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  1. And the Stormies are done! Here's more photos of my coffee / brush cleaning mug that just happens to have minis in front of it. Here's my desert squad. Tried to keep their armor generally clean looking. There's some satin varnish on them which is hard to see because I'm bad at photos. As with a lot of my Stormies I think they look really rad, but they photograph poorly. Their faces look cleaner IRL than my phone makes them look. In my heart, that's Kayn Somos and will be until he's a named Legion unit. Again, the coffee mug is OP and Kayn looks better in IRL than he appears in the shot. Big pews from the desert squad! Basic desert Stormtrooper, looking pretty darn fresh if I may say so. Here's my muddy forest squad. No satin varnish on these. I tried to imagine these guys walking through a muddy forest and getting covered with grime kicked up by nearby explosions, and thought the leaf litter gave a nice forest debris vibe as well. Grimy sniper. His equivalently dirty friend. Here's the finished 24 karat kill squad, trudging through the grass. These guys are pretty ridiculous looking but I'm happy with how they came out! Gold sniper! Gold HH-12 & friends. Just your basic, solid gold Stormtrooper. Next up should be more Rebels, mixing in the AT-RT riders. Hopefully will get one of them done soon!
  2. Going to the Naughty Dog School of Middling Design Ideas, I see.
  3. Rolling Gaming Trivia Quiz

    That’s what I was going to guess. IIRC it was the first game rated AO for violence specifically and was never released. There were a bunch of earlier games, mainly on the PC, that were rated AO for sexual content and were released.
  4. Rolling Gaming Trivia Quiz

    First console game? I can think of some early PC games and I believe those probably released earlier than the one I assume you’re thinking of...
  5. Rolling Gaming Trivia Quiz

    Sweet. What was the US localized name of the Capcom developed Hitler's Resurrection: Top Secret?
  6. Rolling Gaming Trivia Quiz

    Preeeeeeeeeeeeeeetty sure it's SNES Doom.
  7. I can fall asleep on demand, it's a borderline superpower. I didn't realize how lucky I was until I was living with my most recent ex-girlfriend, who was a mild insomniac. Between that and being biologically incapable of being hungover, I'd be unstoppable if I had the power of flight.
  8. If a flight is less than 5 hours, I'm asleep before takeoff and I wake up when I land. When I flew Southwest I'd head to the back, get a window seat, and pass out.
  9. Does Southwest still not used assigned seating? I haven't flown them at all since moving back to eastern MA.
  10. That’s impressive. I’d love to see the accounting on that.