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  1. 7 days. I look forward to when we enter Majora's Mask reference time.
  2. If you are into soccer I recommend the football ramble and men in blaziers.
  3. I think it had like over 250k in the Dec NPD results. Might have been Nov though can't remember. Also damn it I need to snag one for a coworker.
  4. The siege of my wallet has begun. Super Robot Wars V has shipped and I placed a forgeworld order with GW. Switch next week. I will probably get a pro controller and get zelda plus shovel knight bomberman and fast rmx.
  5. They are probably rushing the launch to make the end of their fiscal year.
  6. If you do another Switch podcast and have recording for it on Friday I am 120% down.
  7. Considering the only other RTS coming out this year is Dawn of War 3. I'll take it and hope for a sequel. I miss RTS games
  8. My mom had shoulder surgery last year in April I want to say and the doctor first gave her a prescription for 50 pills. We have a follow up in 2 weeks and the guy gave her 100 pills. The follow up after another 50 pills. My mom doesn't use them personally but I keep them in the event I get really bad knee pain. Rarely need 'em but it's nice to have in case I over do it at the gym and am in a lot of pain. Though it was only Tylenol 3. Actually I did want to ask how does Tylenol 3 compare to say Oxytocin? I have never really had any problems with Tylenol 3. If I have to take em I just take half a pill or a full pill and just relax/ice my knee and I usually feel better by the time it wears off. High isn't bad either. I guess it being a lower dosage is probably what causes that? I never really felt a craving to have more once it wore off unless I am in a lot of pay which to the extend I'd need more then 1 rarely happens.
  9. They usually do but I think it depends on the store. I couldn't find conformation for them having a midnight launch so I went with Best Buy since they had it listed on their site.
  10. It makes sense. I got to best buy at like 10:30-11:am and they only had grey units left. I do plan to get some more joycons so I might buy a neon set with a grip. Not sure if I should do it for launch.
  11. Do we have any rumors on OC capabilities?
  12. I am eyeing that 1800x but I will wait a few years.