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  1. I’m fairly confident I can see my head in the first pic you posted near the Destiny tourney area.
  2. I don't know about a philosophical one, my objection is more practical. It's often difficult to establish someone is making an actual false accusation. If someone accuses someone of rape and the accused is ultimately tried and not guilty due to insufficient evidence... the accusation might not be false, there's just not enough there to back it up. In a scenario in which falseness could be adequately established, I don't have any issue with the punishment being complimentary. I just don't know how you'd establish that without silencing people out of fear of reprisal. Exactly.
  3. God fucking damn it I hate the .5 seconds per year that I like Marco Rubio.
  4. What does "believed too easily" even mean? We can think of... what? A couple handfuls of people who have had to face any kind of consequences for this stuff? And these are all in consequences in the court of public opinion. Cosby is free, Weinstein is free, Polanski is free, CK is free, Polanski is relatively free, Woody Allen is still generally revered, etc. I don't mean to diminish the real consequences one can face without having to go through the actual legal system, but... what are we ACTUALLY worried about here? And is it worth the continued silencing of real victims? And of course we should believe allegations. This reluctance to believe victims is puzzling. With almost no other crime are people denied the benefit of the doubt. "I was robbed!" Eeeeh I dunno about that might be insurance fraud, I'm going to need more people confirming that you've been robbed before I take that seriously. Again almost nobody discussing this topic is saying that people who are accused of rape and sexual assault should be denied due process. The problem is what has been put in place prevents due process from even being possible in the first place. That some people will inevitably take advantage of that, as people do with literally everything else, doesn't mean we shouldn't give their claims the benefit of the doubt. We're so far away from the pendulum swinging too far in the other direction that it's really difficult to not interpret that concern as being apologist. FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAART
  5. No. The issue here is that almost nobody thinks that falsely accusing someone of a crime is okay and saying, "some people lie about stuff and there should be consequences for that" is basic and understood. Meanwhile there are cultural and institutional mechanisms in place that prevent victims from making just accusations against people who have regularly committed sexual assault for decades.
  6. Avengers Infinity War article

    I assume that the body count is going to be potentially high, as they can't keep all of these actors locked up forever and at some point the actors will age out of the characters. I'm cautiously optimistic.
  7. Justice League Reactions and Reviews

    I assume there's slow mo scenes of the Amazons getting porked by Gerard Butler while preposterous butt rock blares in the background.
  8. Oh yeah, and my attitude wasn't directed at you, just at that perspective broadly.
  9. I don't think going to social media is people's first move. In many of the cases that have been discussed here people have tried going through their employer and were shut down, told that continuing to pursue the accusations would ruin their career, etc. I mean read this shit. What fucking chance does someone at the bottom of the pecking order have against that? Take Harvey Weinstein to court? Please.
  10. So I don't watch Hannity except when clips make their way around the interpipe. He's always been a partisan boob, but... he seems to be actively engaging in conspiracy theory almost constantly right now. Is this a change for him or have I just not been paying attention?
  11. Deadpool 2 Teaser

    As someone who doesn't care about spoilers and who appreciates schadenfreude... I hope trailers pivot to showing the final 90 seconds of every movie.
  12. Uhh... probably not? That seems like a really limited use case. And don't you need specific apps for iBeacon to work? Keeping it on for iBeacon specifically seems really unlikely.
  13. I wonder when this started? I noticed a while ago that killing bluetooth via control center wouldn't disconnect my Apple Watch. I wonder if it's because people would kill bluetooth and wonder why their Apple Watch / Apple Pencil didn't work. Still dumb that the buttons don't do what they seem to do. The bike use case is interesting, though. I'd wager that killing wifi for a 20 mile bike ride is either battery neutral or makes the battery life worse if signal strength / GPS is weak and the phone uses them more for location services when wifi is off.
  14. Trump Jr. corresponded with Wikileaks

    Junior doesn't read links. Maybe he posts here.