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  1. Yea, Brazil is currently the 8 seed.  
  2.   ..wut     AMD's valuation has been steadily increasing for about a year now. 
  3. I think a good starting point would be what the OP suggested, The two major ones currently being:   - Against LGBT rights, such as marriage  - Against abortions    Also, a gay couple adopting a child. I seem to remember that being a pretty big issue for a bit.     
  4. @legend   I'm just suggesting it'd be interesting to see the overlap. It wasn't intended to be some 'Gotcha!' post.    Also, for what it's worth, I've gone on record many many times in support of LGBT rights. 
  5. I didn't equate anything. I simply wanted to see the numbers. 
  6. A) It could be 0.00001% slower. It shouldn't happen, ever.  2) Because AMD hasn't given Intel a reason to.
  7. Oh, is it time for this thread again? 
  8. I'd like to see some research done on the amount of people who don't want BIG GUB'MENT in their bedroom, but have no problems with them  depositing checks into their account on the first of the month.    Looks like a job [email protected]
  9.   Someone has to report the news! 
  10. http://www.guru3d.com/news-story/intel-core-i7-7700k-vs-core-i7-6700k-benchmarks-on-z270-platform.html   There is only one hero we need.  
  11. Whats the best Linux distro?

    Depends entirely on the application. 
  12.   There is no technical reason the PlayStation and Xbox brand couldn't, and Freesync TV's are becoming a 'thing' shortly. http://www.tomshardware.com/news/freesync-tv-amd-radeon-rtg,32685.html   I think if Sony was able to market the PS5 as a 4K gaming machine (IE: rendering in 4K--no upscaling) and pair it with a Sony UHDTV with Freesync, it'd be a really easy sell.