choice of class, and that's it. You can create 3 characters in order to test out all 3 classes, but they are all pre-fab, male or female (can't choose this, but I think you can cancel and retry if you want one or the other for that class), and at level 20 LL200.
  3. Should just be able to download it now. Went live 30ish mins ago.
  4. Sure, if you only have 3 friends. What if you have 5?
  5. I remember something about a change to the "host" setup, but I don't remember the specifics. What you described is at least a decent first step, but they need dedicated servers, period.
  6. As Anzo mentioned, no. 4v4 is basically a lazy way for Bungie to "improve" their p2p networking by just having it do 1/3 less work. Allegedly they made other improvements to it, but I have my doubts.. Sure doesn't feel like it so far.
  7. Thanks for that The new crucible mode is kinda fun when you're at least attempting to coordinate with your team @[email protected] My first match today was D1 at its finest. It hit the trifecta: Joined in progress, onto the losing team, only to hear Shaxx shouting that the enemy has all the zones. I was in the match maybe 90 seconds, if that, before it ended. And my reward was a weapon already in my inventory. Confirmed, game is still Destiny. I hope you're right, @JPSoccer4, it was nice having more to do in the D1 beta. I think Bungie is maybe forgetting just how many people in this beta will be first timers, and for me, having a bunch of different things to run around and do in the original's beta really helped me get excited about the real deal. I would love at least a limited patrol area where I can play around with different load outs and guns. Plus there's surely some broken things that millions of eyeballs will find faster than the hundreds that are doing that as their job.
  8. You get a kinetic (D1 primary slot) auto rifle very early on, but I haven't seen any others as yet. I've only loaded up titan so far, and it's striker/defender.
  9. In the D1 alpha/beta, we actually got to level up a character (level 8 or 10 was the cap), and there was definitely some patrol stuff going on. I remember killing that fallen walker so many times. I was surprised at how empty the director was this time around.
  10. The gun changes are interesting. Switching to "heavy" to equip a shotgun felt odd, but using it felt like when they did the +100% PvE damage buff. For a bit I was also switching between one auto rifle and another (one had a burn), which was also interesting. All I did was run the intro mission before getting back to work, but there is really not a lot else to choose from. Once you finish that and end up in orbit, the director had 3 options for me. Endless Vale map for Control, the strike, and that map but the new crucible mode. I didn't even see a way to rerun the opening mission (new character or delete current and recreate maybe?). I'm looking forward to loading up I guess the strike with a couple friends just to mess around with guns, loadouts, super changes, etc.
  11. I got numerous termite errors, got to pick a class, then it kicked me.. Ended up in a queue and finally got to run through the intro mission before needing to get back to work. Sure looks pretty!