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  1. http://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/u-s-nuclear-commander-says-he-would-resist-illegal-order-from-trump-1.3684022 I think there's been some discussion about what would happen if Trump ordered a nuclear strike out of spite. Although I guess this still does leave the question open as to what qualifies as an illegal order. Your thoughts?
  2. Here's a couple word maps showing what words American voters were more likely to associate with each candidate during the campaign: Hillary Clinton Donald Trump Here's the article the word maps came from for further context. So I think that word map shows two things IMO. First of all, Clinton's campaign was unable to tar Trump the way that Trump's campaign was able to tar Clinton. But secondly, and I think this is more important, Trump gave voters something they could easily digest and get behind. Were any of Clinton's policies as easy to understand as building a wall to stop illegal immigration or banning Muslim immigration? I think what it comes down to is that a divisive agenda like Trump's is more easily understood and does still appeal to a significant portion of the electorate.
  3. I’m pretty sure Anzo knows who Elon Musk is, so in this context your wife’s lack of knowledge is irrelevant. And you’re going to have to elaborate on your last sentence. The amount of people I know that will spout the most racist or misogynist things yet swear up and down that they are not racist / misogynist makes me disagree. Most people in my experience are completely unwilling to acknowledge any sort of bias. Im kind of curious if you could elaborate on how you see my “rationalization of bias against Musk on the basis that he’s a billionaire.” Personally, like I said in the other post, I think the default position towards a billionaire should be (at minimum) deep disdain and suspicion. And nothing Musk has done has led me to believe that he’s not in this for personal enrichment...
  4. Ok cult like? What other automotive company is constantly being posted to web forums everywhere? Cummins comes out with an electronic semi -- *crickets* -- then a few weeks later Musk announces that he will reveal an electric semi at some point in the future AND HOLY SHIT THIS IS GOING TO REVOLUTIONIZE THE ENTIRE TRUCKING INDUSTRY! Ya, you guys are totally not buying into the cult of personality. You're just into discussing how these technological developments will effect the future. But oddly not when these developments don't involve Musk. So that's what I mean when I talk about the Musk kool-aid. He may not be a politician but you're kidding yourself if you think he's not building a brand centered around himself. And either you've bought into the hype just like everybody else or you're being willfully ignorant to the hype if you can’t see the cult of personality surrounding him. As far as disliking him personally, once again, I don't like any billionaires. I think I've made no qualms about saying it's terrible that billionaires now think that their billionaire status qualifies them to run for president and I'm pretty sure I got into a tiff on here (maybe it was somewhere else but I think it was here) when I dared to say that, though the Gates foundation is likely doing good work, it's unfortunate our society is set up in such a way that such necessary work requires the funding of billionaires and that I felt that having a billionaire philanthropist directing such work results in suboptimal outcomes. The thing is I can't think of any billionaire that's constantly referenced here except Musk. I mean I'll point out there's been several threads posted here about Musk and I haven't started any of them, but yeah, if the threads are posted then I'll comment (so to answer your question "who cares about a dude that makes rockets and isn't a politician?" I guess you should ask the OP's of the threads I post in). And tbh, if there were several threads about Mark Zuckerberg over the past month I'd probably start saying "I hate Mark Zuckerberg" too (I do hate him, he's a billionaire, and that should be the default perception towards billionaires). But beyond being suspicious of the motives of billionaires in general, Elon Musk is kind of a special case for a few reasons. Firstly because he's venerated in a way that no other CEO is. Like, people call him iron man and say half jokingly that he's an alien trying to return home. He's a billionaire playboy that mistreated his ex-wife and buys million dollar sports cars but he's built this image that he's not into it for the money. He proposes completely ludicrous ideas (LET'S MAKE TRAFFIC 3D GUYS! HEY WHY DONT WE USE ROCKET SHIPS INSTEAD OF AIRPLANES GUYS!) and he's willing to completely lie (I GOT APPROVAL FOR MY TUNNEL FROM NEW YORK TO DC GUYS!) but somehow he's still considered trustworthy instead of a clown. His company creates products primarily for the one percenters (okay after the Model 3, if that ever ramps up, maybe it'll be for the 5 percenters) but yet is still reliant on government subsidies. Tesla is emblematic of a hose suctioning wealth from the middle case into the hands of the wealthy, it's a perfect example of the phrase "socializing losses and privatizing gains" (that's of course assuming that Tesla ever does make a profit, though even if they don't I suppose they will have created nice toys for wealthy people and that's what capitalism is all about apparently). He's done nothing that somebody else isn't doing just as well, or better, but it's always his companies that dominate the news cycles. My final reason for disliking Musk, as much as I think he is a charlatan and a clown, is he's emblematic of future trends that I think are the wrong direction. Self driving electric cars (if they ever are feasible, which I honestly don't think they will be for a very long time) will not solve our problems because cars themselves are a big part of the problem. We need to do more with less. We need fewer cars, more public transportation and more densely populated cities. We need to create neighborhoods that people like to live in, have fun in, and work in, not just more roads and more traffic. Musk is (IMO) like a faith healer that tells you he can treat your cancer by giving you acai berries. And moving from Tesla onto his space ventures -- do you really trust SpaceX (or another company like SpaceX) to send people to Mars? When I was a kid I imagined NASA creating a mission to mars and sending the most qualified candidates to build a colony there. Instead, it's looking like (if Musk and others like him are to be believed) we're going to have Mars colonization headed up by silicon valley tech bros selling tickets to the highest bidder. Is this the future we want? A) I can't think of any CEO's that are such shameless self promoters like Elon Musk except for maybe Donald Trump. Perhaps Richard Branson in a way -- but at least he doesn't (AFAIK) shit post on Twitter like Elon Musk. B) That's kind of the whole point with biases... they aren't usually readily apparent to those that hold them. C) Unless you're very very wealthy I doubt you own many consumer products that cost 70 grand. I guess it's pretty strange to be suspicious of the motivations of a sillicon valley tech bro billionaire. They're all so wonderful and just want the best for humanity.
  5. A) Be prepared for a very long wait then. B) The Model 3 isn't 70 grand.
  6. You HAVE a Tesla? If you've bought into his message enough to spend, what, 70 grand or more? on his product, I don't think you can reasonably expect anyone to consider you unbiased.
  7. You spend time on Tesla discords and forums, and you want to argue you're not a kool-aid drinker? And I've already said why I don't like him so I'm not really going to go over that suffice to say that I'm extremely skeptical of the motivations of any billionaire and in Musk's case he's done nothing but confirm that that skepticism is warranted.
  8. No. I ignored your stupidity in the other thread, but here you are with the "both sides" bullshit again. The very same thread you posted this on before had people saying shit like 'Musk knows rocketry as well as his engineers' so GTFO with this bullshit. It's not true and it doesn't make you look smart.
  9. I hate him so much. I hate his scrotum licking fans even more.
  10. Can’t Trump just be like “no” and then no one can do anything cuz he’s the president?
  11. That dudes still alive? He looked like a corpse in the 90’s!
  12. Also, this is basically like saying “bill Cosby hasn’t been convicted so we can rule it out that he sexually assaulted those women.” Like, I’m a human being and I can make judgements based on what I’ve seen. Sure, I can’t make an official diagnosis. Still, all you have to do is look at his interviews from a couple decades ago and compared to now, it’s obvious that (at a minimum) he’s no longer playing with a full deck.