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  1. This!!!!!!!!!! And polls close at 7pm central, typically that is when precincts start to report results.
  2. We can play some damn football!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. As someone who lives in Alabama, I could not be more thankful this shit will be over today and I wont have to hear the ads and non sense from both parties on every channel/radio/news outlet.
  4. Happy Belated Seventh Anniversary D1P

    I joined I think December 10th 2010 Life has certainly changed exponentially since that day
  5. hmmm All games can be rom dumped onto both consoles the same. Provided you own a backup copy of course.
  6. As an NES Classic owner, technically speaking they are really the same. Why trade? Looks?
  7. I know in the past some of us has had a lot of fun with secret santa around here. Is this something we still do anymore? Took a hiatus the past couple of years
  8. Konami is WEIRD

    Konami..... E3 2010... That's all that needs to be said at this point
  9. seems like a pretty good price.... Tempting
  10. TIME's #1 2017 Gadget

    I would tend to agree with them on this. Truly was something the console world had wanted but technology was not there yet.
  11. typically 5-10 (unless I am in obsession mode ala Witcher 3/Fallout 4) Lately its been in the 2-5 era though. Work and things.
  12. Amazing now this game is a full fledged console version in my hands..............
  13. Seems a majority of bigger titles are released mid/late in the month off top of my head. Can't be by accident, surely R&D goes into that. So apparently the market is better then for whatever reason.