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  1. Now that we know where it is, we may kill it with fire.
  2. I had to buy xcom 4 or whatever its called.

    Snipers are so OP by the endgame in Enemy Unknown, it's ridiculous.
  3. Make sure you clean your computer regularly

      To be fair, PATA cables deserve to be destroyed.
  4.   Nah man, embrace the Asian releases!     Behold the majesty!   You need to diversify your portfolio.    
  5.   This actually doesn't do it for me. It's not ugly enough for me to crave its ugliness, nor is it cool enough for me to crave its coolness.   If it had Drake's stupid face, or gold doubloons for buttons, or something... THEN we'd be talking!
  6.   How are you not getting this? Of course having sex is a choice, but that's besides the point. People are going to have sex. If they're not educated about the consequences, they're going to make poor choices about HOW they have sex. Abstinence only education has downplayed the effectiveness of condoms to prevent pregnancy and STDs because of a misguided fear that if people are more likely to use condoms, they're more likely to have sex, and having sex before marriage is bad. So people will elect not to use condoms, not because they can't afford them, but because they've been lead to believe they're not effective, so why bother? Or they operate on bad assumptions about the rhythm method. Or they engage in other, risky behaviors like unprotected anal sex because they're concerned about pregnancy but not about STDs. Or they don't know about things like the HPV vaccine because people were worried it would encourage unprotected sex. Or someone is unlucky enough to get raped and they don't know what they should worry about or what actions they should take because their sex education stopped at "you have a choice, choose abstinence" and the airwaves are filled with bullshit about Planned Parenthood harvesting baby parts.   And so on, and so on. Insisting that having sex is a choice misses the point by a country mile even if happens to be literally correct. When you reduce the barriers to people having safe sex and you increase their education about their options for birth control and reproductive health, they make better choices.
  7. Make sure you clean your computer regularly

    I use industrial solvent to really get the grime off my RAM. For my CPU, I use silver polish, it really works to get that pesky arctic silver cleaned away. I use lemon Pledge on my GPU for a fresh scent and dust resistance. And baby oil everywhere to keep my fans lubed.
  8.   How can you non ironically lament the amount of education or access to contraception one needs to prevent pregnancy when faced with overwhelming data that education and access meaningfully affect outcomes? How much education to YOU need?
  9. Wideman Suspended For 20 Games For Hitting Ref

      Emphasis mine.   ...   LOL   EDIT - I mean if the guy was concussed and out of it, fine... whatever. But there's a difference between having your bell rung and not realizing what you're doing, and saying that the contact was incidental.
  10. Final Fantasy XV - new battle footage and details

      I don't think it makes any sense to assume that Tomb Raider's metrics would apply to a sequel to FFXIII.
  12. Sir, I say I do not know what you're talking about.