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      D1Pcast Episode 25 - Stuff has Ryzen (featuring NextGen and Lucian04)   03/02/2017

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  1. So far so good with my neon joycons. This reminds me I should try out the grey joycons.
  2. Vita is winding down from the looks of it.
  3. Yoko look forward to the smaller switch.
  4. I think only Warriors is new 3ds only or wait is Echos new 3ds only as well?
  5. Nintendo needs to start paying for 3ds/Switch releases. Still annoyed the new FE is on the 3ds only.
  6. I think there might be a Switch box but the handheld only is what I expect first.
  7. Also found the 3rd fairy. Need to find the 4th. I do wanna finish the main quest but part of me wants to roll up with lvl 4 ancient armour and pwn all me before. I feel I am gonna need to go guardian hunting to do that. Is the ancient armour the best set in the game in terms of protection? I have the hyrule armour and love the look of it as well but I gotta find those blue giant monsters to get the crafting materials.
  8. Feel the same way. I had that dilemma on what to do and got home started playing and was just exploring. Found 2 memories so far. I think I have 4 left. Gonna do some more shrines then I need to get some stuff to level up my gear.
  9. For me nostalgia. I have the CE on preorder since its 100 USD and I get the prime discount on it. I also want to add Sonic Rush 1&2 as examples of good modern sonic games.
  10. The horror. So should we start making bets on when Bioware joins the list of EA casualties?
  11. I still replay them from time to time. Series defiantly deserves the master race seal of approval. I hope with GSC reformed they can make a sequel. (Please no console version please no console version)
  12. =*(
  13. I have lvl 2 hyrule knight forgot my weapons. Like 12 hearts plus 3/4th of a stamina wheel. I took a break today from Zelda deciding still what to do. Also kinda worried in its like what to play next as well. It is the main game on the system. Might pick up Setsuna after I finish blaster master.
  14. So i beat the last divine beasts. I am debating if I should hunt down more shrines and finish up the side quests and find all the memories or if I should just go fight Ganon.
  15. I am fine with the power. Though I would have liked a Pascal based Tegra. Though I'd prefer it for better battery life. I wish the battery life was better but power banks make it manageable. Do wish the port wasnt at the bottom though.