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  1. Thanks for this (too short) presentation! #ChrisHaroun #331CH
  2. Rebecca Black is becoming so hot

    She's becoming as boring and repetitive as Miley Cirus though.
  3. Mirror's Edge #1, without any hesitation. Portal 2 Rayman Origins Assassin's Creed
  4. The Walking Dead Game out today!

    This one's really different, it's not an fps, more like a point and click with action moments. Had a lot of fun playing the first episode, even if I found it a bit short !
  5. Firefall Beta Key Contest!

    Sounds like an intersting offer ! It made me look at that game, and, well, if you could give me one, I'd be happy and glad to return the present to you if I can one day ! Seems that Firefall is an awesome MMOFPS, quite unique, and, hopefully, free. Saw these guys' videos, I wanna try it now
  6. xxxxxxxxxxxx

    That's what is usually called a clear sign, too late now !
  7. Not reaaaaaally sure about that, dawg. I mean, the whole point in rape is that the woman doesn't want to, how would she like it?
  8. He's kinda right ! And if you consider her role in the film, you can say she is pretty much in it for boob-showing purposes...