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  1. No, you don't. I mean maybe your fantasy is to role play a white cop that occasionally gets to yell at people, and other times hold picks up bottles, or taps names in ledgers. In which case... I suppose you DO want to play L.A. Noire!
  2. examining those bottles with HD rumble will be dank tho Or something, who fucking cares.
  3. Based on what I see when I log into Steam... the PC.
  4. My playoff rooting options are: - GB to win, because Aaron Rodgers having 2 rings makes it less likely that Eli fucking Manning gets into the HoF - NE to win, so that I get to watch Tom Brady get handed the trophy, hoping that he throws it at Goodell's feet / had a replica trophy commissioned that has a deflated football at the top - ATL to win because the knob slobbering that would happen in a Brady / Rodgers SB would be insufferable - As always, hope that Roethlesberger steps on a land mine
  5. I guess everyone misses the 90's, huh.
  6. markot's word / rustle ratio is MLG pro tier. This is his world and we are merely living in it.
  7. Because Nintendo is bad at communicating this stuff. EDIT - Also given that there are around four times more 3DSs out there than Wii U's, some people really might not know Nintendo abandoned the practice.
  8. Ah. No idea then, it would be nice to know.
  9. For chat? You'll need to use your phone.
  10. People should care, it's a fun game. And hopefully the PC loading times won't blow ass like they do on the Wii U.
  11. Oh I agree that he's a genius, he's just not a rational one.
  12. Iron Man IS NOT an-ultra rational character AT ALL. His shift from telling the government to fuck off and leave him alone in Iron Man 2 / deciding to try to build Ultron TWICE because YOLO to deciding to let the government have control of the Avengers seems to be made almost entirely because he was dumped then ambushed by someone's mom after a he gave a presentation. Tony in the MCU is almost entirely driven by gut instinct and emotion. The notion that he'd try to fuck up Bucky because Bucky killed his mom makes total sense. That he felt betrayed by Steve also makes total sense... he's chronically incapable of appreciating the perspective of others. This is the same movie where ONE KID dying motivated him to sign the Sokovia accords, and it didn't occur to him that bringing Spider-Man (also a kid, younger than the one "he killed") into the fray was setting up the exact same thing to happen again until Rhodes called him out on Peter's age and Pete had his ass beat by Cap.
  13. I have a theory that Jessica Fletcher is unknowingly a human manifestation of the concept of justice. People die, she ends up there, determines the culprit, and then tells their story. Also it takes place in the Buffyverse and the Maine town she lives in is on a hellmouth. It's the only way the show makes sense.
  14. If anything, the pace of the movie suffers because it takes the time to beat these things to death. I get thinking Spider-Man is shoehorned in generally, but they establish a connection to Iron Man, that he's obviously a fan of Captain America, they establish his motivation to be involved, etc. I don't think you're right about this point, at all.