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  1. You must have missed the break even part. Also, I meant the kids (possibly) being with strangers all day. Oh and I'm all about a house wife, a lot the credit, and consumerism issues we have in this country stem from the wife leaving the house for the work force.
  2. Yes, as in media coverage. A lot of stories go untold. Edit: People also feel better about their work at Space X, than those at Tesla, so a lot goes unsaid.
  3. "While what Space X is doing is impressive, the nonsense at Telsa over shadows a lot of the nonsense that goes on over there." - paraphrasing a resent conversation with an ex coworker who is an engineer at both (has gone back and forth between them since leaving here).
  4. Had to look up Patrick Stewart....Never knew that guys name.
  5. I didn't read past this (before commenting, I'll read the rest), but the reason is because minorities are built to survive desperate times, because that has virtually been all the time in this country. Its the main reason I don't like the nanny state for the under privilege black community, with each generation they forget how to fish.
  6. Yeah silly hillbillies wanting their kids to grow up knowing their family and having mom around instead of being with strangers all day. I'm sure she could have found a job that let them break even trading money for the time that could have been spent with the kids. They should be chasing that upward mobility dream that has worked out for so many.
  7. I don't know man. $950K (minus fees of course) for three months of my time. I need to find some raggedy $10 bills.
  8. Xbox Game Pass

    My eldest child will be upset at losing Pac-Man. Was loading up an Xbox One X in the den yesterday and they mentioned, don't forget Pac-Man. Looks like I'll have to buy it.
  9. State of Decay 2 reviews are arriving (May 22 release)

    A couple buddies of mine are subscribing to Game Pass for it, so I'll download it to play with them. Didn't play much of the first, but of what I did play, I had a good time. Co-op should only enhance that.
  10. Microsoft discontinues Xbox One Kinect Adaptor

    Just want to see how this has been working out for you.
  11. We are the same; and its one of my wife's family member who was a stay at home mom. Works well for both parties, she doesn't charge us much ($200 a week), its untaxed wages for her since we don't try and claim it on our taxes.
  12. Most of the parents of my eldest child's class have a nanny, but the wife stays home. That is just crazy to me, I'd kick the wife out and take in the nanny. We were at one families house for a play date and dinner when the wife says to my wife, "<insert her husbands name> told me I have to get rid of my nanny since I haven't worked in the last few years, so if I you want one, she great, old and kind." Before my wife could respond, I said "If we get a nanny, trust me, she'll be in her early twenties and gorgeous."
  13. Was Trump campaigning in 2013? I don't remember.
  14. 2017-18 NBA Regular Season Discussion

    Agree with this, but he'll ruin any chances of growth for their young players.