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  1. Comcast acquires DreamWorks for $3.8 billion

    $4B worth of infrastructure upgrades would sure go a long way...
  2. Heart attack after seeing the latest quarterly numbers? 
  3. 4K/60fps: Is it possible yet for video cards?

  4. AMD Radeon Pro Duo performance numbers:

      Do you want the best or do you want Nvidia? 
  5. AMD Radeon Pro Duo performance numbers:

      Once again proving that if you want the fastest gaming graphics performance in the world, the answer is Crimson clear. 
  6. Anyone used WDTV for streaming to your tv?

    For high bit-rate media, you want a wired connection. 
  7. Plex Cpu Rollercoaster   That may be of interest to you. (I've never experimented with this though)    Otherwise, Settings>Server>Transcoder>Transcoder Quality and play around with those settings   @Hand76
  8. Android app for streaming music from a desktop PC?

    PLEX is the answer. 
  9. Plex Cpu Rollercoaster

    That's how PLEX works.    Relocate the PC to a closet or something. 
  10. Lisa Su confirms Q2 launch for Polaris

    That leaves us April/May/June for those keeping score at home.    Remember folks, this is the ultra efficient chip, not the 4K/60 chip. 
  11. BRB, planning my retirement 
  12. Use Compute Shaders [On/Off]    Good to see that Maxwell cards will be able to run the game.