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  1. Bloodborne, what am I getting into?

    This is very much like an old school side scroller. You must learn the patterns, learn where things are, make adjustments after each death, until you can get through. You will die, sometimes because you made an error and sometimes because you will have no clue that it was there just before you died. OH and wack walls periodically.

    Now the game stutters periodically and apparently I am not alone. Whatever they did screwed something else up. Awesome. Love it.
  3. Critic’s Choice Sale: Nioh $25, Titanfall 2 $6, Witcher 3 $20

    I grabbed NIOH. I have mixed feelings right now. I am a HUGE DS player, but this is different enough I am struggling to decide which control scheme to use. Plus the pace if far faster and find the stances challenging.
  4. This month's PS+ titles

    So I have the disc version of R&C but never finished it. If I get the digital PSPlus will it allow me to continue my game without the disc or would I have to start all over?
  5. I guess I thought it was bad. Some guy running at you, duck into a bush that isn't nearly big enough for you, but wow they all lost you. Then those monster things.. ug. There were too many easy ways to get the AI to lose you. Plus it felt like there were a handful of AI patterns that they would always follow so taking over villages was often not hard because I knew roughly what each guy was going to do. Maybe my expectations are too high.
  6. Did you say intelligent AI in relation to far cry? Did you play a different game then I did?
  7. Steam's Lunar New Year sale started today

    why did they end this early. It said 15-19 and yet here it is the 19th and it is over.
  8. I still have original boxes for ultima 2, 3, 4, and 5. I loved them sooo much. Oh.. and eamon dungeon creator.. I had so much fun creating dungeons. ahhhhh life was so much better back then.
  9. The "Is your PC bottlenecked?" calculator

    2% r9 390, 4670k @ 4.3ghz, 8gigs ddr4, ssd I actually thought my 4670k would bottleneck the r9 390 more.... because games like pugb are processor intensive and it shows.
  10. Secret of Mana 3D remake coming February 15, 2018

    I loved loved secret of mana. I do not like the new art style at all.
  11. I like digital foundry, but this is one of the most negative videos I have seen where the title made it seem like I was getting something awesome. I have a 1080p plasma and rarely would choose to supersample vs graphics or framerate. Plus This seems like it should have been a no brainer hardware edition day one. The way he sells it makes it seem like it isn't a good feature at all. Yeah.. you can supersample, but hey you lose graphics and framerate, oooo but look at when you zoom in there are less jaggies.. okay yeah in some games you drop to 20fps.. but see no jaggies that you can only see zoomed into 300%.. oh and you lose other features as well, but BIG feature here guys.
  12. I own it, but I have no idea how you people found it fun. seriously.
  13. I think they could just release vega again but at a lower price. Nobody would know because nobody could buy a vega before anyway.
  14. I feel dirty but they left me no choice

    and its about time
  15. I feel dirty but they left me no choice

    you better mine faster. crypto is in freefall