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  1. Everybody's laughing at what Ana had to say but it seems reasonable to me. In the 60s gun control was enacted when the black panthers armed themselves. Dead kids isn't enough to legitimize gun control but black guys legally carrying was? I think Ana has a point.
  2. Well considering that Caleb brought up the point that it's entirely possible that these guys weren't the leaders at all, you're kinda the one with the red herring. As to your our last paragraph, you really need to cut that shit out. It's a fairly common perspective these days that nonviolent drug offenders should be released, it's not "only on the CEB" where people support these kinds of ideas. Not at all. Like, where have you been the past decade?
  3. So heyyoudvd's link doesn't really actually provide much detail on these supposed kingpins that Obama commuted. It doesn't even appear to list any names (unless I missed a paragraph somewhere). I did some digging and I found this article that provides more detail: http://www.krgv.com/story/34294154/president-obama-pardons-moreno-brothers-life-sentences So I mean, yeah, we're not talking about potatoes here. These guys were running a substantial operation. But at the same time, I'm not really sure if they deserve the title "kingpin" especially in a thread about El Chapo. The Moreno brothers were a pimple on the DEA's ass in comparison to El Chapo. More to the point though, it seems like these guys were nonviolent offenders -- they just had a very successful marijuana smuggling operation. And it's becoming a popular opinion these days that marijuana shouldn't be illegal and all nonviolent drug offenders (at least those with marijuana related charges) should be released. I wouldn't call the article that heyyoudvd posted "fake news", but at the same time it clearly was intending to give this story a certain slant and that's why they left out basically every single detail. I mean I guess you can call them drug kingpins if you want, but if things go the way that it seems many people want things to go vis a vis marijuana and drug laws, there's probably going to be a hell of a lot of drug "kingpins" released eventually. To put it simply, the Moreno brothers are the kind of people I was expecting Obama to give commutation. I'm much more surprised about, say, Manning than I am about the Moreno brothers. EDIT: On reading through this thread a second time, I do find it telling that in response to Jose asking "which four kingpins?" heyyoudvd posts a link that DOESN'T SAY WHAT FOUR KINGPINS. Oh well, c'est la vie.
  4. Too bad she didn't just run for mayor in the first place.
  5. I'm so sorry.
  6. I'm not talking about "a zinger" about your views on Apple products that I posted. As you are so fond of saying "stop lying." I'm talking about you stating that the free market always works for the betterment of society, and then when somebody pointed out an example of the free market, y'know, needing government regulation to ensure labor got it's fair share, because firms in that free market were colluding to hold wages down (and Apple was one of them, which was funny but that wasn't the point), you just ignored it. And then when people started asking why you were ignoring it when it refuted your whole argument... you just stopped responding entirely. And now you're in another topic, continuing your blind worship of the invisible hand and spouting off more ignorant rhetoric.
  7. Yo, you never responded about apple conspiring with other companies to hold down wages. Perhaps before spouting off on yet another topic you don't understand you should do that first.
  8. Oh ok I didn't know.
  9. All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.
  10. Well that's good news.
  11. Shit that's just right fucked up sounds like she had some internalized racism issues.
  12. wtf dogfart sounds like some twisted shit