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  1.   I get my minerals from licking rocks, like god intended.
  2.   He liked Hillary before she got all mainstream.
  3. Pandemic Legacy Season 1

    Cool. Thanks!
  4.   They're not mutually exclusive you boob.
  5. Pandemic Legacy Season 1

      Nice, that's good to know. How long does each month / session take?
  6.   I maintain it was a reasonable position at the time!
  7. Veganism kills.

  8. FDA to regulate e-cigarettes

      That's a cold comfort if someone starts a fire on a commercial flight.
  9.   I don't know that I've ever felt that I've seen too much of RDJ's face in Iron Man. But with that said, given how much money he's ended up making with the role, I'd be damn sure my face was used as much as possible too, lest they try to cram someone else in that suit.
  10. "Apple Stole My Music. No, Seriously."

    I know that I've seen screens that straight up ask the user if they want music deleted.   Who knows...
  11. FDA to regulate e-cigarettes

    Is nicotine in the juice within funky flavors?
  12. Has Games Workshop improved?

    I use Citadel paints, but that's about all I get from them directly.
  13. "Apple Stole My Music. No, Seriously."

    I sympathize with anyone who loses their shit, regardless of whether or not they backed up, for any reason. I've been through it and it's horrible.   But you don't even need to go into the EULA to see what Apple Music might do. Right from the Apple Music page:     I mean it's right there. And it's part of why I wouldn't ever use the service.
  14. Sanders needs 101% of remaining delegates to win

      Even if we assume that people aren't excited about Clinton for a moment, what does it say about Bernie if he's less capable than Clinton when it comes to motivating people to get to the polls? Okay, nobody's excited about Clinton. Fewer people are excited about Bernie. Now what?