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  1. Is this guy trolling us with that article. Does he know we are watching? Isn't that what he was always bitching about when he refused to argue with certain people?
  2. I am color blind so it is hard for me to tell, but is that a fucken blue marker that he signed the bill with?
  3. Not esports stuff, just people that don't have to go to the fucken same place as everyone else and wonder why they die within second so of hitting the ground.
  4. Hannity should be the next person banished to the realms of hell. There are few people on earth I loath more than this guy.
  5. Pretty sure I told Zot this once and everyone told me I was crazy and there was no way this would escalate into another vietnam type situation.
  6. Trump Jr. corresponded with Wikileaks

    This was all known before the election. If at anytime we would have heard it was illegal or seen the shit leak it would have been before the election.
  7. Total blame on the post office for this, but if I had sent a doc as important as this to keep myself in the country I would probably started to worry and wonder a few days after and then sent in another application through fed ex.
  8. These fucken presidents keep doing this shit. What do you think about when Obama did the same thing back in 2011? I tried to go back and find the thread about Alison Nathan being nominated despite having never tried a case and only having her law degree for a few years also, but I couldn't find it.
  9. It usually isn't the enlisted side that partake in "Perhaps the most disturbing story I have ever reported in ~15 years of covering national security is coming your way this evening." That kind of stuff usually goes to the officer ranks. Such as the fucken 60 Admirals being investigated. https://www.navytimes.com/news/your-navy/2017/11/06/more-than-60-admirals-being-looked-at-in-fat-leonard-probe-report-says/
  10. Does anyone play this game on teams. I am absolutely tired of being paired with fucken morons.
  11. Youth must prevail

    Is that you Poppy? If so I want to bang you.
  12. So Obama did the same thing on his first trip to China. Is there a difference between the two here? Other than one is a D and one is an R?
  13. Their systems are able to identify faces without human review, but it can't tell what a fucken dick or some fat titties look like?
  14. I thought he already worked for fox