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  1. Youth must prevail

    Jokers reference?
  2. *Official Election Bloodbath thread, GOP loses lots*

    Either of Clinton's wins as well. Doubt that Trump cares too much about but I'm sure conservative die hards do.
  3. I'm literally seeing this argument being made; that the world doesn't think America is seen as weak anymore. Oboma bows = weak USA Trump shakes = strong USA Conservative memes up the wazoo over this. I live in upstate NY, so all my conservative friends need something to rage about after the con-con vote lost in a big way.
  4. Tom Arnold? He needed to remind people he was alive more than Larry.
  5. What's your spaghetti policy at work?
  6. Trump to sign executive orders on health care

    Great. Now the deficit just went up!!!
  7. Boy Scouts of America to allow girls

    Most arguments seem centered around one of three (silly) arguments: 1) There's already a girl scouts that doesn't let in boys 2) If a girl wants to join Boy Scouts it's only because she has a bad troop leader 3) They'll just end up having sex Around me, getting troops up and running is tough because of dwindling interest. This seems designed to bolster the organizations membership and reputation.
  8. Trump vs Goodell...