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  1. Meet GDDR5X, that other VRAM memory

      This is correct.   AMD had a "timed exclusivity" deal for HBM for co-developing the technology. That expired with the year 2015. Now, AMD still enjoys 'priority access' to HBM(2) modules from SK hynix. However, with Samsung now producing HBM(2) modules, it doesn't mean as much, potentially. Assuming Samsung is able to produce them both reliably and cheaply.     Nvidia still faces all the other challenges that AMD did with this new tech for the Fiji lineup, except for the first time. Price, availability, manufacturing...I fully expect all of Nvidia's cards, spare the Titan and "1080/ti" to be using GDDR5X for those reasons and more. 
  2. Rocket League for Xbox - Feb 17th

      XB1 version only plays against others playing XB1. No cross play at all. 
  3. Rocket League Season 2

    Or, How to kill an amazing game.   Dumping snow day matchmaking to promote Deadmau5? Fucking seriously?   Is his wub wub wub going to be paid DLC for a rocket trail? Why is vibration tied to refresh rate? Play at 144hz? Congratulations, you now own a personal vibrator!
  4.   It was available for $9 there.
  5. Assuming you already have a router, just get a ubiquiti access point.   Assuming you don't, buy a cheap unmanaged switch and add a ubiquiti access point.
  6. GTA V w/ UHD Textures

    re-downloading GTA5 and these mods now...
  7. UHD BD player hitting the market

    Well, I hope I'm wrong then! 
  8. GTA V w/ UHD Textures

  9. UHD BD player hitting the market

      The reader on your PC BD drive can't read UHD BD either.    The PS4 isn't HDCP 2.2 compliant, neither is your PC.    It was unrealistic to expect this to launch at $100. BD didn't launch such a long time ago that you've forgotten how much those initial players cost. 
  10. I have Hue lights Ecobee, and Ring.   Hue is integrated with my Harmony Hub for specific events. Eg; 'Watch a movie' sets the hue lights in my 'theater' to a very dimmed level. Ecobee turns down the heat to 60 when I'm away, and warms back up about 15 minutes before I arrive home. 
  11. UHD BD player hitting the market

    So the current version cannot, and any plans for a version that does are still at best, months away.   I don't see how that's a valid complaint.    This is the early adapter tax, I'm fine with it. 
  12. UHD BD player hitting the market

      When did the PS4 gain the ability to play UHD?