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  1. MASSIVE Spoiler for DC: Rebirth Inside

      This is fantastic.
  2. States sue to keep queermos out of bathrooms.

      The War of Bathroom Transgression, perhaps?
  3.   I don't think anyone here is being evil to you. Your understanding of natural selection is just... remarkably ignorant.
  4.     I mean I feel bad for shitposting, but... when life gives you lemons...  
  5.   LAWD that lel   Please never post in a topic about genetics, natural selection, the gene pool, DNA, etc., ever again.
  6.   You're missing why it's called dysphoria and not gender identity disorder anymore. It's called that because dysphoria refers to the stress that comes from gender identity issues, and not the person's gender identity itself.
  7.   Well then it's a good thing that "mental illness" isn't defined as "What JohnnyPhatsaqs thinks."
  8.   Except that we do this all the time for "normal" people at an individual or a group level. Refusing to do it for one group of people just makes someone an asshole.
  9. Anyone watch Preacher last night?

    It's weird seeing Cassidy portrayed as a competent fighter... the comic goes way out of its way to establish that he's shit at fighting, he's just super strong compared to everyone else.