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  1. Activity should definitely pick up w GroupMe. No more crappy d1p crashing.
  2. I've bern active, Jerg & I had that blockbuster trade.
  3. I'm on that old man Tomcat sleep schedule during the workweek. I put myself on auto, just play my cpu team when you get back.
  4. Who are you playing again Tomcat?
  5. Yeah my connection test said everything is fine but something is wrong w XBL. Looks to be widespread, just saw some twitter posts about live having issues.
  6. @Mercury33 looks like XBL is acting up.
  7. I shoukd be home for most of today (assuming we have rolled).
  8. GG Buke, Cushing was lighting dudes up out there.
  9. You can't sign a FA if you have negative funds. Only workaround is if you don't meet the minimum roster requirements, then the cpu will sign the necessary FA spots.
  10. @CRBUKE my mistake, I assumed you were proposing 6:30pst. I'll be on later tonight around 9:30est if you're around and want to get the game in.
  11. Nope, no drama from me just sucks I took a sim loss when I was available to play the entire roll period. I'll be on around 9:30est to play you Buke.
  12. We rolled? Someone please tell me my team at least won the simmed game.