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  1. Doctor Strange Tomatometer Watch

      Ant-Man and GotG aren't THAT old.
  2.   Just say Marco Rubio, no need for quotation marks.
  3. The game wasn't in Washington, so there was no native American imagery to piss on. Makes sense.
  4. NFL Week 7 - The Reeducation of Ossy

      No, this is also stupid.
  5.   This is the "without the polls, show me one bit of evidence that HRC is winning" guy, isn't it?   OLO, that logic.
  6.   This post deserves WAY more fucking upvotes.
  7. NFL Week 7 - The Reeducation of Ossy

      If nobody won in regulation, why should we bother saying anyone won?   And saying that overtime rules are something players can't "cry about" because they "[couldn't] win in regulation" is a straight up terrible justification. Why not make NBA overtime a dunk contest, or MLB extra innings into a home dun derby? I mean the teams couldn't win, so... stop crying, right?   Do you really think that a few extra innings don't matter in a 162 game season? I mean... LOL of course they do, what are you talking about. Pitch count is a huge issue, perhaps you've heard of it.  These microcosms are hugely important, it's why NFL starters barely play in the preseason, it's why pitch count is under a microscope, it's why NBA teams track the minutes their players are on the court, etc. You weren't asking that question seriously, were you?
  8.   I'm trying to imagine DVD at the Globe Theater circa 1611 and screaming at the stage when none of the characters react to Macbeth talking to the audience.
  9.   No, that's not it.
  10. Maybe someday, the Star Wars universe will give me a reason to give a shit about the origins of characters from the OT. Today is not that day.
  11. NFL Week 7 - The Reeducation of Ossy

      No, penalty kicks, penalty shootouts, extra innings, or NFL overtime are abominations.   First of all, any sport that decides the outcome of a contest based on a skills competition that is only peripherally related to the way the actual game is played is complete garbage.   Extending a game indefinitely, like baseball, is such a horrible idea that I can't believe it's still happening. No manager with a brain in their skull would ever say yes if asked, "hey would you potentially ruin your rotation if you might win one 4 hour + game?," unless a playoff berth was at stake.   If football was appropriately decided by whoever scored the first touchdown / if a basketball game was decided by the outcome of a 5 minute period... why not just do that instead of a full game and save everyone some time?   There's honestly nothing wrong with no team outplaying another in a contest. And I'd say if a championship game ends up in a tie... play another game. Better than than stupid penalty kicks / first touchdown.
  12. Legend attacks baby with robot.

      Protein is protein, droids don't discriminate.