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  1. Destiny 2 Discussion

    Yes, they are pretty challenging. I can handle the normal ones like Up Up and Up. But the one where you are required to defend the conflux while hordes of enemies are continually shooting at you is near impossible to do alone. I have that one active and since I can't cancel it I can't start any of the other. I hope that's fixed in the next update. I've crafted about 4 or 5 weapons so far. I like the way they look but my old weapons are better so I've been using them for infusion.
  2. Star Wars Battlefront II Discussion Thread

    It makes it so that music is always playing during multiplayer instead at only rare occasions.
  3. Star Wars Battlefront II Discussion Thread

    One of the best additions is that continuous music can be enabled in multiplayer.
  4. Destiny 2 Discussion

    That heroic mission where you have to defend the conflux is impossible to solo.
  5. Destiny 2 Discussion

    The Endgame is now the Spendgame but if you have 3 characters we at least get 15 free loot box engrams with this "expansion".
  6. Destiny 2 Discussion

    The Lighthouse isn't even a social space. It's just another area played in first person with a pretend teleporter door in the way. Someone managed to drive an interceptor inside. This content was surely created way before the main game was released. And if any of the non-DLC trophy hunters who have yet to get the plantinum trophy for Destiny 2 you can forget it. They raised the light levels so you're locked out until you pay more money. I think this goes against Sony policy.
  7. Destiny 2 Discussion

    Well that was a piece of crap. The story being short was ok, got to see new places on Earth but old places on Nessus and Io, but it barely made any sense and the last boss fight was a joke. Then I played through all the extra missions(adventures)...of which there are only three. They all take place in the Infinite Forest...and...that's the only way you can play that mode by those three adventures. You can't enter the damn thing while on normal patrol. I seem to have got the impression that we could enter that place any time we wanted to run through as many times as we liked because it's like Infinite and stuff. No. Looks like we can only do it about 6 times, 3 normal adventures and the heroic versions...which are a bit challenging with modifiers. Stranger the new Heroic strikes don't have modifiers...I couldn't play them because they were busted for me. That new patrol space is indeed just a circle with just a few patrol becons, where sparrows can not be used and it only has freaking ONE lost sector. Only one public event...the big one in the center which is kinda fun...and the rewards do suck just like what was seen in the stream. The DLC is a rip-off. More effort was put into all the new stuff in the Evervesre store. I feel raped.
  8. PlayStation plus December US.....lol

    Darksiders 2 is kinda decent if you can get past the sub 30 fps. It plays like an action RPG with actual loot found on slain enemies you can equip.
  9. PUBG on Xbox One X

  10. It's not THAT bad you aren't stuck with a bow, you can get a few other starting weapons with just credits and those tower missions are better played with others. Select a public game. But I really can't stand the game anymore for other reasons. PoE came out for consoles and it has ruined the game for me. What was already a complicated game with zero explaination of why you're doing anything you do, the Plains is worse. It's just a bigger version of the smaller maps but incredbly empty except for those encounters where you are shot at from enemies you never see coming...or shooting plants/rocks for materials or...fishing (blech). The worst change is the focus system. It's a mess. It was fine how it was. But they changed it, reset all my progress to zero. At least they gave me back all my points to add back but after selecting one node I'm restricted by adding any more until I uncover some quills...whatever the hell that is. The game doesn't say anything. The game still has all the same bugs, glitches, poor boss battles but added even more grind and less rewards for it. I don't think the developers know what the hell they are even doing, if they ever did and totally rushed this out way before it was ready just to compete with other games. Warframe is just shit.
  11. Actors are so stupid.
  12. Anyone watching Punisher?

    I'm on the 4th or 5th episode. Each one seems to drag on with too much dialog and not enough action. I've read a few of the comics and they weren't as boring as this show is. I hope it gets better and he starts being the Punisher. There was a hint of it in the first episode then it turned into a mediocre drama with uninteresting characters. What a disappointment.
  13. I just got done playing Destiny 2 where I completed many patrol missions a few instances of the enemy fighting each other, public events and some strikes with an Eververse booster enabled and the EXP number counter showed me gaining a lot of EXP but the actual bar barely moved and often did not move at all. Doubled EXP required to gain levels? No way, maybe 10 times that. The game is broken.
  14. What the minister of justice over there is saying is that they want to try to have a ban on any video game monetary purchase based on chance. So loot boxes will still exist you just won't be able to purchase them with real money in any way such as buying boxes directly or buying credits or keys to use to open the boxes. Goodbye mobile games.