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  1. The Wolfe - an external GPU for your laptop

    Great to see, really hoping that these become $100 add on boxes in the future. 
  2. I've set up a fantasy football channel in our discord server, which can be joined by clicking here;    
  3. I made the league;    Draft time, scoring..etc all can be worked out and can be considered placeholders   
  4. Madden 17 Videos

    So I played some MUT and Franchise.   Franchise mode is really polished, but my god the injuries are piling up for my squad. Through 3 games:   Rashad Jennings Larry Donnell Dwayne Harris J.T. Thomas Jonathan Casillas   I'm pulling out wins, but I mean pulling them out. It's been a struggle.      
  5. Madden 17 Videos

    That's being addressed in the first patch.
  6. Nvidia level AMD chart!

    Well done
  7. Madden 17 Videos

    Eh, I'll let you know after a few more games. The preliminary results are great though. 
  8.   While I'd agree that sport hunting is pretty weak, hunting itself is far from it. 
  9.   Not great, it's like...rubbery?    Also, I don't see an issue with this. 
  10. The official bring DGH back poll.

    I've championed @SFLUFAN to free @Everyman on multiple occasions. 
  11. I'll be letting this subscription expire. 
  12. Madden 17 Videos

    Yea, so I bought it anyway.   Kicking is broken. Punting/FG's are fundamentally broken, and it needs to be patched/fixed. I can appreciate the fact that they're no longer automatic, but there needs to be a happy medium here. CPU slant routes are insanity. It may have just been because it was Aaron Rodgers + Cobb and Nelson, but I could not stop that route when they were in their two minute offense. Frustratingly realistic I forced 5 turnovers(!) 3 picks and 2 forced fumbles. D line pressure really forces some baaad AI throws, which is good! The running game feels vastly improved, there is a real difference between running with Jennings and Vereen now, and the defense appears to react to the two players differently. Eg; they are dedicating a safety to cover Vereen out of the backfield, wheras Jennings usually is getting matched up with an OLB. Neat! I'm seeing a good (realistic) amount of flags being thrown, with a good amount of variety. Not just the same holding calls all game long. There was a cool piece of commentary about Cruz who was shaken up after a play, about his recent string of injuries--then they proceeded to rattle them off, including the one this pre season. Nifty Loading times seem vastly improved.   I'm looking forward to sinking my teeth into franchise mode soon, but this looks like a much better overall experience than '16, a very good improvement.