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  1. July 31st. Fired via twitter. (I know others have said July 31, so I'm going deeper with the "via twitter" part.) 6:30 am Eastern: A few tweets deep into the latest twitter tantrum he say something that makes everyone ask "Did he just fire Sessions via twitter!?" A couple hours later Sessions resigns (but we all know he was fired).
  2. Check out the new logo!

    Controller icon is fine. The logo with three different fonts looks bad, like DAY, ONE, and PATCH are three separate ideas, maybe pick one font and just color ONE differently from the others? Maybe make it take up less space. Also, I know a lot of you don't use the default theme but I do and any new people showing up are going to see this: It basically makes the website one giant logo with no content on first impression.
  3. Nevermind, it did get better.
  4. It's like everyone on my team except for Doug Martin conspired to have an uncharacteristically awful game all at once. And it's looking like Dez is going to get a big fat 0 to put the cherry on top.
  5. Civilization VI Giveaway

    If I win I will rule my first civilization with an iron fist in your honor.
  6. Drew Brees gets me 52 points and @brazil201 starts an inactive Chris Ivory and it looks like I may lose. Fantasy football is stupid.
  7. I'm just here fir the free stuff. Also I'm learning a lot Turkey today.
  8. Anyone still playing Pillars of Eternity?

    I started playing it when it came out, but got distracted by real life for a while. I'm not super far in, got the keep but still haven't found all party members. At this point I'm just waiting on the expansions and the 2.0 patch because it sounds like it's going to make a TON of improvements to how the game plays before I pick it back up.
  9. New Hearthstone Expansion - The Grand Tournament

    10 Mana to get them out, can't use them until next turn. If you don't have an answer for a 6/6 creature on turn 10 or later you've probably lost anyway.
  10. New Hearthstone Expansion - The Grand Tournament

    The latest card they revealed. At first glance, it seems like a pretty crap card at any rarity, let alone Rare. We'll have to see if there's some gamechanging card revealed later that makes this worth using ever. Unrelated to this exact thread, but because it's the most recent Hearthstone thread... I just got my first ever 12 win Arena run after playing since open beta! I was 4-2 at one point and was just hoping to eek out 6 wins. Rewards weren't too exciting. Lots of gold (~400). Two packs amounting to 70 dust and a Junkbot (The purple glow got my hopes up, only to be dashed by that thing).
  11. New Hearthstone Expansion - The Grand Tournament

    I have been exclusively f2p since open beta (bought one arena run in beta) but have managed to get a decent enough collection of cards. Missing a lot of legendaries, obviously. Would play ranked and casual to get my quests done. Since Tavern Brawl started I haven't even touched ranked outside of making sure I was at least level 20 to get the card back. I pretty much exclusively play Tavern Brawl and Arena now. I don't have the time to get to legend so ranked doesn't give me a ton of incentive to play it, and so far Tavern Brawl has been a lot more fun than casual (which is still predominately just decks you would face on ranked).
  12. Steam Guard sucks

    If you set up the 2 step authentication where you get the auto-refreshing randomly generated codes to log in, then yes you were given a one-time code. It was on a screen that clearly said the code would only be given once and to write it down because you're fucked if you don't have it and lose your phone. In addition, this screen is unskippable for 30 seconds.