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  1. Other than the fat ones no uglys
  2. Maybe two.
  3. Thinking back to all the women in the past I have pounded out impressing with fancy dinners and shit like that was not required. Nice car was not required, even a nice place to live was not required. None of the shit that most people think women care about matters if you are just trying to fuck. I would say I am in the upper tier of amount of women pounded on this board and people put way more thought into this shit than required.
  4. What the fuck is that thing?
  5. It was mentioned the investigation started because of that at the bottom of the article.
  6. I hope this bitch gets some of her own. http://rare.us/rare-news/whats-wrong-with-people/a-republican-official-tweeted-her-support-for-john-mccains-death-as-he-recovered-from-surgery/?utm_content=inf_10_3427_2&utm_source=influencer&utm_medium=the-social-edge&utm_campaign=influencer&tse_id=INF_f9be65f06d7711e784dd0bde21677fc8
  7. Has there been any mention if the main character in this (the old boat captain) is based on the guy from the titanic?
  8. I was 26 when my wife was 19. She couldn't get enough of the snaysleigh and still can't. So it worked out for me.
  9. In my county they started issuing warrants for people that didn't show up for jury duty. At least it is only his license.
  10. And another person learns that what they think Japan is, is actually south korea although I am assuming you didn't go there.
  11. Our politicians are more worried about their next votes more than anything else. They can raise taxes to support all this shit, but they have to do one thing. Use the fucken extra tax money for what it was raised for and not diverting to people you want to get votes from. Money in politics should be banned, lobbyists should be executed, any politician doing any kind of underhanded deal at all (no exceptions) should be thrown in jail for a min of 50 years. Until that happens we will continue to float along taking a huge fucken broomstick up our ass every-time a budget is passed, or an election happens, or anything else that goes on that a politician has their hand in.
  12. For fucken beating off. Really, this is a crime to wack off in your own cell. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4710666/OJ-Simpson-caught-masturbating-cell-impact-parole.html
  13. Dude spent like 6 years in the Hanoi Hilton. Bones broken, beaten, and now some cancer bullshit. This shit shouldn't happen to guys like him.
  14. Is he responsible for Obamacare? I didn't think he was
  15. This sucks. I am glad that the cancer took him quick. I watched my grandfather beast through that shit for about 5 years before he died and when he went he was nothing but skin and bones. On a side note, WTF is Tom Savini eating to look like he is 40 at age 70?