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  1. I feel like everyone is prematurely burnt out on BR games. I'm sure the cynics will be proven right, but damn y'all are reactionary. Does the world really need the 2000th iteration on COD 4, and is it so bad for them to try something new even if it isn't wholly original?
  2. D1P's Best Indie Games by Year - 2012

    Having restarted Fez last night, I am shocked at how dated and horrible the platforming feels. There is so much painful inertia that it feels like you're moving, very slowly, through mud.
  3. Sneaky sflufan, deliberately leaving out Hellblade to make someone reply and correct the mistake, thus kickstarting the discussion.
  4. D1P's Best Indie Games by Year - 2012

    Hotline Miami and Fez are the standouts for me, I really need to replay Fez since I have forgotten so much from it. It was definitely one of the most mysterious and teasing games I've ever played.
  5. I'm surprised so many people aren't running two monitors for multitasking in the year 2018.
  6. For me, Bastion and Hotline Miami define the indie genre. Both games felt incredibly fresh and stylish.
  7. That article was an atrocity.
  8. I don't get how people interpreted 418 as 4/1/2018. If this is an ARG promotion, then it would presumably be for something they plan on doing soon, so having the year be part of the code makes no sense. If it were 419 rather than 418 there is no chance in hell people would think it meant 4/1/2019.
  9. GB is bad at games, except for the few that they are passionate about, and then sometimes they are still bad like Brad at Dota and starcraft. There is some fun tribalism going on between the pubg and fortnite fan bases right now, but sometimes I really so want to call into gb and try to explain to them that there is more to the game's success than being free.
  10. As someone who has played hundreds of hours of PUBG, probably as much Fortnite, thousands of hours of DOTA, and like one match of League, I take offense. For the last millennia, shooters have had the problem where the player who sees the other first is massively favored to win a fight, there are very few defensive options, and what defensive options there are, ala the bubble shield in Halo, have been gimmicky and bad. Fortnite is the first shooter I have played with a viable response to getting shot first other than hope that your opponent is bad. However, once both players are sufficiently entrenched behind flimsy walls there are about 100 different ways for things to go, including a climactic freestyle build battle that feels more like breakdancing than anything else. For me, what has been so interesting about the BR genre is that it gives the player options for how to go about winning the game, and Fortnite gives the player even greater options once the fighting begins.
  11. Man, the intro to the trailer was the most self-congratulatory bullshit I've heard in a while.
  12. It is worth pointing out that despite fortnite being a helluva game, the shooting mechanics are its weakest aspect and there is too much RNG to a lot of the spreads at distance, also registration issues with shotguns that can be very frustrating.
  13. Smash Bros. for Switch Announced

    Melee HD when