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  1. Destiny Discussion - Year 2

    Finally got a 335 ghost shell in IB. But I want more loot...
  2. Destiny Discussion - Year 2

    The rank 5 IB package gave me a 320 ghost shell and a 334 helmet. Playing some more the end match screen gave me a 334 ghost shell. 
  3. So Infinite = Outer space. I'm in. Don't care about COD4.
  4. Battleborn: launch trailer

    Neat song. I'll wait for Borderlands 3.
  5. Destiny Discussion - Year 2

    At only rank 1 IB a 334 boots dropped for me at the end game reward screen. 
  6. Destiny Discussion - Year 2

    I got that fallen shotgun from a end game reward in the 42 PoE and the zen meteor from a 3ofC. It is a serious monster. 
  7. Destiny Discussion - Year 2

    All I need is one of those ghost shells. Got my hunter to 327 at least.
  8. Star Wars: Rogue One - Official Teaser Trailer

    That Star Destroyer looks like a physical model.
  9. Destiny Discussion - Year 2

    What compels me to keep playing Destiny is the superb unmatched gameplay mechanics and it's varied content. I'm not a carrot chaser who will never be happy with what they get always wanting more. I play because I just enjoy the game. 
  10. Destiny Discussion - Year 2

    Iron Banner was pretty fun this time but the drops weren't all that great. But at least I got the ship. 
  11. Destiny Discussion - Year 2

    I want it. 
  12. Destiny Discussion - Year 2

     Yep. Your gear will become the exact attack/defense value of whatever you infuse it with.
  13. Destiny Discussion - Year 2

    More vault space too. All around a lot of great stuff here to earn. 
  14. Destiny Discussion - Year 2

    They're bringing back year one weapons to be found in random legendary engrams. I hope to get a shadow price. And infusion will work one to one! Pretty awesome updates!