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  1. Warcraft III gets widescreen support

    Will this ever come to battle.net app?
  2. Project: Gorgon

    Is the game any good?
  3. Project: Gorgon

    Steam says "Sexual Content" and it's a multiplayer game. Does that mean cybersex? What kind of sexy stuff does it have?
  4. Shows over folks

    GeForce Now on Shield hasn't updated for almost 6 months.
  5. Free Games With Amazon Prime

    Those games suck.
  6. My GF and I are starting Steam soon

    Worded that title wrong. You all know I have Steam. My GF will be the newbie to it.
  7. My GF and I are starting Steam soon

    We're starting with Lord of the Rings Online and eventually working into Conan Exiles with the Sexiles mod.
  8. H1Z1 Left Early Access

    I've been playing it.
  9. Kirby Star Allies Demo available right now

    The demo isn't showing up for me.
  10. March Games with Gold announced

    This past 6 months or more make me glad I gave up my XBox One.
  11. Assassin's Creed 4 multiplayer

    Anyone else unable to play online?
  12. GeForce Now on Mac

    She's good
  13. GeForce Now on Mac

    Downsides is that it'll cost $25 a month for 20 hours. Yeah, you play in the cloud. For unsupported games, you need to download, but with very fast speed, like 75MBps.
  14. GeForce Now on Mac

    i'm in the beta for Mac. It runs pretty good. Awesome games on it. Makes me want to buy Rainbow Six Siege, Black Desert Online, DOOM, Injustice 2, Conan Exiles, Ark Survival Evolved, Elite Dangerous, Shadow Warrior 2 and Prey.
  15. Do you buy consoles at launch, or wait a while?

    Wait until my birthday (November)