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  1. ~*AMD Radeon RX Vega Launch Thread*~

    Thats my response to this entire launch.
  2. Thinking of a new computer build (suggestions?)

    Stop suggesting 4c/8t parts for a $3K build. 1950x Threadripper AIB 1080ti 32GB RAM 1TB m.2 SSD (or) 512GB x2 m.2 SSD in Raid 0 Add a case and a platinum certified PSU.
  3. SLI is Nvidia being Nvidia. They require x8 electrically wired PCI express buses at minimum.
  4. From the no duh department...
  5. Threadripper is niche, they'll make all the money with Epyc.
  6. Well, that simply isn't true. The driver differences alone is probably close to 10-15%
  7. AMD Reveals ‘Epyc’ Details; Intel Vows to Top It

    But how well does it play CS:GO at 480p? I'll stick to the 7700k.
  8. Help Me Make A New Gaming Desktop PC

    Well duh, Intel was caught with their pants completely down.
  9. Because buying a 4c CPU is pretty short-sighted. There is nothing wrong with it.
  10. Measuring teraflops isn't a real good way to gauge gaming performance.
  11. This thread is a great example of Intel mindshare at work. "Ryzen is faster in every non gaming scenario by a pretty significant margin, is cheaper, has a lower power draw, and runs cooler-- but I need 110fps at 1080p instead of 105"
  12. I'd replace the 7700k with a Ryzen 1700, especially because you're doing productivity work as well as gaming. Then swap out the Z270 board for an X370 board.