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  1. I have begun knifemaking and I have been looking at them to do prototyping of various knife designs
  2. Fuck here I am over here doing everything I can to get my blood pressure and heart rate down and this guy sits around eating burgers and other trash and is killing my stats. http://www.cnn.com/2018/01/16/politics/ronny-jackson-health-donald-trump/index.html
  3. I would be amazed if North Korea had the ability to launch a missile that could guide itself to Hawaii.
  4. Wish somebody would make a new FPS master controller.
  5. Well hi thar

    Good thing you don't own a truck. My buddy just paid 900 for his renewal.
  6. Pretty sure he was like out on probation for past bomb threats when he did this shit.
  7. I used to have a CO that loved telling us how he would almost blow a load in his trou when he would get the chance to drop warheads on foreheads. Every speech he gave had that line in it
  8. Anyone know what countries he was talking about when having this conversation?
  9. Has he gone back to being sane like he was before he ended up on Foxnews or is he still in the fastlane to a rubber room?
  10. Between this and the travel ban court issues, I feel like this one would be the more likely of the two that was created on shaky terms to begin with. I figured the ban may have had a chance to survive the supreme court, but there is no way this one won't get turned over.
  11. Riding in the train through that tunnel is like visiting the set for Midnight Meat Train everytime.
  12. You think all those nice homeowners are going to want the local dirt mexicans living near them? They only want them to do their menial work, not actually be able to live in the same area. This will end up in court as soon as passed just like all the other attempts at this shit in this state.