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  1. Haha, it's funny that so many people are addicted to that reddit "list" yet when parts of it were edited to show that something was actually in the game, people just ignore it. While some things were cut a lot more things just haven't been seen yet. "I haven't seen it so it's not in the game Sean LIED!!" is the general mentallity of these people. The constant hate is over the top at this point. The game has flaws and things were cut for "reasons" no one is quite sure of and Hello Games is aware of it all. Continuing to scream about it on message boards at people that actually like the game is pathetic. Everyone has heard the complaints so shut the fuck up already. 
  2. It's a fact that different classes of ships control differently and have different armor builds. See, I actually play the game and have noticed this myself. If you choose to not believe me then to hell with you. Why would I care what you idiots say? I like the game. 
  3. I think I'm going to go back to using a cargo ship, these smaller ones while more agile don't have enough armor for me. 
  4. I'm still in my starter system. One more planet to explore then I'm warping to the nearest star system further away from the center which is said to contain just two planets and two moons. 
  5. No Man's Sky: Just how much was cut?

    You two are hilarious.
  6. No Man's Sky: Just how much was cut?

    This is what probably happened.    
  7. This is what can happen if you get 5 stars in space..     
  8. Someone made a time lapse.
  9. I played for 4 hours straight last night just hopping planets in my starter system and going to the station to sell or buy from any alien the landed in there. I also went mining asteroids and on my way back to the station I was attacked and destroyed. So I repaired my ship and went back into space to retrieve my stuff back. My warp drive is at 60% but hasn't been used. I can mostly understand what the Korvax say now. I wonder when I will ever leave this system. 
  10. Every Metal Gear is ridiculous. What's wrong with this one, not enough bisexual vampires?
  11. No Man's Sky: Just how much was cut?

    Sean mentioned several times that not everything he wanted in the game was going to be there on release. And while some things did get cut or aren't available now some of what that list on Reddit is showing as not in the game has been edited to show that it actually is in the game. Just because we haven't personally seen something so far doesn't mean it's not in there. Not being able to see other players is apparently an error. When asked which game Hello Games will be working on next he said they will still be working on No Man's Sky just as the team is still working on the game right now. It will be an going process, Sean wants the game to grow and expand. It's understandable that some people are disappointed and it's fine if they want a refund, go for it. But the game as it is right now is a fully working game with a goal and not a tech demo. Even with all of it's short-comings many people still love the game myself included because we love exploration and finding new things. I've never played a game like this before and have always wanted to when I was a kid growing up on games like Star Raiders. If you don't like the game well that's ok you don't have to. Get a refund, wait to buy it later down the road or shelve it until after more stuff is added. There's lots of other games to play in the meantime. I'm confident more will be added in as this is Sean's and the rest of Hello Game's most prized project. 
  12. All I want is the ability to crash if I want and not automatcially jump out of the ship once I land. 
  13. I'm glad I started a new save because the planet I began on has easier to find minerals and is populated by the much more interesting Korvax. I've been playing on the starting planet for hours now and have scanned everything for that 200k bonus, found a new ship and am currently learning the Korvax language.    Here's a tip for moving much faster on foot. Quickly hit melee and then hit the jet pack button. You'll boost jump so to speak. 
  14. Explore for the sake of exploring? What?
  15. Yes, I just started on one.