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  1. I just saw a bunch of paragon chests being given away for twitch prime users.
  2. The Duke is back

    I sold my unopened Duke on ebay for $80 in Nov.
  3. TFW you get a new frame, spend time making it all pretty, then go jump into an alert. ...and then realize you forgot to put mods on.
  4. Good video. If you don't want to sit through an hour, he has his ratings in the video notes.
  5. I could see a market if they're going for strictly low power stuff, but then that's where ARM is supposed to come in, so I've got an old Via C3 system collecting dust around here, used that for my home server running BSD years ago.
  6. New GPU

    Yeah, if you're just staying at 1080, then a 6GB 1060 is the way to go. There's a 5GB version coming out, I don't even know why.
  7. I still need to do it. I'm so behind in doing the quests, it's silly. I can't help it, I see alert missions on the board and that's what I do. I spend more time just leveling up new gear.
  8. Space Mom says Happy New Year and check out my sideboob.
  9. So what I'm hearing is, stay away from PUBG cuz it's all cheating chinese? There needs to be a "filter asia" or "North America only" option. Wow, my 670 doesn't even show up. Does that mean I have a collectors item?
  10. Need a NAS. Any recommendations?

    I need to come over to Andy's and steal some drives.
  11. The Division 1.8 update

    Sigh, guess I gotta resub to MarcoStyle again for the infoz