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  1. I'd sell it. It has value. 
  2. First Pascal bench leaks

    2016 = price:performance 2017 = performance! 
  3. I for one, and humbled by our new supreme high chancellor. 
  4. No dual and quad core 'Zen' CPU's

      8 core 16 thread.
  5. Bryce Harper signed an extension

  6. Trump says he's begun vetting VP picks

    Donald Trump Jr.   Trump/Trump 2016.   Building the Future.
  7. Zen will initially launch as an 8 core SKU, leaving the dual and quad core options for the Bristol Ridge APU's.    This will be great, as it'll be easy for a consumer to understand that Zen is the flagship product from AMD, and won't erroneously compare AMD products to their Intel counterparts. 
  8. Tidying up the boards

    Combine all console boards into one subforum, remove the AA from it and make it run at 30hz. 
  9. Forza 6: Apex "open beta" coming May 5th

    @Ominous   Have you played it yet?
  10. FDA to regulate e-cigarettes

    E-cigarettes aren't tobacco products.   Fin. 
  11.   DICE will find a way to catastrophically fuck that up. 
  12. Indiana primary thread

    What a great night for Trump!
  13. No demo in Milwaukee/Madison but they have it in Green Bay?   Shittin' me? 
  14. NEW Gaming PC: Windows 10 / 7 ?

    If you're building a machine for playing games on PC, you're using Windows 10.   Simple as that.