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  1. X300 mini ITX boards will release to coincide with the launch of R3 and R5 chips. R7 chips are launching with ATX and mATX.
  2. Intel has nothing to compete with Ryzen. OEM's are going to eat these R3 and R5 chips for breakfast.
  3. Have you tried repasting it? The stock blower is super easy to remove for repasting.
  4. Vega is coming sooner rather than later.
  5. @Mithan People complaining about the R7 Ryzen chips not overclocking like a 7700k need a reality check.What were top end overclocks for the 5960x? 6900k? Around 4.3-4.5Ghz? That's where my 5960x topped out at with a full custom loop with a quad radiator. Overclocking an 8c/16t CPU isn't the same as overclocking a 4c/8t. They're not comparable. Period. Full Stop. A 1800X will probably be right there with top end X99 overclocks, provided you have a good cooling solution, and a high end X370 motherboard. Hell, out of the box, the R7 1800X is already boosting to 4Ghz and 4.1 with XFR. A manual overclock probably gets you between 4.2-4.4.
  6. If you're interested in Ryzen, you should be looking at the X370 chipset. The default motherboard I've been suggesting is the MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon.
  7. Make sure your memory clocks aren't locked to 150mhz in Wattman.
  8. Entering
  9. That's the same thing I said.