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  1. This scenario necessitates that somebody is left holding the bag when the music stops. It can be profitable if you can find a bigger fool, but there’s the chance that you end up the guy holding the bag.
  2. This could be said of... well basically every single bubble historically.
  3. Well I just assumed the processing power to analyze big data would be too expensive leading to a crash.
  4. So is this the end of big data?
  5. Well hi thar

    I remember in an argument with that guy with (I think) Everyman, Lopez stating that he thought unions were good because they reduce inequality, but that he personally wouldn’t want to be in one.
  6. It's kind of funny to hear Roy Moore's campaign spokesman complaining about vote records being destroyed. Too bad you didn't think it was an issue a month ago you chump. Also, man as much as I dislike Republicans, that Alabama secretary of state has really impressed me the way he's handled himself throughout this process. He comes off as a guy that does want to do things properly.
  7. Well the guy donated to a hospital once I guess he’s immune to any criticism now.
  8. He’s had some interesting twitter activity over the past week.
  9. I think that’s likely always been a source for the creation of both millionaires and paupers.