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  1. Why Apple fans are really coming to hate Apple software

    This is a weird article.   Before iOS blew up and Mac laptops became super popular, the lament was always that there weren't compelling options for productivity on Apple products that weren't made by Apple.   Now that there are compelling products not made by Apple readily available on their OSes, the complaint is that Apple's own options aren't as good?   I don't even know what we're talking about. Hasn't the chief complaint about the Apple ecosystem been that there aren't options? Now we're complaining that the options we have are too good?   Yes, I wish iTunes wasn't as bloated, yes there are some tweaks I'd make to every piece of productivity software I use, and yes, of course I wish OS X was a bit tighter. But this article seems like pretty lousy clickbait.
  2. New Hampshire primary thread

    I personally feel that abortion should be legal, affordable, accessible throughout the duration of pregnancy, and that no impediments (transvaginal ultrasounds, forcing the woman to listen to the heartbeat, etc.) should be in place.   But I have never understood the exception that some abortion opponents have for rape victims. If life is precious, why does the source matter? If exceptions are granted because a rape victim finds the pregnancy or the notion of bringing a child into the world under those circumstances to be unacceptable, then there is an acknowledgement that there are at least some scenarios in which a woman should be allowed to have an abortion because of her feelings or circumstances. Why should those feelings only apply to rape?   Either a fetus is precious and should always be protected, or we acknowledge that there are reasons that a woman should be able to have an abortion. Nobody who has a "rape exception" should be calling themselves "pro-life."
  3.   I think most people tuning into the X-Files care about hokey alien stuff.
  4. FYI, Firewatch is only 2.5 - 3 hours long

      So true.
  5. FF9 available on iOS

      These things sell like crazy at the premium price.
  6. Rocket League for Xbox - Feb 17th

      Nobody and nothing needs more Mako.
  7. FYI, Firewatch is only 2.5 - 3 hours long

      markot's idea of art:     Dumbstupe indeed, it takes one to know one. It's no coincidence that Jon looks like he's dropping a turd onto the skillet given your penchant for Garfield and for shit.
  8.   Friends don't let friends play Golden Sun.
  9. This is going to be so good.   EDIT  - moved to the CEB
  10.   I actually like when games get really contrived about this, I think it's hilarious.   Oh uh... Ezio got hit by a canonball, so you know. Whatever. The best / worst of this is in Metroid: Other M where Samus will literally allow herself to burn to death because Adam doesn't tell her to activate the Varia upgrade she already has in her suit.
  11. Robin Williams' character in Mrs. Doubtfire should have been arrested and not been permitted within 500 feet of his children until they turn 18.
  12. When does Parks and Recreation get funny?

    Season 1 is decent only in that it shows some actual character growth for Leslie... which immediately stops at season 2 and beyond, as she keeps making the same decisions and resolves conflict the same way throughout the rest of the show. But it does get a lot funnier after season 1 ends!