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  1. That's because Newegg only did one thing, so it attracted people who were at least competent in computers or tech.   It's similar to going to a mom and pop plumbing store vs Walmart for advice on installing a new faucet. The mom and pop shop might not having the sheer volume of opinions, the feedback you do receive will be generally better informed than that of the megastore.   Newegg was PC building when it was still kind of niche. The people doing it, knew what they were doing.
  2.   Nobody is denying them their right to vote. Walker is just protecting the integrity of the voting process.    Voter ID should be a Federal requirement. 
  3. That's all well and good, and exactly why the affidavit was added.    This is a non-issue.    You can argue it in circles all day, but it's a total non-issue. You've had five years to get your voting registration sorted out. 
  4.   You can get the (free) voter  ID by providing a few things in Wisconsin.    Proof of name and date of birth, for example, a certified U.S. birth certificate, valid passport or certificate of naturalization. Proof of identity (usually a document with a signature or photo). Proof of Wisconsin residency. Proof of U.S. citizenship, legal permanent resident status, legal conditional resident status or legal temporary visitor status. Your social security number.   None of those are unreasonable asks, in my opinion. You could make the argument that the DMV has shitty hours, and I could make the argument you had since 2011 to get one.    Beyond that,    July 19, 2016: Federal judge Lynn Adelman issued a preliminary injunction against the law, permitting Wisconsin voters who do not have the required forms of identification to vote in the 2016 general election by signing affidavits swearing to their identity. In his opinion, Adelman wrote, "Although most voters in Wisconsin either possess qualifying ID or can easily obtain one, a safety net is needed for those voters who can’t obtain qualifying ID with reasonable effort. The ... affidavit option is a sensible approach that will both prevent the disenfranchisement of some voters during the pendency of this litigation and preserve Wisconsin’s interests in protecting the integrity of its elections."     I mean, that's pretty god damn fair, right? 
  5. I am intimately familiar with Silvers work, at least when it comes to statistical analysis.    His methods are founded in reason, but he obviously has some sort of deep-seated bias against Trump that is fucking up his ability to see past that. I'm not saying he's wrong his prediction for the general,  I'm just saying placing ultimate trust in him didn't work out so well for the Red Sox. 
  6. Silver has been right, more than a few times actually. However, anything dealing  with Trump he has been about as accurate as a blind man trying out trap shooting for the first time.    Also, are you always this hyper-sensitive about Politics? Good lord man. this thread  was meant as more of a tongue and cheek joke than a factual assertion. 
  7. Well, Nate has been spot on with his Trump analysis so far this election cycle, and he totally nailed Brexit so yeah. He's got a lot of momentum right now.     
  8.   Thanks, I appreciate your support, and you never miss an opportunity to express that.    I'm humbled. 
  9. curates the best prices from many different vendors. 
  10.   You own multiple pieces of Alienware tech, your view on consumer electronics is as broken as their pricing models. 
  11. Forza Horizon 3 PC Thread

    Mine is much more eloquent. Yours was rookie level.
  12. Forza Horizon 3 PC Thread

    @Spork3245 I already answered your question for the /dir of the screenshots.   Just press Windows Key + ALT + Print Screen, and they'll all go there.    The key combo can be changed by clicking on the 'Settings' button of the Windows game bar.