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  1. I got a Windows tablet tonight

      This is a fantastic question 
  2. Facebook recently updated their app to include a marketplace. I'd try there. 
  3. The Wolfe - an external GPU for your laptop

      $300 laptops being useful for gaming is pretty neat. 
  4. PC boot drive vanished

    Do you have an external dock, to see if you can browse the files on the SSD?   It'd be an easy way to see if it is toast. 
  5. Madden 17 Discussion Thread

    It's been an esport for like, over 10 years.  
  6. I'd prefer PPR, but we have a lot of people playing who may not understand it as they're somewhat new to fantasy football.   However, I'll leave it up to the 11 others to decide that.
  7. I pushed it back another half hour, to 8:30pm EST.
  8. General feedback is that weekday evenings work the best.   How does August 31st, 8pm EST work for everyone?   
  9. We now have a full group of 12. We need to discuss a draft time now.   Please give your availability here, or the discord chat. 
  10. Looks like the general consensus for those who have voiced an opinion is to wait, and make it a 12 team league. So we have room to accommodate [email protected] you care to join.   Also, in a shocking twist, @BasemntDweller2 has generously offered a $50 reward for your platform of choice (XB/PS/Steam) for the league Superb Owl champion. 
  11.   I am sorry for your loss. You are truly missing out on some excellent cuisine. 
  12. If you want to get good fried chicken, you need to go to the part of town with bars on the windows and that only accept cash. Same goes for ribs.