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  1. Damn throwback. Havent heard that name in ages.
  2. Ill buy it if it has an english option.
  3. DCS: F/A-18C Hornet - Early Access trailer

    I need to bust out my Saitek s52.
  4. Paige forced to retire from in-ring competition

    Soaps for men is a good description of wrestling.
  5. I really regret missing that 580USD Vega 64 at microcenter.
  6. My gut response to the scenario is my personally dooms day clock going to 23:59 and 59 seconds.
  7. But coffee is God's gift to man.
  8. I actually can't decide between Five Guy/Shakeshack/Smashburger. I think I pick Shake Shack though. Those fries are immaculate. Legit commercial quality when I have had them.
  9. My go to coffee is I am out is McDonald's. Tastes good and is cheap. Dunkin's is ok and I find starbucks overhyped and stupid expensive. My favorite coffee is what I make. I dont really make it anymore though. I use a pot and add watch plus dark roast colombian coffee from costco. I am the only coffee drinking at home so making it that way is inefficient. Kuerig's are okay. I mainly drink nespresso. I have both a regular one and thr ventruline. Need to descale the ventruline though.
  10. I think on Tuesday there was a news story on Univision about possible Russian interference in Mexico's election.
  11. X-Files season 11

    I am hopeful for the monster of the week episodes. The retcon on the mythology has turned me off. Though it seems this most recent episode might hav e retconned the retcon.
  12. Me 3. God i fear when they make actual good CE consoles. Fuk i am gonna own like 6 switches arent I?