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  1. Destiny 2 Discussion

    XP throttling... good times! I've said it for years and now it's confirmed by Bungee: Destiny is Officially a manipulative experience. gg Destiny.
  2. Destiny 2 Discussion

    I'm liking the one time use shaders. Officially my favorite newest feature!
  3. Destiny 2 Discussion

    Destiny 2 has a "capacity"? Official lulz.
  4. Sony getting Desperate

    This is Officially trash. This is "lock, ban, delete" type of trash. The Official has spoken.
  5. Destiny 2 Discussion

    This shall be the Official thread for dropping all things Destiny Deuce! Post and repost all of your favorite gifs, reminisce about everything that happened in your party the previous night to those that were there, talk about how you're going to quit the game, then play it for another 500 hours, complain about what they changed and complain about what they didn't change, make your RNGesus jokes, wonder why you can't trade with friends, get to the lighthouse and enjoy your dupes, post pictures of your gear and ships despite everybody else having those as well, and stay up late waiting for those dailies to reset. Viva la Destiny Deuce! But whatever you do, do not forget to tell us of your badass stories for all the sweet loot you get. Alright fellow Warlocks, let's see who has the best dance moves!
  6. "Looking at the possibility" you say... Officially fascinating!
  7. Microsoft 2017 E3 Thread: The Xbox One X Cometh

    Are you going to plug your Natal into your Scorpio? I don't remember 50's robots ever sounding so dumb. Or the XB1X. Officially. That's funny! Funnier when I said it though. For $500 you can buy a PS4 and an XB1, with games! $500 for one console is Officially a steal! I don't feel like being robbed.
  8. The Official acronym of the Xbox One X shall be...

    That would be acceptable if anybody in the history of man has ever abbreviated the word 'Xbox' as 'X'. Seeing as how that is a thing that has never happened absolutely ever... no. How about you look at the op. XBOX is acceptable.
  9. XB1X XBOX is also acceptable. XoX, xox, xoxo, or whatever hugs and kisses you want to throw around will Officially be banished. So it is written. So what are your thoughts on the XB1X? I'm Officially pumped to play Crimson Skies.
  10. Official WONDER WOMAN movie thread!!!

    Those cg armpits Officially upset me.
  11. Take-Two Says They Will Selectively Support the Switch

    This is Officially not newsworthy.
  12. Official E3 2018 Discussion Thread

    Funny, but I'm hoping for a revision to the hardware. Larger internal memory, adult sized controllers, a dock that doesn't act like a cat on a scratching post, and a version that doesn't melt in your hands.
  13. Nintendo hates money, discontinues the NES Classic

    Nintendo is officially the stupidest company out there. What have they sold, 500k of these? And how many more people want them? 5 million? Times 60 bucks... Idiots. Officially.