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  1.   I guess we just pack it in and call it a day then, can't save them all. Is that the answer you're fishing for?   The best interests should fall on those of the child, 100% of the time. Getting them nutritious free or discounted food at school, and a safe environment at home is just too radical of an idea in 2016 I suppose.
  2.   Remove the child from the situation.    Obviously they're not fit to be parents, and this will only benefit the child. 
  3.   I agree, it isn't.   It's not about punishing the kids, it's about helping them, by getting them better for you food at either a discount or free.    Perhaps having some sort of leniency period at the beginning of the school year, and parents/guardians can go to the school and get assistance in filling out the forms if they failed to do so prior to the start of the school year. This could be directly communicated to them by the school district to the impacted families. 
  4.   Go to a local public school.    That. 
  5.   I agree with this point, as it was brought up in Discord yesterday.    I'm all for providing every student, regardless of their particular family financial situation with a free nutritious morning 'snack' as well as lunch. Ensuring that kids are eating healthy is just as--if not more important than eating regularly. It's a really simple way to invest in them as the future of the country. The trash most kids are eating now at school is just that- trash.    Until those free nutritious meals happen for all, I see no issue with requiring some prerequisite forms needing to be filled out to ensure that the families that do need help, actually get it. Personally, I see it as a non-issue. 
  6. If the situation isn't safe for the child to be in, remove the child from that situation.   Eg: Drug addicted parents, or parents who do not provide reasonable care for their children. Forfeiting their ability to receive free lunch because they were out trying to score some Heroin or something seems like a pretty good reason to me to remove a child from that situation.     
  7.   Good thing people literally have an entire Summer to prepare for the school year. It shouldn't sneak up on anyone.    The entire process may take weeks, but the actual "filling out the paperwork" portion is something that could be done in little to no time at all. 
  8. So, assuming the kids actually need the free lunches because they come from a poor family or situation in general, all the parents need to do is apply to the program for their children to continue receiving the benefits? All while reducing the overall cost of the program and drilling down to the people who legitimately need the support the most?    What's the problem here exactly?    An embarrassing ID? It's called a lunch card or student ID. They're issued to every person on the campus and finding out who is on free lunch would be indistinguishable from those who are not, because they're identical, spare the actual photo ID on the card. If parents can spend 10 minutes to apply for government benefits for themselves in the way of SNAP, WIC, EBT..etc, they can sure as shit spend 10 minutes to ensure their kids are getting fed with the free lunch program at schools.    This sounds like a great cost saving measure, and I applaud the GOP for it. 
  9. Comcast acquires DreamWorks for $3.8 billion

    $4B worth of infrastructure upgrades would sure go a long way...
  10. Heart attack after seeing the latest quarterly numbers? 
  11. 4K/60fps: Is it possible yet for video cards?

  12. AMD Radeon Pro Duo performance numbers:

      Do you want the best or do you want Nvidia? 
  13. AMD Radeon Pro Duo performance numbers:

      Once again proving that if you want the fastest gaming graphics performance in the world, the answer is Crimson clear. 
  14. Anyone used WDTV for streaming to your tv?

    For high bit-rate media, you want a wired connection.