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  1. GTX 1070 Benchmarks

      Availability shouldn't be an issue for Polaris, perks of using a mature process.
  2. GTX 1080ti and Titan(next) rumors surface

    http://www.overclock3d.net/articles/gpu_displays/zotac_tease_their_gtx_1080ti/1   Teaser for Zotac's 1080ti 
  3. ATI to AMD to ATI again!

    You could always just refer to them as ATI like @SFLUFAN chooses to do. 
  4. ATI to AMD to ATI again!

    The TL;DR is that Kyle is pissed he isn't seeded review samples any longer, and that he wasn't invited to Macau for the Polaris event because he is an Nvidia schill.    Notice how it was published during the insider event? Super omega butthurt. 
  5.   Simple to market as well, 3 individual SKU's that come neatly pre-installed and packaged. You simply connect it to your Xbox "device" with a Thunderbolt cable and the console OS takes care of everything else. Driver updates are automatically downloaded and installed, no tinkering required.    1080p/30 - "Xbox Experience" [$149] 1080p/60 - "Xbox Premier" [$249] UHD/VR  - "Xbox Ultimate" [$499]    Of course, these prices would continue to fall, and could be refreshed yearly as GPU technology continually advances.   
  6.   http://www.amd.com/en-us/innovations/software-technologies/technologies-gaming/xconnect
  7.   They stripped it out for a few reasons, but it was mainly done so people would buy Quadro cards. 
  8. 1080 reviews are hitting

      Soon (tm)     http://www.amd.com/en-us/who-we-are/corporate-information/events/computex
  9.   I've got some bad news for you think Maxwell or even Pascal can do compute. 
  10. So where do I buy a 1080 on Friday near Seattle?

      The price gouging will be real. 
  11. Phillips 43" IPS 4k Monitor for $799

      I couldn't care less about who wraps it in plastic and brands it, the only thing you're actually paying for is the panel, which is sourced from....Phillips 
  12. So where do I buy a 1080 on Friday near Seattle?

      Better camp out like it's black friday! 
  13. Phillips 43" IPS 4k Monitor for $799

    $800 is more than enough for a UHD adaptive sync monitor though. As long as we're talking Freesync.    Behold, the MicroBoard B400 (personal favorite)    http://www.ebay.com/itm/MicroBoard-B400-UHD-HDX-39-5-3840X2160-16-9-4K-LED-Monitor-60Hz-DP1-2-MVA-Panel-/221894799314
  14. So where do I buy a 1080 on Friday near Seattle?

    @Irreverent79   http://www.nowinstock.net/computers/videocards/nvidia/gtx1080/full_history.php
  15. Phillips 43" IPS 4k Monitor for $799

    If you're spending eight hundred dollars on a monitor for the purpose of PC gaming, it's borderline criminal to not get adaptive sync. Especially at UHD where locked 60FPS is so hard to achieve.