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  1. Wouldn't that scenario make Ryan the president? lol
  2. I'm over Fox X-Men movies
  3. Just, no.
  4. but... Obama has deported more Mexicans than Bush... THE TITLE MAKES NO SENSE
  5. I mean, William/MiB wasn't the only predictable thing, Bernard being a "machine" was predictable too, I was like "this guy is totally a machine or his acting is bad" first episode. Wyatt/Dolores, all of it. What's-her-face going back from the train was a big disappointment for me.
  6. Y'all should start respect ing the precedent
  7. He's gonna prove how dumb we really are
  8. He's just trying to get you all riled up.
  9. CNN denies is proofread
  10. But your state needs the money so.
  11. Saw all lot if, it was good, but a bit predictable. Down to young William being Old William.
  12. Trump is a conspiracy theorist, he's probably being loud against the CIA in order to make their fight public, putting the CIA in a position that they can't do anything to him due to scrutiny. @joe
  13. I guess I'm rooting for Atlanta..
  14. Whatever, maybe it will make the press do some work
  15. Which makes me wonder why, probably to use it to discredit anyone who disagrees with him later