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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBLkIWeqFKI
  2. My bet is also on PSU.
  3. You mean the one that took place on a Sunday, or the one that had the first black president?
  4. The real travesty is Posada.
  5. #2 is the answer I was after.
  6. Why are you loading up on HDD's in your gaming rig?
  7. It's going to be New England v Green Bay. Again.
  8. None of this applies to Ryzen. That's the real deal.
  9. 0℅
  10. The Vega Doom demo was not using either the new variable-width SIMD or the new tile-based rasterizer binning process. There is room to grow performance-wise, but it's not #poorvolta.
  11. That's exactly what I do.
  12. @Reputator Not so much lamenting it, as pointing out the hypocrisy in their marketing. You don't get to run an ad that states this; then turn around and release a card that's only marginally faster than <not the flagship> Pascal architecture a year after the fact. To your next point, I don't consider AMD's GPU's to be bloated at all. Raw compute performance was a very forward thinking way to design a GPU with GCN several years ago. The whole, 'inspiring tomorrow' catch phrase is very true in that regard. What I'm saying is, is if they removed all the "stuff" that could be/might be awesome to have in...2020, and used that <wasted> die space to pack in something like more shaders instead--the gamer would get a better performing card. At the end of the day, that's what we care about. FPS. AMD could always use that "stuff" in the professional workstation cards for workloads that can actually leverage it now with their WX and Insight brands. I don't think AMD is being parsimonious with the Radeon brand, I just don't know how they fix the issue of Nvidia mindshare. It's a really unenviable position for them to be in. and one we might suffer for.
  13. I sure hope not. The compression and relatively high latency compared to a local machine would destroy precision gaming and high fidelity graphics.
  14. That's called Radeon Instinct.
  15. 4K/144hz