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  1. I just consumed 15mg of THC

    You consumed almost nothing.
  2. Game giveaway because I love you guys!

    You're amazing because you understand that handhelds are the devil. 46
  3. See, it's not that she's Russian that's the problem. It's that she's a nutcase. You have a nutcase for a roomate. I do not envy you.
  4. what happened to apoc?

    It really doesn't.
  5. Humans can live for about 4 days without water and sometimes up to a week. Drinking just water you can survive over 3 weeks.
  6. Define 'gigantic', in your own literal words.
  7. Lucian sucks at Bloodborne?
  8. what happened to apoc?

    The real question is after all that bragging, how could any of you NOT know it was all pretend?!
  9. Hey, this place still exists..

    You could say "thank you". But you did. So see, you did know what to say! And I remember you. Welcome back. Oh and Ativan is awesome for anxiety. Also eating real food helps in a lot of depression cases.
  10. what happened to apoc?

    The guy acted like a total asshole much of the time but what he did isn't unheard of. It's the internet, 90% of people lie about themselves. Big freaking whoop. He should come back.