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  1. Germany is the most trustworthy in Britain? Oh boy.
  2. Probably this given the amount of time it took to ID him. It seems silly to go bananas trying to find this one guy in a massive terrorist organization of thousands because he just happened to kill one journalist that other journalists love. I get that they killed a British national, so of course the SAS is rolling around, but ISIS has killed thousands of people.
  3. Well hi thar

    "It's not me it's you"
  4. So Tony Stewart finally killed someone on the track

    Ward's at fault here. Running on to a track with some of those most difficult cars to control (with limited eyesight to boot) is just asking for trouble. Is Stewart a temperamental driver? Absolutely. Do I think he tried to kill Ward on purpose? Not really.
  5. Well hi thar

    It depends on what you're looking for. Send me a PM and i'll do my best.
  6. Can't really disagree with that.
  7. No. I wouldn't mind, but we won't. I VALUE OUR FRIENDSHIP TOO MUCH
  8. Had one girl over a few weeks back, otherwise not much. I have a few girls around but none i've banged yet.
  9. Haha, perhaps. I gave a pretty decent rundown here: I'm planning on doing New York first, to be honest.
  10. Well hi thar

    Right now i'm in the midst of moving in with a friend of mine. I've already moved most of my things over and just need to rent a UHaul for the remaining larger items that I can't carry myself (i'm only moving five blocks over). My new roommate is a girl so, of course, everyone I tell is like "OMG U BANGIN'?". No, we're not. Her place is just loads cheaper, we lived together last year in a house for three months, and my current roommate is pretty lame. I broke up with my girlfriend of a year in May. She was off doing school in the UK and I couldn't do the long-distance thing anymore. Now she's applying for Cambridge and shit. She's a boss. I have a few different job opportunities on the horizon right now. I'll end up in one of those until next year's Federal Election where i'll be forced onto non-paid leave of absence. That basically means I have a year to save up my pennies in the hopes of going back to school for an MBA if we end up losing the election (which seems unlikely right now). My brother was medicated for anti-psychotic medication (the kind they prescribe schizos) after he had a breakdown in Alberta. He's back home now. In regards to my health, I go to the gym every day now...mostly because I have no social life, but also because i've made some pretty decent gains. AND i'm interning now as a hockey scout for junior level players. If they like me enough they'll hire me on after the internship is finished next August.
  11. Well hi thar

    Being a baller. It's been like, what, a year and a half since i've been here? Some shit like that. Man, now I need to update you guys on what's been going on and shit, right?
  12. Well hi thar

    What's up, kids?