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  1. A fun game I like to call "find out why my computer is crashing all the time."
  2. Guy cusses out his mom during stream, geez

    Can we get a twitch drama subboard/annex/containment area. This stuff is bad for my blood pressure and I don't really need more righteous indignation in my life.
  3. I think I'm going to wait for the open world to come out before I re-retry this game. I wish I could spend a little less time on Wiki pages while playing this game, and think that come October Destiny 2 on PC may be more my speed for PvE shooters.
  4. Yeah, while storytelling in games has gotten a lot better over the years character development has lagged severely. The silent protagonists and snarky roguish Nathan Fillion fill-ins need to be put to rest.
  5. It took them 2,000 years to produce whatever Fortnite is and then they make a PUBG mode in like 2 months.
  6. This is actual concept art of canon Commander Shepard. EDIT: I think I missed the point of the thread since Shepard is a bad bad character not an awesome bad character. As penitence I will offer a more fitting contribution. Marcus Fenix very appropriately has the personality of a well-done steak.
  7. R.I.P. in Peace, CliffyB's "Lawbreakers"

    I'd love a word count on that video to see if they say Overwatch or Lawbreakers more.
  8. Twin Peaks Returns

  9. I was definitely concerned about the lack of "hella" up to that point.
  10. Yeah, this game would not make much sense if you haven't played the original. For instance. Speaking of the journal I guess I'm not quite done. I agree with you on this. I thought the first third was promising, the second third was lackluster, borderline infuriating, and seemingly pointless, and then the final third put what I disliked about the second third into a context where it makes sense.
  11. I haven't played a communication based game that doesn't have a toxic community because they don't exist. However, I will say that the R6 community is tolerable relative to cs:go, overwatch, and dota.
  12. Rainbow 6 Siege. It is the tactical fps that every game since 1999 has tried and failed to be. If you enjoy elimination rounds and a slightly more methodical pace, then this game is one of the best options. There is a lot of depth to it and a decent learning curve, but the game is far more approachable than similar games like cs:go.
  13. I'm liking it a lot so far. It is dumb, fun, and endearing in the same way the original was. I also find it funny how much of the inner monolog is effectively saying "man I love weed, also fuck Max." I also appreciate that they found a way to make the Twin Peaks references even more on the nose.
  14. Life is Strange prequel, so far so good. PUBG