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  1. Hopefully this gets the "Jar Jar Binks is a secret Sith Lord" morons to shut up.
  2. It was all a dream. If I was Darkseid and Batman beat me, I'd kill myself. So embarrassing.
  3. Batman doesn't beat Spidey, because he doesn't have the opportunity to realize that Spider-Man has a Spider-Sense to manipulate, because Spider-Man is twice as fast as Batman at least, hits much harder, and their encounters involve Spider-Man giving Batman a concussion and rendering him unconscious in .25 seconds, then Spider-Man looks at the shit in Batman's utility belt and builds his own shit to counter Batman's.
  4. And then Superman goes into orbit and burns everything that Batman owns to cinders from the safety of space within the span of 60 seconds, while Flash moves faster than light, coldcocks the shit out of him, strips him naked, then dumps his ass in the Speed Force where he can't do shit. Batman is great but he's not prescient. And let's be real, Batman gets his ass beat regularly and gets caught off guard all the time. It's not like he's undefeated, or anything. Toss him and Carnage into a fight and how the fuck does Batman live? Carnage will just rip his head off before Batman even learns his weaknesses, he's literally too slow to avoid anything Carnage would do to him. Again, Batman is fucking rad but his ability is just wildly over written and needs constant contrivance for him to hang. "Oh he'd beat Flash because Flash would hold back. Superman wouldn't just burn Batman's face off because they're friends." Well fine, but that's tacit admission that those guys would murder the shit out of Batman, literally before Batman's action potentials popped off because his friends are FASTER THAN THAT. Batman gets his ass whipped by people on their second, third, fourth, etc., encounters ALL THE TIME.
  5. I'm not much of a Superman fan, actually. Spider-Man (who would wreck Batman's face too, while we're on the subject) is my main guy. And I like Batman quite a bit more than Superman! I appreciate that Batman is a chronic overachiever and that he outkicks his coverage regularly. But the notion that he could beat people who significantly stronger or faster than him is just... nonsense. Carnage is what... twice as fast as Batman and several times as strong? Batman is just fucking dead if he fights him, suggesting otherwise is bananas. Sure if you give him a week and a half to cover Gotham with heat lamps or something, sure. But these contrivances also assume that his opponents are sitting around doing nothing while Batman sets up his chessboard. It's dumb.
  6. Let's be honest... Batman is preposterously over-written and the notion that he routinely takes down people ridiculously more powerful than him is one of the silliest contrivances in comics. Someone like Carnage would obliterate Batman, and it's not even close. Iron Man, too. The dudes on that list that mainly get by on being solid fighters with some light abilities? Sure. I buy that Batman could beat The Punisher. Daredevil, too, why not. Wolverine is over inflated too and regularly beats people that he has no business beating, but Wolverine would murder the shit out of Batman. "But what if Batman has time to prepare????" "Well what if Iron Man nukes Gotham from orbit?" So fucking dumb.
  7. Iron Man? Absolutely. Iron Man 2? I go back and forth on that one, if they could excise the stuff in it that exists for no other reason than to pimp Avengers, I'd say yes, for sure. Incredible Hulk? No.
  8. I'm sure they'll find a way to shoehorn a beamfight in there somehow.
  9. I've been worried about your urological health and lotion supply, I'll be honest.
  11. Coming from the guy who returned to the boards and boldly predicted Brexit and Trump's victory after they happened, lol. I love you.
  12. A tale of two choke jobs. Pretty entertaining game with an absolutely reprehensible outcome.
  13. This fits in with his narcissistic personality disorder, so it makes complete sense to me.