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  1. Maybe they shouldn't make so many of these giant ass open worlds with maps loaded with fucking icons that indicate some boring ass, unfulfilling activity.
  2. Anybody going to see Tomb Raider?

    Nah. I have zero interest in this film.
  3. I've heard good things about UHD release of "Unforgiven."
  4. Not sure. Been contemplating starting a new ME character(for the trilogy, of course).
  5. I'm impressed with how OG Forza Horizon looks.
  6. If we ever got an ME trilogy remaster, EA likely would contract it out to someone else; they probably don't want any of their devs touching anything outside of Frostbite.
  7. A while back I read that some RE fans because there's some unconfirmed rumor that the RE2 remake will have the same over-the-shoulder perspective as RE4/pre-RE7. Probably came from some guy's forum post unless he's some sort of Capcom insider.
  8. Capcom themselves are supposed to doing the remake of RE2, we might get it one day. It's sad that we've gotten all these fucking re-releases of RE1 and RE4, but in all this time, we haven't gotten an updated release of still one of the best entries in the franchise.
  9. YongYea was speculating Metal Gear Solid. Hey, this is the 2Oth Anniversary.
  10. I have actually played through the first game three times. I enjoyed it that much.
  11. TR > Rise. I wish the first game got those same Xbox X Enhancements.
  12. That movie looks like some made for cable shit.