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  1. Thoughts on going back to 1080p? Update

    Getting an ultra widescreen is the way I went and I could never game on a regular 16:9 monitor again.
  2. Nostalgia or how did you get into PC gaming?

    Just because IBM used the name of a generic term as one of their computers doesn't mean PCs didn't exist before then
  3. Nostalgia or how did you get into PC gaming?

    My first gaming experience on a computer was about 1982. My dad spent a day typing code into the computer found in the back of a magazine in order for us to have a space invaders clone saved on a fucken tape.
  4. Good, maybe we will get some good south american based military movies again. Predator and Sniper are getting a bit old.
  5. Got to love that early 90s 80 dollar price tag on Phantasy Star.
  6. I will be glad when father time comes around.
  7. I am not shocked. I don't believe I said I was shocked anywhere.
  8. What happens when these guys stop making music? It isn't like they have successors is it?
  9. Never lived in Florida. was looking more for a answer like 90 - 95 degrees. or whatever it is there. Not a lesson on humidity
  10. I asked how hot it gets in Florida. I am well aware of how heat and humidity works.
  11. I have spent time in the south pacific. I have a very good idea of how hot 110 and 100 percent humidity gets to.
  12. Maybe that hot dog guy in Berkeley can get his money back then.
  13. I had a hope that once he got rid of all that trash he would start doing sane shit. Dude was never really a Republican
  14. My internet is 35 mb and I will regularly have three tvs streaming with my son also having his godamn tablet streaming some youtube video game rap music while playing online. No problems at all.