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  1. I'd rather scoop out my eye balls with a rusty spoon, throw them across the room, look for them with no eyes and stuff them up my ass when I find them than watch 80 minutes of someones opinion on a movie most everyone knows is bad already. But thanks though.
  2. Marvel's Spider-Man PGW trailer

    Looks like a bunch of QTEs
  3. Aaaaaaand that's a wrap on career K Space
  4. I’m fighting wade now so contest

    Way to go bro
  5. 27 and thanks for doing these.
  6. Another Chance to Win Mario Odyssey

    Been here since day one and I've always enjoyed knowing there's people out there with the same struggle with addiction as me
  7. I had these same thoughts (of disapproval) a few years ago when I noticed this could become a normal practice and got a good dressing down by most everybody here lol Not that I'm some enlightened what have you by ANY means.. actually I'm probably the complete opposite of enlightened but ANYWAY it's good to see people come around to realizing this business model was never a good idea and has no place in a 30$ or more game. It's just flat out greed. You want to make money as a game developer? Make games people want to play. The end.
  8. I'm re-interested myself. 30$ is a tad steep right now. Capcom could use some good will, seems like a PS Plus free for November would be a great idea..
  9. Mother!

    Didn't Lawrence tell Trump supporters to not watch this?
  10. What i hate more than anything about sprinting is it resets reloading a weapon. All these advanced movements and abilities but running and reloading is a crippling combo