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  1. God i think its buy those games for 40 dollars if they got a switch release or steam release. #partoftheproblemattimes
  2. But so is the view they should go 3rd party. It sounds great on paper but everyone advocating it doesnt take into account the strings attached with that. Right now Zelda can take as damn well long as it needs to be the best game it can be the pressures of being a 3rd party publisher simplely won't allow that time investment. We would be looking at something along the lines of EA biyearly/yearly installments of franchises. In addition 3rd party is best case. considering how Japanese Nintendo is the worst case scenario of gatcha mobile games until the apocalypse is most likely to happen.
  3. Russia too. And they are loving it like McDonald's.
  4. The enemy within is what usually does it. On the bright side we are witnessing history and it should lead to some good discussions on the CEB. I do want to wish everyone good luck in the trying times ahead though.
  5. And I'd buy it for on the go play. Also pick up Revelations RE0-3 as well.
  6. I need to catch up on season 3. Might hit up hulu later. Also i have to say god I am almost breaking on paying for the add free hulu. The ads are somewhat insufferable.
  7. To add to vic I do hope actually there isnt an EOL on the Switch. In that I hope they follow MS and Sony in that the next gen just builds on the previous gen. So Switch 2 is more powerful then Switch 1 but is backwards compatible both with physical and digital games. It's super risky now to start from zero all over again in 5-6 years better to put out a new system that builds on the previous system.
  8. Still freaking out. That week is gonna be brutal. I should get Super Robot Wars V that same week. Debating if i should get both the vita/ps4 versions at launch or wait a bit. Leaning towards at release since id be spending the same amount in the end. Switch with Zelda and a procontroller maybe a joy con set as well. Whatever eshop games I decide to get. My weekend getaway with my girl. And its my birthday month so at some point games workshop is getting my money. I have a fisr bit of a backlog so it might just be the next forgeworld Horus Heresy black book but that is about 105USD. My wallet weeps. My rational side is like ZOMG dont spend all that money. But thinking about it was I type this I am hyped.
  9. I didnt like it at first but it has grown on me. Though Best Buy was sold out of it when I got there. Might get my 2nd set of joy cons in the neon color. Still not sure though if I should get more joy cons or pro controllers though.
  10. 99.99%
  11. It was hard not to though the reveal was great. And hardcore Nintendo fans are justifiably worried about Nintendo's future. They needed a home run and they blunt the ball. While I will buy it I do fear for the future of Nintendo/handheld gaming.
  12. Definately leaving it wit the dark theem if possible.
  13. I love the series sucks it never got finished thiugh. Another casualty of the disney buy out. I do feel the first season were good but the show took on a darker tone as the clone wars progresses.
  14. Might wanna see if u can find a used one on ebay.
  15. Id love a 2d zelda as good as ALBW.