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  1. Seriously question. Did Jesus produce feces?

    in the future you should really learn to watch your language though
  2. Seriously question. Did Jesus produce feces?

    if you are not simply trying to be sinful then yes, i suppose this is technically accurate
  3. Seriously question. Did Jesus produce feces?

    The Holy Bible does not speak of such matters but it would seem reasonable to assume so
  4. Seriously question. Did Jesus produce feces?

    of course He did, for the period where Jesus took the body of a mortal man
  5. cayceg, only those with sin in their hearts would tell others to turn their eyes and their ears from the truth
  6. every true Christian knows that the Vatican and its Serpent King the Pope are one of the most vile cancers in this world, those who would spread Satanism in the name of Jesus
  7. Obama admits to being a Muslim

    only those in league with the devil would try to deny the obvious truth that even the Sultan in Chief has admitted to
  8. over and over and over again
  9. i will not continue this conversation as you are clearly one whose heart Satan has too firmly drawn into his grasp in order to be shown the light of Jesus any more
  10. he who puts sinful words into the mouth of a man of God commits not one but two sins at once
  11. who is this ohioguy and why should I not tell him? is he one who would be open to knowing the truth of Muslim caliphate being established in the white house?
  12. obama is a muslim and a communist, just two reasons that he obviously does not have Christ in his heart
  13. What are you doing for Leap Day?

    living my life for Christ, just like any other day
  14. who are you asking that question to? I am a white Christian just like Lord Jesus was
  15. How many slaves work for you?

    quiet your sinning tongue, no devotee of Lord Christ would hold slaves slavery is a byproduct of the barbarism found in the dark jungles of africa and the sand caves of the middle east