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  1. The Recent Pickup Thread

    I'm really tempted to get into Star Wars Legion. I have too much to paint already and I've never wargamed before. So torn...
  2. Sure, that's all fine. Again, I assume most shit goes down like this most of the time and most people are generally okay with it. I think people need to acknowledge that it's a risk. Your reaction to that happening was reasonable. Someone else might have been really into it... godspeed. Someone else could have been really offended or lost their shit. It's a risk. Engagement in a sexual encounter is not blanket approval for "anything goes" and we all know that. To tie it back to Aziz... they discussed vaginal sex being off the table. They both acknowledged that and agreed. Then she's bending over to get something and he's running into her dick first. That's un-fucking-acceptable. I don't expect some random woman who had a shitty hookup to be able to perfectly articulate why this was the worst night of her life, or for her to be able to seamlessly tie it into a larger women's empowerment movement that was sparked by the revelation that a Hollywood power broker was a serial rapist. Right? There are orders of magnitude here. But with all that being said, they agreed to NOT have sex that night and then later he's poking her with his dick. Fucking... no. That's not okay.
  3. Equating sex with the Patriots is like reliving deflategate except it's happening in my pants.
  4. I think that it is generally okay to assume that someone physically moving you to a part of their body is giving consent, provided that we're in sync that if someone says "stop" that means stop regardless of signals, and that it's possible to misinterpret those non-verbal cues. Someone pulling my hands up to their face could mean they want me to hold them, someone else is going to want me to slap the shit out of them. Everyone's line is drawn in a different spot, I'm not making assumptions. I assume most people roll the dice here and don't crap out most of the time, to which I say godspeed. I'm asking. I generally object to laments about "mood killing." I'm sorry, the mood is not as important enough to trump making sure your partner is on board with something. I don't know many straight men who would be on board with getting pegged. If their female partner tried to do that without asking because she was worried about "ruining the mood," she'd be laughed out of bed. And if you're saying, "hey that shit specifically is crazy of course you'd need to ask before doing THAT," some people feel that way about super vanilla shit, too. Also let's take a moment to realize that having someone tell you what they want done to them is foreplay 101, Jesus lord.
  5. Personally I find it really weird that someone would make intimate, physical contact with someone else without some kind of verbal green light. I misread enough signals and had enough of my signals misread by the time that I was frigging 15 that I assumed there had to be a better way and just started asking. It was amazing how much smoother things became after that, aside from when people made assumptions about me or my signals... but whatever, who cares. I'm not a goddamned mind reader and anyone who got irritated with me because I didn't "make a move" can piss off. And in my experience, a lot of the women who couldn't be bothered to ask if I was interested have ended up in unsatisfying relationships riddled with communication issues. SHOCKING! The fact that I missed out on some sex and had some embarrassing head slapping moments when I realized in retrospect that someone wanted to fool around was a compromise I was willing to make in the interest of being totally sure that someone wanted me to put my mouth on their mouth. It also made it much easier to maintain platonic relationships with women. There is almost no downside here. I don't think you have to be a Vulcan or some kind of zenmaster to understand that and act accordingly. AND I'd wager that people would find their partners way more willing to try stuff out if they asked as opposed to assumed / used non-verbal signals / just went for it. And now that we're talking about it, Vulcan sex seems exhausting, Jesus Christ. Anyway, I get that people hook up all the time "without asking" all the time, god bless and keep them. But there are a fucking shitload of people who straight up do not operate that way and I honestly don't understand the harm in erring on the side of caution. Like... literally never have I ever been in a situation where it seemed like something was progressing to sex, asked if someone was actually up for sex, only for them to be, "I was until right then, I'm out!" And if I had and if they did, I'd be genuinely relieved that I almost had sex with a total lunatic and got saved at the last minute. In any event, telling young people that it's worth their time to ask to make sure their partner is consenting seems like the most basic and fundamental thing you could teach them. That bar is set REALLY LOW. Yeah I get when you're horny as fuck that logic sometimes goes out the window but that should still be the message. And who's saying this should only apply to one party? That shit applies to everyone, there are enough non-heterosexual relationships that framing this solely with a "men asking women" lens is flawed from go.
  6. So she’s naked on your bed. Would you ask before you threw it in her butt? Before you finished anywhere but in a condom? Tied her up and gagged her? Being naked and up for a sexual encounter doesn’t mean you’re up for everything. Reasonable minds might and often do disagree on what an acceptable sexual experience is. Aziz continued to pursue sex after that was verbally taken off the table. That’s not okay. I’m really struggling to understand why this is a problem. I don’t think he’s a monster or anything and the way parts of the account were written were eye rolly, sure. I really don’t care that she didn’t get to pick the goddamned wine. But... fucking come on. She said no to vaginal sex and then he’s thrusting his penis against her. “She said no to sex but then did not leave the building” is not a mixed signal.
  7. Yes of course. There’s no reason to believe software won’t handle this better than humans. Never trust a computer program with your life? You do that every time you get behind the wheel already, every time you get on a plane, etc.
  8. I was thinking the same thing. For the time being I'd imagine you'd want people seated "normally" to make sure the airbags worked as designed. But I'd imagine at some point that would need to be reworked.
  9. Enjoy it while it lasts
  10. Venom movie

    No, and he barely makes sense when he's tied to Spider-Man.
  11. Is Tom Brady Finally Getting Old?

    Click click click click click click click
  12. Governor of Missouri admits to affair

    It's not like he had a gay affair or anything.