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  1. Stepee stop making me question my life decisions on giving vs . receiving. 17
  2. I love the concept behind these sorts of games, but this thing isnt going to be easy to watch. It's a niche game which is going to be clawing for relevance in the era where the bar is light years higher than where it was. Still though, I hope it does well because that's going to make it a little more palatable for these companies to keep these games coming, and next time it'll be something I've played
  3. Don't build his ego- stepee's a bit of a jackass Mass Effect Andromeda (loovvveeee you)
  4. Do these games make significant generational improvements? This looks like the same video I'd seen for Generations save for the graphics.
  5. Phantom Dust out 5/16 Free

    It plays like a dream
  6. Phantom Dust out 5/16 Free

    1 month after launch, there were 40 people online during prime hours. Needless to say, this is going to be a great change of pace. Fucking tits.
  7. 19 Minutes of Phantom Dust HD

    This is a tough game to describe. One of the most unique games of its era, and it was spectacular.
  8. A little bit exaggeratory. I think it was 9:40am. I'm going to have trouble taking some time off from Nioh for it though
  9. All I'll say is this: Bless Amazon Now. Didn't expect to buy, was looking last night at 11:43pm at SlickDeals and saw a few people mention it, they had the consoles pop up on the site at 11:57pm, I had it here by 9am this morning.
  10. ~*D1P Thanksgiving Weekend Giveaway*~

    Smallpox blankets included plz. PUT ME IN COACH