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  1. Plex Cloud with Amazon Drive

    Nobody should use this service. 
  2. Official "Building a PC" Thread

    Don't drop down to a 1060. 
  3.   You mean Norman, who started it again. 
  4.   Ehhhh It was pretty damn close. I'm fine with it.
  5.   HIS Ice Q X2, or the PowerColor RED DEVIL. 
  6. An absolute travesty. Fernandez was one of the most exciting young stars in the game. I mourn for his family.
  7. Forza Horizon 3 PC Thread

  8. Forza Horizon 3 PC Thread

    Downloading now
  9.   And Jen-Hsun Huang thanks you for your donation. 
  10. Another reminder to not buy HP

    It's pretty apparent that @therockdltj has never had to support printers in an enterprise environment. 
  11. Tecmo Bowl 2017

    Would there be any interest in getting some regular-ish games of Tecmo Bowl going?   Tecmo is fully updated to reflect the 2016-2017 NFL season, and yes, it is still amazing.          All the files you need to play are located here ->   Nestopia allows you to play online, I think this would be amazing to get a few of us playing!    I should note that you don't need any sort of 'GAMING PC' to do this, literally anything within the last 10+ years will run this no problems. 
  12. Getting Sinfar (NWN Adults Only server) soon

      Something that has absolutely no business being posted here, or anywhere else for that matter. Let's just leave it at that.