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    Video games, Cartoons, WWE, Music, Going out to eat, Crackle, my Bible, girls/women.
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  1. World of WarCraft

    "Your current graphics API..." https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20760876508?page=2I'm on an older MacBook. Will I still be able to play in the future?
  2. My fwb

    She told me the nubiles info isn't reliable.
  3. My fwb

    Did you see how many networks I have her on?
  4. My fwb

    She doesn't do Skype or voice.
  5. My fwb

    None at all. I helped her find a free copy of Neverwinter Nights and found her mnfclub.com to cyber on though.
  6. My fwb

    I've seen her pics on RLC and Nubiles.net. Also, I have her on MNF, RLC, Hangouts, PSN, personal email, Google Play, and soon to be Steam.
  7. My fwb

    But what about this: We've talked to each other for 5 years as friends, now fwb. She and I play PS3 together and are gonna start Steam games soon I helped her find MNFClub and we have had cybersex there as well as Red Light Center where we first met I talk to her every day and we do activities once or twice a week (1 game, 1 cyber) ?
  8. My fwb

    She never charged me money for anything. When I bought my PS3, we started playing 6 different games weekly. Also on a good week, we cyber one day and play the other day on the weekend, and talk through the rest of the week.
  9. My fwb

    I've known her since 2012 though. We met on Red Light Center. I saw a pic of her at around age 17 or so and then her topless photo later, now her complete gallery.
  10. My fwb

    She doesn't Skype.
  11. My fwb

    We're long distance. We play PS3 and MNFClub together. We're planning for her to visit later this year for a week. She is willing to start Steam gaming with me soon.
  12. My fwb

    They're on nubiles.net under the model Rochelle
  13. My fwb

    Los Angeles.
  14. My fwb

    Turns out she used to be Rochelle at nubiles.net.
  15. Overwatch

    Is this for Mac? I see a Buy Now button. No install button though. I can't find any mention of there being official support on Mac.