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  1. yeah ripple is cool and everything but so many coins ... though I don't doubt that it would work a lot better than bitcoin or even litecoin as part of an actual payment/transactional system edit: like what is the potential upside here for reals is my point. I guess it could still reach a trillion market cap but with so many coins around, couldn't we expect someone to dump to keep the price level?
  2. I made a few hundred bucks profit on bitcoin. meh
  3. yeah this is what I think too, southern hemi and even though latin America/Africa are far from everything there would probably be people killing each other over food and water. Which really leaves Australia and NZ as safest places
  4. With Trump and Kim and other uncertainty, place your bets. edit: for the average peon, so not someone with access to an Antarctica bunker or multi billion dollar yacht or some Jeff Bezos style rocketry
  5. hnng. thanks for helping my anxiety brah edit: like for real this is a great anti anxiety pill NSFW
  6. the real question here is when everyone on d1p is going to chip in for a hardened multi tier compound on the south island of New Zealand to survive any sort of Trump induced thermonuclear or biological calamity?
  7. Is getting on the next flight to NZ a good idea or not? Halp
  8. Jason why do you insist that I am not as Jewish as you because I'm only 50%? It's on my mother's side.
  9. Keyser, Derek, I want you fucking assholes to listen. Really. Listen Want to cure BO? PUt sodium bicarbonate on your armpits. JUST FUCKING TRY IT
  10. Talk to Dr.Nezt

    Greetings all, If anyone wants to chat, truly relate on an individual to individual basis, and become part of my network -- hit me up. We can make things truly better for us and our loved ones if we simply collaborate..................... TINY CHAT>!??!?!?!
  11. Renegade X beta 5 Tiberium Sun units added.

    I support this thread in more ways than one. Loved Tiberian Sun and C&C Ren. I played Renegade X beta 1 and wasn't entirely thrilled, but this release is light years beyond beta 1. Plus, these devs are really committed and are truly die hard fans themselves. Plus... it's free. Check it out.
  12. imo, jumper and to a lesser extent, semi-charmed life are the only songs on the album that sound good
  13. discrete math is fun but at the same time there is that thing with academia about just doing what you need to get the pig skin which is a good idea sometimes
  14. Indian seem like a luscious forbidden fruit in the us