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  1.   Open one file normally (double click its icon, open excel and select the file... whatever).   Then open up a second instance of Excel, and use the open function to open the other spreadsheet you're working on. You can have two "instances" of excel running, each with its own independent window. I do that a lot on a multi monitor setup.   Not sure if that's what you're looking for, but it helps me avoid the "2 different non maximized workbook" thing you mentioned.
  2.   So I'd use data validation, named ranges, and the indirect function, assuming we're on the same page for what you want to accomplish.   On the second sheet of your workbook, I'd set up something like this:     One column for your meal types, other columns for the things you'd want selected dependent upon the meal type. Then I'd hit define name and call them whatever you want. I called column A meals, B is Breakfast, etc.   Then I'd go to your first sheet and do something like this:     Use data validation to set cell B1 as a list using Meals based on the name defined.   Then I'd do this in cell D1:     This should set it up so that if you select Breakfast from your list in B1, you'll only see Pancakes, Hash Browns, and Omelet on your D1 dropdown.   That may not be exactly what you had in mind, but I think that should get you to where you'd wanna be.
  3.   Yeah, I thought it might have been that. But I thought he was only out for a couple days, there? I could have heard the story bit incorrectly, too.
  4. Question that has the lightest spoilers for the first story mission when you get to Prague.    
  5. This is what a 360 Goldeneye Remaster could have looked like

      Yup, 5.0 just came out. Multiplayer only, though, I believe.
  6.   Better be careful with your saves, some of the pre order shit is single-save use only.
  7. Titanfall was a stupid good time, any effort to make the sequel less stupid would be in vain.   Wasn't a big fan of the tech test.
  8.   Holy shit I just realized I made a Yul Brynner reference in a Ben-Hur thread. I should be flogged.
  9. I feel like this is a BC resurgence

      HE COULD HAVE BEEN A GOLDEN GOD   Also:   @BOSS @DAngelo.Barksdale @Starscream @GROCERIES @CookTrain @Mayofist
  10. This is what a 360 Goldeneye Remaster could have looked like

    What the fuck did they do to Dr. Doak.
  11. This is what a 360 Goldeneye Remaster could have looked like

    That's some Goldeneye looking Goldeneye. So many memories.
  12.   This shit is easily more annoying than anything DVD has done, is doing, or will ever do. For the love of god, stop posting it. PLEASE.