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  1. Haven't finished it, but I think I'm close, and I'm going to have to agree with you. Also, I (as well as the wife and kids) already watch everything with subtitles. This show automatically played the English voice overs, and its funny when the VO and the subtitles don't match; sometimes they are really different.
  2. $.27 at the time of that message, $.70 now. The run will come.
  3. Naw man, its Ripple.
  4. Trump's nation wide swamp draining continues.
  5. Any suggestions for starting into VR?

    Not sure if interested, but tomorrow (December 13, 2017) Microsoft is having a sell on Mixed Reality (VR) Units. I believe they work with Steam VR, besides Microsoft's VR platform.
  6. PUBG on Xbox One X

    About to pre-order it now. My last day for the year is Friday so I look to be playing this and Xenoblade through the rest of the year.
  7. If you have Amazon Prime, and buy physical games, picking up those cards are worth it when you know you are picking up a game. Pre-order it for the 20% discount and use the reward-purchased cards. Savings all around.
  8. You can get 200 in mobile searches right now.
  9. Are you sure they will last that long? Not to long ago they put time limits on the money purchased with Reward points (about the time went from Bing Rewards to Microsoft Rewards). Make sure you check so you don't lose out. I'm up to about $450 in rewards for the year. Haven't paid for a game all year (and really only two in the last three years). I like that they made the Microsoft Account useable anywhere (not just for digital goods), especially with a store being at my mall. Debating now do I want to spend my last $35 on PUBG, or to bring down the price of the Surface Dial.
  10. TIME Person of the Year: "The Silence Breakers"

    Naw man, villains; they'd cause ruckus and make noise.
  11. You are cool with me man, best wishes. Thank you for the past Baltimore restaurant advice.
  12. Likely wont do that, but I'll do a better job a spelling if I search for something.
  13. Ah, I had missed that. I take back my trophy. @Jose apologies. Fooey on me.
  14. Here? I don't think so. Also, they're are people out there trying to excuse him because of his service history (not here, he wasn't even mentioned). Which is something that has been vilified (and rightfully so) for every account when it happens on the other side of the isle; yet that doesn't seem to be the case here. The "silence" sweats hypocrisy. Over all though, all I did was make him aware that he was the first to mention Coyners, you inferred a position in that statement, a shtick that is truly tired and pathetic.