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  1. Again, the United States is already doing, and has been doing all that stuff to Russia for years. You are either trying to squeeze blood from a turnip, or are hawk crazed (wouldn't surprise me, you seem to me to have a "blood thirst") you want the destruction of the turnip, which has far greater consequences.
  2. Ummmm..... The United States has been doing that to Russia for years, maybe, just maybe in this past instance Russia was the retaliator, not the instigator. Also, has any evidence been found that Russia actively change some votes? Or are all the panties in a bunch because maybe, possibly, perchance Russia influence some opinions to be change? If its the later, well then that's the fault of our society and a result of the things of which the majority focus.
  3. So poverty beyond their current decimated standards and a bill for restoring what we destroyed in the name of freedom? Edit: Oh and some IMF banks to go with it.
  4. Agreed. Its such a disappointment that neither side could produce a measured individual (to his point about it not being a sport, and I'll add a notch on their belt or an entitlement) to represent their respective party as president. I can only take solace in the fact that the less that gets done, the closer we stay to the "balance" that was created under his tenure.
  5. Record of dismissal by your stated standard of acceptance. (I'm playing monopoly with your house rules).
  6. Lol OK. Any evidence I provide towards what I fixed (please check your original statement), you'll disregard for some "special" reason, or start "qualifying" it as not a problem because you personally believe its not a problem. So I wont waste our time; like I said, its your right.
  7. When the Feds "kicked in the door" at the Cuyahoga County Commissioners office, they weren't looking for Republicans, or when the DNC actively worked against B. Sanders they weren't trying to garner him votes, ect..... But anyway, if you want to be dishonest with yourself and say that there is only one type of power hungry, ineffective, politician, it is your right, and I believe in you having that right.
  8. <shrugs shoulders> If you believe your own statement, I have a bridge or something....
  9. The downfall of socialized medicine, right? Right? @heyyoubluray
  10. Well at least the Dark Towers series is complete.
  11. http://www.msn.com/en-us/money/companies/us-representaive-calls-for-a-review-into-amazon-whole-foods-deal/ar-BBCM9oK He argued that the U.S. needs to "re-orient" its antitrust policy to account for the harm done to the American worker caused by economic concentration, and that consolidated industries "stifles" innovation. "American markets work best when there is fair competition among many businesses-none of which have a dominant market share," Khanna added. Rep. Khanna statement is interesting because on one front Amazon is likely to bring innovation to the grocery market, but on the other it will definitely be at the expense of the American worker. Also, I've never shopped at Whole Foods since I have Heinen's significantly closer.
  12. Nope.
  13. But he wasn't just talking about voter fraud, but about outside tampering as well. Commentary on both was vilified here under the same umbrella.