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    Looks like I'll stay with my S7 Edge then. 
  2.   Yup.   Vega based iGPU's for Intel CPU's will really make AAA gaming on an ultrabook possible. 
  3. AMD Crimson ReLive Driver slides leak

    Radeon <and> Chill  AMD's equivalent of Shadowplay  Freesync in <not> fullscreen applications  Wattman for all   A few highlights 
  4. Those are great questions. I will forward them along to people more qualified than myself to answer. 
  5.   Nothing.    The Intel CPU will handle the CPU tasks, and the Nvidia GPU will handle the GPU tasks. 
  6. Google is partnering with AMD, using the new FirePro S9300 GPU for deep learning.  
  7.   The deal essentially eliminates AMD's debt obligations. They're going to be free and clear for future R&D expenditures.
  8. ...and done for putting AMD GPU tech into Intel's iGPU. This means Radeon graphics for onboard Intel CPUs.   The deal outs Nvidia as the supplier (who allegedly wanted to raise the price from Intel) and inserts AMD.   The deal is worth (est.) $90M/quarter for AMD or roughly $2b overall. 
  9. Yea, Brazil is currently the 8 seed.  
  10.   ..wut     AMD's valuation has been steadily increasing for about a year now. 
  11. I think a good starting point would be what the OP suggested, The two major ones currently being:   - Against LGBT rights, such as marriage  - Against abortions    Also, a gay couple adopting a child. I seem to remember that being a pretty big issue for a bit.     
  12. @legend   I'm just suggesting it'd be interesting to see the overlap. It wasn't intended to be some 'Gotcha!' post.    Also, for what it's worth, I've gone on record many many times in support of LGBT rights. 
  13. I didn't equate anything. I simply wanted to see the numbers.