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  1. What bearing does this have on the game's presence at Evo?
  2. I believe the term is rationalizing. If on an emotional level you don't think smash belongs at Evo, then you reach for a reasonable argument against it. One of which is "lel party gaem."
  3. Fortnite was the first BR game to allow me to dress up in a fur suit and dab on kids, and it only charged me $20 to do so!
  4. Nintendo accidentally made a game better than anything Capcom has ever or will ever produce. Checkmate atheists.
  5. Other than fortnite that is
  6. Consider that melee is objectively the greatest game ever made, and smash 4 is not very good.
  7. Scrub mentality in four sentences.
  8. I don't get the melee detractors, it is about as close to an eternal esport as exists. Also, there is more difference between melee and smash 4 then across most of the rest of the lineup.
  9. Get that tick rate up fam
  10. 1v1 manual transmission no blue shells
  11. Because a good old fashion fanboy fight is always fun.