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  1. 2017-18 NBA Regular Season Discussion

    Cavs making it to the finals this year? I'm excited for playoffs, but I can barely watch their regular season games right now... I say that and I still tune in every game, but I'm a glutton for the punishment.
  2. I will personally say that oled is absolutely worth it. HDR is great, but not nearly as noticable as a TV with true blacks. I got my 65" LG oled in December for 2k even so I would think the price would be more affordable at some point this year. I just tagged it in deal news and waited until I got the price I was willing to pay.
  3. I Hate being a manager

    I made the decision to move back into individual contributor several months ago. I wasn't managing a large team, but it was the people above me that were causing the political stressful nightmare. I definitely feel your pain and can attest that I'm much happier now. If you consistently feel the pain every day, then definitely keep looking. Something will turn up!
  4. I cringe every time I hear, "many many important phone calls and meetings" as a representation to being productively busy. Context, or transparency would be nice... I know, I know.
  5. It's pretty easy when you're raised in an environment that tells you to hate yourself before you even know what you are.
  6. This is very tempting. It runs until Thanksgiving. If no other deals come out, I'll probably bite.
  7. I haven't read through all of the pages, but anyone have any impressions on 4k blurays? That's a big reason why I'm considering the X. I probably would have just done the PS4 pro if it had it because I need a new Blu-ray player.
  8. Really? What's the context of that, getting paid for young photos of yourself or something?
  9. They have cup holders though
  10. Maybe it's just the pic, but how do you get the car out of there? Sounds like a fun project by the way.
  11. I should definitely do that. I love the looks, but kinda want the extra interior packages. I'm torn
  12. I'm close to biting on a swapalease 2017 Camaro SS. I'm struggling though because most include the track package and I don't know how rough that would be as a daily driver. http://www.swapalease.com/lease/details/2017-Chevrolet-Camaro.aspx?salid=1186642
  13. Hello? Are we back? Is this on?!

    I'm confused, are you being for real? He worked a long time to get the boards back up and running. Why go ballistic on sflufan?
  14. There are a dozen + here in Cincinnati
  15. 2017-18 NBA Regular Season Discussion

    That was terrible feel so bad for the guy.
  16. 2017-18 NBA Regular Season Discussion

    Can't wait. It's awesome to not spend 30 minutes trying to find a movie or show that ends up being bad 4 nights a week. I hope LeBron plays for the kyrie showing.
  17. Reviews with that enabled in a non overclock review should be able to do so, only with the stock cooling that comes with the chip.
  18. Yeah, I guess the loudest voice and deepest pockets gets to be prom queen.
  19. Fantasy Basketball [Lazy Edit]

    Aight, count me in.
  20. Supporting someone don't mean you align with everything he/she says. I voted for Obama both terms, but I didn't always agree with him and I don't want or expect someone to associate my vote with undying loyalty. Nor do I support Trump or many of the appalling things he says on Twitter. My point was never made that people should support Trump, but is that it's anti-productive to assimilate that every person that might agree with one thing he has said or done agrees with all of those things. Again, it's about the divide of shouting at each other rather than taking the time to understand the why.
  21. No, I'm saying I can empathize with someone's point of view, even when it's wrong, particularly when someone is backed into a corner. Treating every supporter of Trump as if they are also extremists doesn't accomplish much. Everyone gets to their political side for a reason, and following that trail to form productive conversation is better than blindly calling people nazis (not implying you are, but that is a frequent reaction I see).
  22. Assuming you can't get a better job quickly, I'd say selling drugs, your body if you're good looking though I suppose you might find takers even if not, and then last I've heard pyramid schemes are always a good get rich quick method.
  23. Pretty much every entertainment entity speaks out against Trump regularly, causing a constant rebuttal of fake news, liberal lies, etc. At some point is this going to cause the right to adapt and include, even if slowly, some basic human empathy into their ideology that extends past those of their own kind, or will they be limited to the likes of Duck Dynasty and Nascar? I'd like to think the left is doing so for this reason, or even if not the eventuality would lead to that affect regardless. However, right now it just seems to be constantly a black and white dialogue that leads to nothing but more division. I can understand why Trump supporters react the way they do even if I don't agree with them 99% of the time. I'm young-ish (29), but I don't ever remember Democrats and Republicans shouting so deafly at each other.