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  1.   Only $300!    Incredible deal!    --   Edit: aaand out of stock! 
  2. GTX 9xx series is now a 'legacy' product

      I could make an argument that when Nvidia releases a new sku, the previous generation sees a degradation in performance. It's why the 290x is still relevant today against the 980-- despite being released to combat the 780/780ti. AMD's cards have much longer legs. 
  3. GTX 9xx series is now a 'legacy' product

      Emulation isn't as fast, so, this joke will sit in the queue at least throughout the life of Pascal. 
  4. GTX 9xx series is now a 'legacy' product

    This is actually a fantastic point.   
  5. Looking for PC Overwatch Players to play with.

      We have a pretty good group of guys who play pretty regularly in our Discord chat. I imagine it'd be pretty easy to accomplish. 
  6. GTX 9xx series is now a 'legacy' product

      All future WHQL drivers will be primarily focused on 1xxx series GPUs performance improvement. This is especially problematic for the 970, where they have presumably spent a lot of time and resources "fixing" games to work with 3.5GB of VRAM, when the game "thinks" it can address 4GB. 
  7.   This of course means EOL Windows driver support. 
  8. Core2Duo turns 10 years old

      No, that's illegal.
  9. Nvidia Gamestream is the shit..

    You spent $600 for what equates to access points?   Bruh.    You could have done it for half the price with Ubiquiti --   Shit, you could probably be fine with just one. 
  10. Nvidia Gamestream is the shit..

      I am interested in the infrastructure you used. 
  11. Core2Duo turns 10 years old

      I've been assured that people here only care about raw performance, and don't give two shits if it retails for $1200 or $1723. 
  12. Core2Duo turns 10 years old

      Very much so. 
  13. I'm so erect right now and it's because of Mr.Vic20

    Twas me that sold Vic on that board. Mine is still running like a champ.