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  1. Only like three weeks ago I think, which is great because I was contemplating buying it last month but decided against it.
  2. Sly, because cell shaded graphics like that transfer flawlessly into looking like a true PS3 game, and I'm pretty partial because Sly is by far my favorite series on that list.
  3. I'm definitely gonna go by there and grab SSX. I got MW3 for $15 though back in December.
  4. I can't say I disagree. As much as I like better graphics, I couldn't care less about buying a new console.
  5. I'm confident that that's a silly plan to make. I think it was good for Sony that the Box released first so that Sony could technically slingshot themselves. Then again, I guess it didn't help their sales.
  6. So are Slim PS3s just built like tanks or what?

    They are, in-fact. I shot at mine and it deflected the bullet, killing Bill Cosby.
  7. I thought it was awful and that the Indoctrination Theory, whether that's how it was intended or not, is a horrible excuse.
  8. Just so you know, it would be much easier if you gave it to me for free. And I could trade you my 460... good deal, right? ;D
  9. A skull is on my mind.