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  1. Logan: Official Trailer #1

    Looks good, man.
  2.   I don't necessarily disagree with you on the practical portion of your post, but Nintendo handled BC better than any other company this gen.
  3. PAX East Tickets are up on sale...

      PAX East is bigger than West at this point, right?
  4. PAX East Tickets are up on sale...

    Got my tickets. Looks like it isn't on the same weekend as Passover, guess they decided to stop trolling the Jews.
  5.   I don't know why, but I think it's fucking hilarious that he's not verified.
  6.   Their batting average would suggest otherwise. I like R* games, but I honestly couldn't tell you the plot of a single one of their games other than GTA V and the setup for RDR and GTA IV. They make lovely playgrounds for you to have your own fun in, the quality of which almost always exceeds whatever pedestrian story they try to tell.
  7.   I am absolutely positive that R* saw the amount of double dippers in their Social Club data and figured this was the right fiscal move for them.
  8. Civilization VI Giveaway

      They're everywhere, man!
  9. Apple announces "Hello Again" keynote for October 27th

    Look at those dank dragon clouds in the Apple logo. iVape announcement must be imminent.
  10. Civilization VI Giveaway

    I do not want to be eligible, I am here solely for the