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  1. God of War to release on April 20

    @MDSRocker How is it possible to work for Sony and have a DS avatar?
  2. Steam 2017 Winter Sale

    Divinity: OS2...not much off Shit all over my heart Steam! That Witness deal requires a purchase though.
  3. God of War: lots of combat info

  4. It's a big leap to make to assume that they can even put out a quality successor to the BC2 theme. Bad Company 2 may be the most I've ever enjoyed a shooter, but there's a long way to go before it gets me all
  5. PlayStation plus December US.....lol

    Plenty of you donks would pay $4 for Darksiders 2 if it was independently marked down. I wouldn't buy it retail, but I'm looking forward to diving in for an hour or 2.
  6. Yea I've got to pick up an SD card as well. Definitely get a screen protector though for peace of mind. To be honest I don't have any problem with the stock controller you slide the dongles into.
  7. Skyrim Switch Discussion

    Poor Zelda is going on the shelf on the 17th of November.
  8. Wasn't the major focus on their first look at the game in any real sense that "Anywhere you see, you can go!"? I'm 25 or so hours into Zelda and enjoying it quite a bit, but really? If his point was that open world games have gone too far and that Zelda reels it back to the oblivion days, I can wrap my head around that more easily. But this piece made it sound like he was more interested in seeing Hyrule get this treatment more than anything, and that the ability to enjoy the environment that had been lacking in previous Zelda titles was prominently on display here. I don't entirely disagree on the open world genre as a whole though. Even as a fanatic it could use a bit of a return to its roots.
  9. That's excellent. NT always flying juuuussstttt under the AAA radar while putting out amazing titles. I haven't played Heavenly Sword, but Enslaved was a masterpiece and was a perfect example of -as rarely as I would use something as bourgeois of a phrase as- the whole sum of its parts spiel. DMC was fantastic despite everyone's disdain for Dante's getup, and Senua's Sacrifice will be great when I have time to sit down and play it.
  10. God damn are those some classic Assassin's Creed review scores I know what I would be getting into with Mario, but I've stayed pretty in the dark on AC. I'll have to watch some video reviews...
  11. Another Chance to Win Mario Odyssey

    All. Nude. Buffets. ERRYDAY
  12. Stepee stop making me question my life decisions on giving vs . receiving. 17