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  1. This is it. Discuss and enjoy!
  2. And four months early is inexcusable! If @SoberChef intends to bump this thread for four months with non e3 news, I suspect a moderator will not need to address this as the community more than likely will!
  3. You have officially overreacted.
  4. Only I can call a thread "Official", and officially speaking, the three page existing Gears thread shall be rewarded with the title of "Official" for this particular game. Officially.
  5. If they talked about determining what is an "official" thread and what is not, that buck stops with me. Don't worry folks, I got this covered. Officially.
  6. Rushmore, Tenenbaums, The Rock, but I don't know about this...
  7. I was! Does anybody have it dvr'd where they can capture a screen grab for me so The Official's mom can see how much of a badass her son is? I'm in the beginning of the show and I'm one of the little icons on the bottom. The Official officially appreciates your help dear citizens!
  8. Now this is really stretching.
  9. I didn't authorize this.
  10. This thread needs to become "The Official EVO 2014 Thread". We need links. We need schedules. We need twitch/ustream channels. We need gifs of Daigo vs Justin Wong. We need moar!
  11. What makes this thread "official"?
  12. Stars and the word "official" an official title does not make. This was never cleared by me. Not official.