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  1.   Fucking of course not.
  2. That was a miraculous call for the Jets. Now can they capitalize...
  3. How many Lincolns does Matthew McConaughey have Jesus Christ these commercials.   That said they're more entertaining than this Jets game.
  4. Eli Manning is fucking trash.
  5.   I love it when people start channeling "kids these days mode" while they're in their... 30's?
  6. Disney confirms Star Wars anthology movie for 2020

    I give absolutely zero fucks about a Han Solo origin story or anything related to Boba Fett.
  7. I cannot believe the Pats. I'm convinced they could get an aluminum trash can, turn it upside down, put a helmet on top of it, spraypaint a number on it, put it behind center as QB, and the Pats would still go at least 10-6.   Fuck.
  8. I'm in Philly for business this morning, and on 97.5 they were comparing Wentz to Steve Young. Favorably and non-ironically.
  9. Isn't he basically giving the finger to the UK in that pic? lel
  10. iOS 10, WatchOS 3, MacOS beta 2s released yesterday

      Yeah, it's not earth shattering. But it's cool and moderately convenient!
  11. Living close enough to New Hampshire to get NH political ads over the air is the FUCKING WORST.
  12. You're REALLY hung up on him being in the middle of the road, huh.