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  1. MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries - "Biome" trailer

    This is like 500x better than the previous footage that looked like ass. I feel like it's still not meaty enough though. I just picture more beefy explosions and debris from hitting another mech with an AC20. The mechs should react to the impact and tons of debris should fly off in meaty fashion. It's just not there. It's a canned sprite-y explosion and the mech doesn't react until death.
  2. Both Nvidia and AMD released products specifically targeted at mining in 2017. Nvidia's was some version of the GTX 1060 with less outputs and AMDs was, I believe, some version of the RX 570. Neither were readily available, however. At the quoted 47mh, this thing will have to be less than $550USD or people will just use a pair of 1060s or 570s. The latter can get to about 29mh each via custom BIOS and undervolting/underclocked core/overclocked memory. This is overall a losing proposition in terms of direct revenue for Nvidia but is good PR as most of their audience will cite these products and assume the worst is over. It diverts negative press away from Nvidia based around the fact that they did nothing to increase supply over the last 18 months (which wasn't really their responsibility in the first place but people love to blame someone). Additionally, I hope performance is good for mining something other than Ethereum. If all goes as planned, Ethereum is going to change from proof of work (mining) to proof of stake (not mining) in 2018. I suspect this will be H1 2019 or even later as it still seems like theory to me so any buyers had better be able to easily use this hardware for other coins. Nvidia's entire 10xx line typically transfers well to other algorithms so it'll probably be fine here. But Ethereum mining is on the clock at this point. Lastly, if it's not readily available, nothing will change. GTX 1060 and up and RX 570 and up will be unavailable; as will their successors later this year.
  3. Anyone play the other expansion? Felt like it didn't fit into the existing game very well. I had two high-level characters that were fine anywhere else and got my ass handed to me in the first area of it. Felt like I needed to somehow rekit my entire loadout (which is nearly impossible because the chance of good loot ever dropping is like 0%) or start over and you can't start the expansion until you finish the entire story of the main game. Needless to say, I did not proceed any further after dying a handful of times in what was basically one hit. If it were not for that huge issue with the first expansion, I'd be excited for this.
  4. So doing fairly well then! I had no idea. FF is a very popular IP so there's that but Elder Scrolls and Star Wars, I presume, have nowhere near these numbers.
  5. I can't think of any. TOR and FFIV I guess are two MMOs, right? I don't play either. In any case, the paid + subscription MMO is a dead model. It is no longer viable outside of WoW and perhaps TOR/FFIV which I suspect have relatively low subscriber counts. I don't think any IP could get away with $40-60 + $15-20/month anymore.
  6. Marrying Vega and Zen- APU reviews

    Is the on-board GPU getting close to 30fps in a lot of games on the highest details? The TPU review didn't state detail settings. If it's 30fps on the highest settings, then medium/low might get 60fps and then we're in playable territory for SFF system. But low profile discrete GPUs exist (I think there's a 1060 out there). Still impressive. Might be fine for some Overwatch and LoL and other games that aren't so demanding.
  7. Probably get the 2080 and abandon AMD finally. Too bad, too. I got a 34" Freesync monitor. But at the end of the day I need a GPU that can actually run 60fps.
  8. The "Is your PC bottlenecked?" calculator

    Hrmmmm. My Fury Nano can't keep up with my 5930k (which is painfully obvious in just about every game I play). What are my options in this market though???
  9. Unnnnngh. I have a Freesync monitor.
  10. I feel dirty but they left me no choice

    Holy shit. 0.01? That's $100 every two days at the current price. How many GPUs do you have mining? 20?
  11. I feel dirty but they left me no choice

    I am confident that it does. You have to stop mining for like 60 days or something.
  12. I feel dirty but they left me no choice

    If you have the GPU for it, Ethereum is probably best to mine (in a pool obviously). Nicehash is great because it's very simple to set up and forget about it but you have to earn 0.01BTC before they pay out. This could take you many weeks and if you stop, the balance expires after like 60 days so you have to persevere. With ethereum mining you can set the payout to as low as 0.05 which will take an RX 580/GTX 1070 about 10 days to mine. One could argue Ethereum has much higher potential than Bitcoin. I'm up in the air about that but Ethereum has been far more stable in the last month (and actually grown) while Bitcoin has dropped a lot. Another option with regards to prebuilts is buying it for the GPU and selling the rest. GPU prices are so retarded this is now a viable option. Also, anyone notice the listed prices on the Vega GPUs with aftermarket cooling? Mark-up over MSRP is close to 100% in some places.
  13. Battlefield and Titanfall. Or really anything. Those are just damn pretty games and the extra FOV in multiplayer is just nice. Everything I've played lately has worked fine and I've been using a non-standard aspect ratio for a very long time (ran Eyefinity for many years). Fortnite, Homeworld, Elite, Star Citizen. There isn't much that doesn't work at 21:9 or beyond anymore. However, Overwatch and Starcraft 2 don't support over 16:9. You get the vertical black bars or in the case of Overwatch, you get vert- so FOV is all messed up. Don't do it.
  14. I blame the retailers. They are marking up GPUs well above MSRP and that's just retarded. It's frustrating for my tiny modest hobby-mining operation but it's even more frustrating because I want to game and am stuck with what I have because either nothing is in stock or it's 40% more expensive to buy. Retailers can go eat a bag of dicks. And no, the market will not be flooded with cheap GPUs in a few months. I 100% disagree with that statement. Ethereum mining has been driving up GPU prices for well over 18 months; nearly 2 years. Once a new line of GPUs come out, the cycle starts over. Neither Nvidia nor AMD want to be left with more stock than they can sell so they keep production modest. What upsets this is when people order bunches of 24 GPUs. 1 person is taking up the number of GPUs that would normally accommodate 24 gamers. Ethereum mining won't stop for another 1+ year and once that's over, people will just mine something else. There is no short-term end in sight unless AMD and Nvidia increase production. And even then, miners are so desperate for hardware that I don't think even a 100% increase in production will help very much. It also doesn't solve the mark-up. We've just hit a point where a GTX 1050 Ti is the same price as an Xbox One, guys. That's just sad.
  15. Kind of. Someone could try to write a javascript-based miner that uses your CPU. It will be terribly inefficient and like the Monero one that made the news a few months ago, hardly effective and easy to block. The mining will likely be on a similar algorithm that's friendly to consumer-grade GPUs which means CPU-based mining will yield basically nothing (this is the case with Monero too). The decision to create a proof-of-work network is rather interesting. I see why they did it but this so that their userbase can help run the network when not gaming and then earn probably $1-2/day worth of the currency but this type of network isn't going to last. 2018 or probably 2019 are the years of privacy and moving away from proof-of-work. Hopefully they move to something else. It could even be centralized for something like this. There's no reason to have something like this decentralized. A private blockchain is an acceptable implementation for this type of use-case. Or just develop a means so that users can host their own nodes that run the network but without the need to run a GPU flat out and waste a ton of electricity (proof-of-stake is one such method). It's an interesting idea overall but I feel that a lot of companies are just going to try to shoehorn blockchain and cryptocurrency into everything possible and then there will be a huge crash and all the useless cryptos will die and we'll just be left with the ones that actually have purpose and adoption. I look forward to that day however far off (and I've also banked on it).