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  1. 9 months before I was born. HOLYSHITMYMINDHASBEENBLOWN
  2. Oh man, I didn't know you'd had the 'I don't love you anymore' too - I got that 6 months or so ago too. If it helps I've met someone new and never been happier, I'm sure you will too In the meantime this probably means we will see more of you which is a good thing, so congrats to the 15k!
  3. Assassin's Creed IV: PC performance analysis by DSO Gaming

    And that would be great, except it's not the GPU's that are the problem - it's their shitty CPU coding
  4. Confess something.

    Eh go for it, I'm 27 and I'm dating a girl who's 20 - I think women tend to be more mature than guys anyway so we're probably about the same level lol
  5. Show off your new haircuts, D1P.

    I don't have a new haircut doe
  6. A shot at 8:30 AM? olo

    olo? More like #YOLO, amirite?
  7. Did you know...

    You're only saying that because the only people who tried it on you had their cards declined
  8. Did you know...

    What do you do if it's chip and pin?

    Class must be finished by now, come on Johnny!

    Do it johnny, give her the D, she wants it
  11. So Bomb lost a hundred pounds

    Bomb is my hero, from tubby to studly
  12. OHMIGODYOUFOOL!!!!! I have no idea. #BritishLOL
  13. What is your morning ritual?

    Wake up Refuse to leave bed for at least 20 minutes Give in and get up Piss/Shit Shower Teeth Shave Leave Coffee before work