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  1. OH MY FUCK, I just soiled myself.
  2. If Polygon says good things about it, it must suck.
  3. Part 2 is out now. As a relative noob to warframe, looking at video of the original release makes baby Jebus cry.
  4. Part 1. Pretty good stuff, I haven't seen the noclip documentaries before, but I watched the Horizon Zero Dawn one after this one and it's good stuff. Anyone, this one may be of interest for some of the OGs too because it touches on Unreal Tournament a little.
  5. Cuz she's Howard Hughes? Where else is she going to keep it, she can't keep it in a bag like a Canadian! Count me in I guess.
  6. Please help me find the name of this old game?(SOLVED)

    Ugh, the FMV 90s. The pain....
  7. Eurogamer has a couple of new playing vids up on their YT channel the past day or 2 for the game.
  8. I want to play, but I'll wait for feedback. Especially on how it plays on a potato system.
  9. Humble Bundle Monthly: Dark Souls 3 + DLC $12

    This new bundle looks good enough I might even be interested.
  10. Emblazon and Triage dilemma

    Boyfriend shouldn't have brought it up and just waited till after Xmas. I mean, my view would be "ask me in December and we'll see how I feel", cuz that's still some time down the road and while they've known each other for a few years, I personally think it's too soon to think about marriage. It doesn't sound like any marriage would be any sooner whether he asked you this now or waited until the end of the year, so he's just jumping the gun. Damn kids, STAY OFF MY LAWN.
  11. Official 2018 Warframe thread

    https://www.forfansbyfans.com/feature/warframe-fan-forge-designs-from-the-community.html Might have to get the Clem Approves shirt. The Baro Keytar is funny, but I dunno if I'd wear it.
  12. Burn as data files or audio files? Data, Nero should have worked and I'd have just used ImgBurn. Data should still be there, no reason to lose the metadata. If you're talking about audio files, I don't believe it's going to keep the metadata. But I could be wrong and maybe something has changed in the past 10 years.
  13. I thought AMD just makes console shipsets.
  14. April could be a busy month if these come out at the same time as Ryzen 2. So everyone go buy this new card. And think of me for hand-me-downs of your old card