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  1. Trump to sign executive orders on health care

    I guess comparing it to our first, from four years ago when it cost us $3000, with more insurance (just mine this time), caught us off guard.
  2. My buddy will be pissed at that, he's three years away from retirement (20 years in, including ROTC).
  3. Trump to sign executive orders on health care

    That's what it cost the wife and I (or really just me) for having a child a month and a half ago; received the bill in the mail two days ago. We were pleasantly surprised. Told her to pay (she holds onto my HSA card) ASAP in case the try and come back and say its a mistake (it has always worked out for me that paying to zero balance holds up as and agreement of that balance).
  4. The Dashboard Updated

    Definitely nicer than the last update. Wish they would bring the snap feature back though, football season is when I used it the most.
  5. Maybe you all just haven't figured it out. His plan is the most effective way of draining the swamp. Nominate someone, have their ins and out combed through using the finest of teeth (because of their associations with you), exposing all the lice, which may crush any political aspirations once held. Sheer and utter genius. You'd have to have the highest of high IQs to create such a plan.
  6. The game is pretty sweet. I've found something interesting though, it is far easier to play on my Surface Book screen than it is on the TV; on the TV there seems to be input lag where that isn't the case on the Book's screen. Picked it up two days ago, and so far I've finished the first island.
  7. Mass shooting at country music fest in Las Vegas

    Just asking a question, not trying to get a rise out of you or anyone else, but why can this statement be made for guns, but if someone made the same about bathrooms they are a bigot?
  8. To him, maybe to you, not I. But if that is his flavor of crap, he's in luck, there's enough to eat with a shovel sized spork.
  9. Lol. Thanks for the extra chuckle today.
  10. Better than the donkey crap to which I replied.
  11. Sympathy with conditions is barely (if it is at all) sympathy. You basically said, if they voted for Trump, but now think like me, I'm cool with the way they think. Plus everything you mentioned that the supporters are doing wrong, you can say about his detractors, yet your premise seems to be that it only applies to his supporters. You are just as disingenuous as the people you are against (the main problem with the country).
  12. An hour later my coworker went out to get one from the same store, texted me that they were gone. My wife was going to pick him one up initially but they only let her buy one.
  13. Taste like gamy steak, or so I remember, but its been like 20 years since I've been there.
  14. Wife picked on up at Best Buy around 10:00am, said they had like 30, and there was no line.