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  1. That are often undervolted to run cooler and use substantially less power than a typical gaming workload.
  2. Miners won't buy them because their resale value is basically nothing. You can always flip a gaming GPU. This is a stupid product.
  3. Happy Birthday to AMD Ryzen

    One year later and Intel still doesn't have a realistic competitor. Well done.
  4. Marrying Vega and Zen- APU reviews

    These are going to sell like..well, I guess like graphics cards for "gaming cafe" places that are focused on esport titles like DOTA. It simplifies the setup, and is much cheaper to deploy. As far as laptops, that's where the Intel+AMD relationship comes in. Power sipping U series Intel CPU's paired with (relatively speaking) high performance Vega graphics will shake up that market.
  5. Marrying Vega and Zen- APU reviews

    5 years ago people would be at full chub with an iGPU doing 720p/Max and 1080p/low-med, assuming of course you're that target audience. This is an impressive chip. Just because you may not be interested in it, doesn't change that fact.
  6. Intel and AMD team up to take on Nvidia

    Good luck running your Nvidia product without either of them.
  7. This is the result of the binning process. "Not quite 1080" level silicon.
  8. Please accept my donation of $50 towards your cause.
  9. ~*AMD Radeon RX Vega Launch Thread*~

    Thats my response to this entire launch.
  10. Thinking of a new computer build (suggestions?)

    Stop suggesting 4c/8t parts for a $3K build. 1950x Threadripper AIB 1080ti 32GB RAM 1TB m.2 SSD (or) 512GB x2 m.2 SSD in Raid 0 Add a case and a platinum certified PSU.
  11. SLI is Nvidia being Nvidia. They require x8 electrically wired PCI express buses at minimum.
  12. From the no duh department...
  13. Threadripper is niche, they'll make all the money with Epyc.
  14. Well, that simply isn't true. The driver differences alone is probably close to 10-15%