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  1. Awwww man Ethereum is lose-lose? Shit. I gotta make some calls.
  2. Think part of this is mid-range boards like the RX 570 and 580 are way more expensive than a GTX 1060 and close to the price of a 1070 (due to mining of course)? Nvidia's prices aren't so inflated.
  3. You guys'll see! This shit is gonna keep on going. Or the money's all just going to move to Ethereum.
  4. Any suggestions for starting into VR?

    I have a Vive. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by waiting for more headsets. The low resolution is really off-putting to me. It's like have a 1440p monitor, putting your face 6" away from it and then running your games at 1280x720. Other than that, that's really my only complaint. VR is amazing. I want Battlefield and other big online FPS games in VR post haste. I've been enjoying the shit out of various multiplayer/single player FPS games (Pavlov is the big one for me - it's incredible, as well as the VR port of Serious Sam 3). I feel like even if the resolution was like 1500x1500 instead of the yucky 1000x1000 it would be way better. And that's coming next year. There are multiple headsets in development. Hopefully one of them is good. The Pimax might be. It's got resolution for days but apparently the refresh rate is 75hz and it's interpolated to be higher or something. I didn't back the Kickstarter so I don't know. Kind of expensive to replace the Vive I just got 8 months ago. Also, don't expect any triple-A games. They don't exist other than maybe Doom VR. Superhot and Serious Sam 3 are stand-outs obviously but as excellent as they are (you'll never be able to play Superhot on a regular monitor again once you play VR), they aren't triple-A. The new Doom is getting semi-decent reviews for the most part. This leaves Fallour 4 VR. A full-priced game with none of the DLC and unless sweeping changes have been made since the last demo, it's not going to have the VR mechanics that we've come to love from various $5-$10 games (2-hand weapons, interactive reloading, picking up objects directly, etc.). That's really about it. Everything else is much smaller experiences that last an hour or two. If you are creative, there are some excellent apps out there but in my experiences, actual games are over in an hour or two outside of SS3 and multiplayer games. You should also have a 3m x 3m area. I have just a bit bigger than 2.5x2. I think that's the minimum. It's merely sufficient. I still bump into things occasionally and I don't usually play games where I flail about (like Gorn) because of this.
  5. Surprise upgrade!

    At these prices???? I would. $8200!! And ethereum broke $400!
  6. Surprise upgrade!

    The power of bitcoin...
  7. RIP my computer

    Ahh, man. All these years...Caked orange in there.
  8. RIP my computer

    F. My PC basically dies once every few weeks. It seems to be when I have Netflix running on one monitor. It crashes like PCs used to crash in the 90s. Looping audio, garbled screen. I am ignoring it. 5930k, multiple TB SSDs, Fury. If any of these are dead, it's an expensive fix My Windows install is ages old though. Like...4+ years. Windows 7 upgraded to 10 without a format. Sometimes I'm surprised it turns on.
  9. Where to even begin with this! BTW miners can come in the form of JavaScript in your browser as you're on a page or they can be installed to your system as a virus/malware. The former is more common it seems. They are almost all JavaScript miners are mining a cryptocurrency called Monero at this point and as far as I know, utilize only your CPU and cannot access GPU instruction sets via JS. If one is installed via malware, Windows will likely catch it. If not, it can be GPU or CPU; likely GPU as CPU is extremely inefficient relatively speaking. And the variant installed to your system can mine anything that takes advantage of Cuda or Compute instruction sets (Ethereum, for example) provided by your GPU.
  10. Vega 56 is the top selling video card on Amazon (U.S.)

    Pretty sure. Gigabyte and PowerColor and others are selling the liquid version. Probably a little hard to find. Really expensive up here in Canada though. $1030CAD ($805USD).
  11. Vega 56 is the top selling video card on Amazon (U.S.)

    This is probably mostly due to mining. RX 580 is OOS. 1070 isn't quite as good. 1080 is more expensive. With tweaking the Vega can get to quite reasonable power draw. Also, terrible location for the power cables on that XFX card. That benefits no one.
  12. This reminds me of the GTX 280 and 285 days. The GTX 275 released and was faster than the GTX 280. But seriously, as an AMD guy (I guess), RIP Vega. You are trash. Drop prices by like 40% and we'll talk.
  13. ~*AMD Radeon RX Vega Launch Thread*~

    If AMD is really going back on the launch prices which are already high, they are doomed. The only way they'll do anything with these boards is simply by undercutting Nvidia. Start by knocking off $100 on all the "launch day" MSRPs. Get rid of those retarded packages too. No one wants them. They just want models from MSI or Gigabyte or Sapphire with a decent cooler. It's not like the monitor promoted in one of the packages is even going to be properly utilized by Vega. 21:9 1440p 100hz is one of them I think. GOOD LUCK. Maybe in Overwatch and CS:GO.
  14. ~*AMD Radeon RX Vega Launch Thread*~

    That's all there is to it. That and the dreadful power draw and heat. I can't defend AMD and I love my little Fury Nano but it's out of place in my full size tower. It needs to be in my HTPC.
  15. ~*AMD Radeon RX Vega Launch Thread*~

    Several = 12?