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  1. CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR - Tomatometer Watch

    So true. So wise.
  2. CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR - Tomatometer Watch

      Yes, I agree that Hawkeye doesn't belong in the Avengers, and Batman doesn't belong in the Justice League. Good!   Kidding aside, I do think that stuff works much better on print than it does in live action. I think the Avengers flicks do about as well as you can do that kind of "mixing" in films. Something like Batman v Superman does it pretty damn poorly.
  3. Marvel and Netflix Order The Punisher Spin-Off

      I feel the same way about the Punisher that I did about Breaking Bad at the end. Both Punisher and Walter White became super boring to me because you always know WHAT they're going to do, you just don't know how they'll do it. Walter White is always going to break bad, Punisher is always going to murder people. And in the short term, yes, that can be interesting. And long term, sure, you can have some interesting moments. But there's no depth to the characters once you know that they're always going to do X, you just don't know the means.   I understand why people get more enjoyment out of the "how" than I do. I used to read a bunch of Punisher. But I've read enough of the character to last me a lifetime. So a brief stint on Daredevil works well for my appreciation of the character, but I can't imagine I'd last even a full 13 episode series. Just my $.02.
  4. Wheel of Time

      I actually don't mind that Faile got captured; it's not her fault that the events surrounding it took forever to resolve. I just think there's way too much time spent developing her that ultimately goes nowhere interesting. The whole Cha Faile (I think that's what it's called) clique is just... boring. I don't care about anything that involves her after The Shadow Rising. It could all be cut and I wouldn't miss it at all.
  5.   Yeah, agreed. If my Paperwhite shit the bed, I'd probably bite on this. For long sessions, the Paperwhite is my preferred way to read books.
  6. Marvel and Netflix Order The Punisher Spin-Off

      He mercs up gangs / criminals. It's why I don't think he's an interesting long term character. I get that he's an antihero, but the notion that he continues to exist as a free agent, serial, mass murderer has aged super poorly IMHO. He's just not interesting long term, you know he's always going to murder everyone.
  7. Marvel and Netflix Order The Punisher Spin-Off

    I think the Punisher works MUCH better as a supporting / guest character than a solo star, though I know I'm somewhat unique in that regard. I did enjoy Bernthal's take on the character, so there's that.
  8. Wheel of Time

      I'd agree that in hindsight, a lot of the individual events in some of the "slow" books end up being important by the end of the series. I'd still maintain that you could condense an awful lot of the middle books (probably 6-10) without losing much. The events are important but I still feel that there's a ton of filler. I'd wager they could also GoT it a bit and combine some characters. Also, think of how many words will be lost by not having to describe a character as "plump!" And they can just show braid tugging as opposed to writing about it! And shit, they could just cut Faile completely and the series would be dramatically improved.
  9. Wheel of Time

      The middle, say, 2 million could probably be cut and not only would very little of value be lost, but Perrin's arc wouldn't meaningfully change at all!
  10. Uncharted 4 Street Date Broken in UK

      QFT.   5GB Uncharted 4 D1P.
  11.   Run to the hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiills   Run for your liiiiiiiiiiiiife   Seriously. Abandon ship.
  12. From Software has started work on a new IP

    Armored Demon King's Soul: Blood Court starring Cookie & Cream
  13. This interview brought to from The Biden Zone.
  14.   Dude. My "the midwest is depraved" confirmation bias boner is fully engorged right now and I'm locked on to that low hanging fruit. Don't ruin this for me.