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  1. New Titan XP :)

      This edition of Titan is a cut down part. They'll probably release a new flagship this winter, complete with HBM2.    (a guess, obviously) 
  2. New Titan XP :)

      Titan X+, 16GB of HBM2. Only $3000
  3. AMD swung to a profit in the second quarter

    Rumored clock speed is 2.8Ghz, with a turbo of 3.2ghz.   Y'know, before any kind of overclocking.    Also sporting 2MB of L2 and 8MB of L3 cache, so yeah. 
  4. AMD swung to a profit in the second quarter

    Real highlights from the earnings report:   Zen for desktop will ship in Q4 2016 Vega will be rocking HBM2 memory   If the rumor holds true, about launching Zen and Vega on the same day 
  5. New Titan XP :)

    Here you go @nvidiafans!   This is the card all of you wanted so badly! Best single GPU performance available! Only $1200  
  6. Too bad Zen will bring 8 cores to the mainstream a year before that. 
  7. Right, because I don't run things at stock.    Overclock to 1.4ghz, and compare it to a Fury.
  8. There is a reason the review guide said not to benchmark Vulkan [here ->]      The 1060 gets properly REKT   Doesn't fair too well in DX12 either  
  9.   Also, this basically confirms why it was delayed half a year.
  10. Mr. Robot Season 2 Thread - Premieres July 13th

    I thought the first two episodes are setting up for a great season. 
  11. DX12 3DMark benchmark "Time Spy" is live!   And there it is   Their reply;   *popcorn.gif* 
  12. I won an Alienware Aurora R5 Desktop

    What is money if we don't spend it on the things that make us happy? 
  13. I won an Alienware Aurora R5 Desktop

    A buddy of mine has that X34 paired with two 980ti's, it is pretty damn impressive.     It's probably the best PC gaming-centric monitor I've ever used. You'll love it.