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  1. Yes, or watching any musical for that matter
  2. Sometimes the jokes just write themselves
  3. Moon Knight

    Is that in game AC footage?
  4. True but in this case what they think has no bearing on Pepsi tasting better than Coke
  5. Pepsi is a far superior product to Coke as far as taste
  6. And by gameplay you meant actually playing a game while watching this on your phone or tablet..
  7. Mega Man 11 announced! (with trailer)

    Wow that does look good. About time Mega Man grew up lol
  8. Seriously though, I should've done something like this back when my backlog was Texas. Nowdays it's tiny which is sad and a relief at the same time
  9. You miiiiiiight have a problem...
  10. Justice League - 96 million

    This is definitely a good thing. I feel bad that it has so much potential but yet is so mediocre while Marvel is kicking all kinds of ass.
  11. Justice League - 96 million

    How so?
  12. But NOT directed by Snyder or written by Nolan. They are both extremely capable at what they do when the source material is right but this is wrong material for them as a team.
  13. I'd rather scoop out my eye balls with a rusty spoon, throw them across the room, look for them with no eyes and stuff them up my ass when I find them than watch 80 minutes of someones opinion on a movie most everyone knows is bad already. But thanks though.