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  1. Seriously Folks WTF

    Seriously stepee WTF
  2. No Man's Sky Pushed Back

    You don't understand. Along with most gamers today I have a very very VERY short attention span and need to be entertained with explosions every second or I will get bored and slam my head into the wall. If the a game isn't mind-numblingly fun every millisecond and doesn't tell me what to do and where to go with distinct brightly colored arrows it's a waste of my precious time. 
  3. Seriously Folks WTF

    These are just jokes.
  4. Obama's historic and moving speech at Hiroshima.

    Videogames are old.
  5. Obama's historic and moving speech at Hiroshima.

    There's nothing regretable about bombing Japan. It ended the war and created Nintendo. 
  6. No Man's Sky Pushed Back

    Good. More time to make it better. 
  7. Mighty No. 9: From this to this.

    Game looks fine. The first image is old concept art.
  8. Destiny Discussion - Year 2

    I want that side arm and I want it now.
  9. The Dean troll works his magic by proxy. Thanks @SFLUFAN for the derailing this thread. 
  10. Had a Zebra, lost a pony. Story of my life.

    Cool that you'rte doing this but multiplayer only games aren't my thing especially ones that aren't solo player friendly. I HAVE NO FRIENDS!
  11. Doom Impressions Thread (PC/X1/PS4)

    Hardest of the hard difficulty gives you one life. Sounds like fun...
  12. Doom Impressions Thread (PC/X1/PS4)

    The SnapMap section is pretty cool, you can create or play user generated multiplayer maps or single/co-op maps against the AI including survival modes. The maps are simplistic and support up to only 4 players but they can contain intricate pathways and secret areas. All in all it gives this game unlimited replay value. 
  13. Doom Impressions Thread (PC/X1/PS4)

    I played through the first level of the PS4 version. The game runs really smooth and fast. I assume it's 60fps. No glitches or anything that I've seen so far. I'm playing on Hurt me Plenty and so far it feels like DOOM of old. The game has a lot of good settings, you can even change the FOV, what trickery is this?! I like this A LOT.