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  1. I'm sure at some point, someone will protest in a way that makes everyone happy.
  2. To be fair, it should have been easier for this man to get to the bottom of the lake on account of his enormous fucking testicles.
  3. Says the dude shitposting during work hours.
  4. Picked up some Star Ward Destiny stuff, and all of the 2nd Ed Mansions of Madness not including the just released expansion. Got the re release of Citadels, The Grizzled, and finally got my own copy of Cosmic Encounter.
  5. $40 is in line with what it normally retails for on Steam when you include Rebirth, Afterbirth, and Afterbirth+. Switch version will have all that too, so there's something that resembles parity there.
  6. I didn't say that the only purpose of the William / MiB stuff was to fool Dolores, just that the reveal is supposed to be more dramatic for her than it is for the viewer. And what Ford said about the purpose of the park, followed by different slices of William's life is there to DIRECTLY illustrate his point. William's transition to MiB is the park letting people be who they really are. The audience might not know that at the moment, but it is not meant to be misdirection anymore than Ford storyboarding the finale is a few episodes before it happens. It provides context in hindsight. Again, if there's a criticism to be leveled at the show it's that in retrospectively there's not a ton of subtext. It is the show LITERALLY showing you or telling you stuff almost constantly. Saying William becomes MiB "adds nothing to the story" misses the point. That IS the story, or at least it's William's story. William's character change is completely earned.
  7. I wouldn't go so far as to say it's not meant as a mystery, just that it isn't to the extent that people seem to think. They're not subtle about it. William wears similar clothes, uses the same knife, has relationships with the same hosts, etc., that MiB does. The turn with his reveal is less "William = MiB" it's "this is how Dolores and hosts perceive time and how their memories work." If anything, the show goes too far out of its way to literally explain these things. MiB is told the maze isn't for him. That's not a metaphor, it's literal. MiB just doesn't believe what he's told. We see Ford "storyboarding" the finale. Again, that's not to say that Will = MiB is no mystery at all, just that by the time Dolores knows, the audience should know, too. She has all these perfect recollections of William throughout time, she just can't sort them out. The only thing that isn't explained in granular detail is the Maeve stuff. That one feels a little weird in comparison to the rest since there's less direct host involvement. That whole thing seems like it's one engineering step away from completely failing to launch. Though I suppose they do establish that nobody seems to give a fuck about what happens in those labs, so... whatever.
  8. Star Wars feeling rare and special doesn't really matter. There's SO MUCH CONTENT out there that the machine is fueled by much more than nostalgia. Kids aren't nostalgic for the OT the way people my age are. Force Awakens is their Star Wars. I do understand the complaints about TFA feeling derivative and Rogue One feeling unnecessary, and I get that to an extent. But just like there are plenty of kids / younger people who like Mario / Zelda games that know those franchises are old, they don't have the same connection to the the old portions of the franchises.
  9. MiB's identity is a mystery for Dolores much more than it is for the viewer, and the show plays it off that way. It wasn't clumsily foreshadowed at all.