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  1.   As I've said before, I believe we should build two independent city states in which the summer and winter olympics would respectively be held every time. You could still have one country manage the event, and get the sponsorship kickbacks, etc.
  2. I fucking love The Bridge on the River Kwai.
  3. Cruz already IS a pariah in the party. He did that all by himself.
  4.   Cruz is unelectable and detested within his own party, might as well take a few swings at the piñata.
  5. Ailes Bails!

      He'll need some for the pending suit, no doubt.
  6.   THIS is the salient question.
  7.   Again, exactly.
  8.   I refuse to believe anyone is on the fence about whether or not BLM is a terrorist movement.
  9.   Yes, this.   I think people holding a protest movement to some impossible standard of achieving their goals without inconveniencing anyone are missing the point.   Like this thread existing, because it's apparently thread-worthy when a BLM member tells a white dude to check his privilege. Meanwhile black people getting pulled over for "busted taillights" / driving while black isn't thread-possible because nobody reports on that unless it ends with someone getting shot.
  10.   I think this is a false dichotomy. I don't think there's any doubt that people felt threatened by the March on Washington, but it was effective and shaped American politics to a significant degree.
  11.   Cruz getting the shit booed out of him by the same people he'll be pandering to in 4 years doesn't make him look good, let alone better than Trump. Put down the pipe.
  12. Sniper loose in Dallas

      It's not hard to imagine someone thinking that DWB doesn't happen if they think that white privilege isn't a thing.