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  1. Are You Ready for M.A.S.K.?

    If it doesn't have The Rock then why bother
  2. More content than Breath of the Wild??
  3. Avengers Has Pre-Sold More Tickets...

    Infinity War comes out April 27th..
  4. Kinda stuck on what I want to do next.. Continue with main or go somewhere I'm not supposed to.. Hey Andrea
  5. The Walking Dead Season 7 Discussion Thread

    Exactly right on the last part. Getting really long in the tooth and characters that I've liked all along I'm wishing would die and a major character is off the map and NEEDS to die IMO.
  6. Everyone quick!!! Cull the herd!!!!!!!!!

    I guessed as much but WTF indeed
  7. Everyone quick!!! Cull the herd!!!!!!!!!

    In this thread peeps drunk post while others try and figure out what game is being drunk posted about
  8. Lol that's exactly what I ended up doing
  9. Nah wants me to watch with her
  10. Just finished Zoras domain and got to Hateno. Stopped because the lady wants to watch a movie
  11. It is amazing. Nintendo just gets it with making a game that pulls you in and makes you enjoy being in the world you're playing in
  12. Oh heck yes, I think about it when I'm not playing it. I got it bad lol
  13. But you have to buy a console to play it on portable
  14. There are some true masterpieces on consoles etc. Why limit yourself if you like games? Breath of the Wild is one example..
  15. What are You Playing This Weekend?

    Breath of the Wild