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  1. Probably the main reason I haven't purchased the game yet. I played in beta and it was god-awful graphics, even on "high."
  2. Karkland worth it?

    Karkand* And yes, it is.
  3. Steam Holiday Sale 2011

    How long is the coupon good for on GreenManGaming? I'm not sure if my girlfriend got it for me for Xmas.
  4. I have a 266.66 driver if that will work.
  5. I had this happen last week, i had to run chkdsk on startup to fix it.
  6. BC Battlefield 3 Discussion....

    Still getting kicked. Server is empty.
  7. BC Battlefield 3 Discussion....

    Just logged in, this asshat is still map hacking. He has no mods on his vehicles and seems to go from point to point and shoots me before I get there.
  8. F.3.A.R. 4.O.R. $25

    Bought is yesterday on Amazon for $20.
  9. June Sales, ADP Jobs Data Easily Top Forecasts

    My company up 7.9%. We ballin'.
  10. Are you running Windows 98?
  11. Just got into Google+ !!!! I HAVE INVITES!

    [email protected] if there are still invites
  12. anyone tether with Gingerbread?

    I run an HTC Incredible with Cyanogen Mod 7 (2.3.2) and I tether through WiFi Mobile hotspot all the time.
  13. Cancelled Shows...

  14. MW3 gameplay trailer leaked early

    ahahahahahahahaha! That was even better.