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  1. But how well does it play CS:GO at 480p? I'll stick to the 7700k.
  2. Well duh, Intel was caught with their pants completely down.
  3. Because buying a 4c CPU is pretty short-sighted. There is nothing wrong with it.
  4. Measuring teraflops isn't a real good way to gauge gaming performance.
  5. This thread is a great example of Intel mindshare at work. "Ryzen is faster in every non gaming scenario by a pretty significant margin, is cheaper, has a lower power draw, and runs cooler-- but I need 110fps at 1080p instead of 105"
  6. I'd replace the 7700k with a Ryzen 1700, especially because you're doing productivity work as well as gaming. Then swap out the Z270 board for an X370 board.
  7. The dpi for 4k at 27 inches is windows scaling territory. No good. You'd want at least 40 inches for that.
  8. I pay $80 currently for 350/30 That'll soon be $80 for 1000/1000
  9. I blame miners (again...still?)
  10. Couple things; 1) You said 4.6 Ghz or higher 2) I suggested that he get an Rx570 and call it a day, while saving up for a full rebuild. Hell, he could use the rest of his left over budget for a 1080p freesync monitor instead of going full retard and investing into a dead platform.
  11. Shouldn't you maybe have confirmed compatibility before telling him what to buy? Even if he does have the R2 (very slim chance) it's not going to OC anywhere close to your cited 4.6. Especially with the CLC cooler you suggested, since you have no airflow over the VRM's. He'd be lucky to get stock speeds without throttling.
  12. The motherboard he owns isn't compatible with the CPU you're suggesting. Full stop. So in order to 'upgrade' to an 8350, he'd need a high end 990FX series board. On the AM3+ platform. In 2017. None of that is a good idea.
  13. You don't know what you're talking about, this much is clear.
  14. The VRM's on that board will weep trying to power an 8350 (or 9590) I'd say you'd be getting a variable 45fps with the 570/X4 965 combo.