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  1. Lol at videotape telling Riley he doesn't know what insurance is
  2. Could you elaborate on your last sentence?
  3. There was a study posted on Reddit that humility is correlated with curiosity, openness, low dogmatism and being able to evaluate the strength of persuasive arguments. I wonder if heyyoudvd was one of the subjects in that study.
  4. My disagreement is when you talk about defense spending being taken from social welfare money. I think you're creating a dichotomy that doesn't necessarily exist. You even say in your next post that the US "military is nothing more than a massive jobs program run by welfare queen politicians." If the Nordic countries suddenly had to ramp up their military spending, I'm pretty sure it would be treated the same way -- a make work project to ensure the employment of the country's citizens.
  5. GOOD point but on the other hand I'm not sure if it would impact the rankings that much if Europeans had to spend more on defense. This argument seems to smack of the American concept of pursuing happiness by buying more things and bigger and better things.
  6. In Canada, we have "myCRA" (CRA is the acronym for our IRS). It's basically a website you can log in to that will show you all the forms (For example T4's which I think are like your W2's) that CRA has received on your behalf. Now for most doing your taxes does still involve using some sort of tax software BUT, if you don't have any extra deductions you want to claim you can just have the tax software download your info from myCRA and auto-populate your form. Also there is a very good free tax program called Studio Tax that you can download (it's basically supported through a crowd funding model).
  7. ah heyyoudvd attempting to turn another thread into a partisan shit slinging match
  8. Nothing of what your quoting sounds different than normal politician speak.
  9. That... sounds exactly like what I would expect to hear on a political campaign.
  10. But she didn't say delusional. She said pie in the sky. You're changing the words which, even if they are synonyms, still changes the way the statement sounds. You're trying to make it fit a narrative. This is obvious because if you replace "delusional ideas" in your above paragraph with "ideas that are unlikely to be achieved" (not a synonym but the actual definition lol) then your narrative doesn't work anymore and everything you're saying sounds like a bunch of whining and hot air.
  11. This discussion has already happened with just about the exact same screen shot. IMO, though they may be synonyms, I think that delusional comes off more disrespectful than pie in the sky -- which is why people are saying "Hillary called Bernie's ideas delusional" rather than "Hillary said bernies ideas are unlikely to be achieved."
  12. This reminds me of Joe Clark in Canada. He was a federal leader of the right wing party in Canada (PC party), and he's always been well liked and fairly popular. He was elected Prime Minister once but his government was defeated less than a year later, and other than that he never had much success. He lost the the leadership PC shortly after that, though he did return as leader again in the 90's, but the PC party was basically a rump party at that point. But like I said, throughout his entire career, he was very popular among Canadians. So why did he struggle so much in elections? Well, he was popular with people who either didn't vote, or didn't vote for the PC party. Anathema and Jose are, IMO correct to be skeptical of johnny's and (especially) Jason's suggestions for what went wrong. Moreover, IMO, its more than a little pretentious to say "you don't even know why Hillary lost" as if the whole election can be distilled to one factor.
  13. Lbr tho state senator that's like equivalent to manager at McDonald's or what